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Standing Up To Rude Coworkers - Table Talk - 4-6

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Standing Up To Rude Coworkers - Table Talk - 4-6 Video: Standing Up To Rude Coworkers - Table Talk - 4-6
Standing Up To Rude Coworkers - Table Talk - 4-6 Thu, 06 Apr 2017 16:01:28 +0000 Standing Up To Rude Coworkers - Table Talk - 4-6 Standing Up To Rude Coworkers - Table Talk - 4-6 WTVQ Lexington, KY c1 3 you and you will :-) you been here all morning at 330 and you cellulite renewal incredible will this is like riding a you only hear the old the surprise of all like a ride they can have a little bit fun to wake everything up like hey, hello you both the stones was not anything major forecast verifie crews from the weather nervous global and jackson kentucky route doing their surveys were scott county to support north you 65 miles pulitzer for guessing so will still you from a gallant recap to us for the some damage but no injury you amy from 800 yesterday to 40s and rain is coming is without you know i go out of my balcony every morning about the look out over the patio and see what going on and is like i immediately called a variable is linked to and that i am that yo get about moments of zach and ivonne your bad i was a little cloudy in my head all that because i went to the launch of the top magazine on the picture and of course as you know that i'm dancing in dancing like and a featured media along with the evidence and of course you know everyone else's had a normal pose standing beside the i was listening but that will not me i had to be will be difficult and do something a little bit love it when you will be wearing gold job to proud mary which apparently is the hottest song of course if you want to come along to the not only information is up on the screen now the rotary club of lexington it all is inmate routine everyone opposing to sites i'm dizzy this kentucky will have okay you guy up it is abc was on that alread here you and getting ready for our you you i was chat with hunter lyle obesity picked a very hard dance away is because were to be there i have been able to i wanted something that was bonded with the ballroom i didn't realize the job is reall hot it is really hot i know i can do it i you and anyone doin this you and not where are murray and we had you gone down again will something to the is you know i i did go out that much of not i did you guys i had two glasses what my i like the bit about over this morning amazing my able you like to drink some water lately that we find a horse and stick you katie remember yesterday personal memory really do not i don't have you have short like you really like their memory of a really get into table token a the ready thing because this is a story about how weddings details have changed over the years compared to what they use to be and you as i said i think the average wedding here in america is $35,000 and you wind i just say to you do you think that the traditions have become ... out of control costs was ... i've had a lot of destination weddings you and they add up specially when you got multiple friends you know this this age that i'm in i guess people are starting rollable pastor than me but i feel it the old school church and then reception wedding is just thing a pastor told everyone is like book your flight to mexico were going to send a great time my brother is getting married in a church and you like a traditional reception but i actually think that the cost for attendees but i'm seeing the trend with my friend having destination wedding that does, then laughed but are not able to go to the menu for free cable but the guess the paying for that because you know into mexico in january for one of my dragon and i didn't care what i'm saying this am not say because of the money the commendation line was $3000 onl that you have phonons was my while something like taking the cost off the bright but i don't know that that she's a and work at not paying for the wedding t get well like the thought of destination wedding because it automatically cut down again you invite people to work with emerald refill you you will i wanted to the traditional weddings were not as traditional as what you think so you would talking about church and receptions and all that that was never around back in the day okay to become in the last 800 jesus are traditional weddings were on the days and they were only which i found really for the that there was saying that more than a century ago there was a rhythm let me tell you that was helped brides pick date and title melodious song maybe as well and she stays with the help is the day to wednesday the bistable thursdays crosses products for losses and saturdays but not like old nicely with everything is no got married on a saturday okay i'm back in utah where otwell was for a few you a lot of the moment used to get married during the week and having people that say they target merit on the weekends they get married on thursday friday one i kalamata my friend did that in most trade and it was to cut th cost down and and i interesting receptions well optional and simple over a century ago and even right up until 19 dixie that was a that it wasn't necessary for people to action to entertain this is that the but this is what you're saying is a traditional wedding of the canadian idea is traditional weddings what we know they go to church that the judge by the that was never really around back in the day i found it interesting and what i found even more interest which is changing everything lightly now parents didn't always pay okay okay so you know how we always you inevitably like like that i remarkable read the bridegroom and getting paid for the wedding okay and it's interesting to hear to see that backing but like when my sister were getting married that the grooms paid for the box is not and the alcohol and the brides paid for the actual wedding and the honeymoon my brother is doing what is getting married in june brides family is covering most of the cost actual wedding my dad doing reversal dinner open bar at the wedding and then a brunch on sunday that he's company is 903 traditional i family or herself alcohol and a brunch and ebay helps that i remember in the very early days of mid-day kentucky limited southern wedding traditions bury the bourbon i still don't only one i remember a this week shows a good memory i divorce you will know you probably use it have we got her a whole system like while go the original you anything parents should tell you the even writing i isolating i come from a traditionally telling family that we have a different mind letting yeah i really coming from i think nowadays we use a lot of mount ida byways of and oglala see the writing group and the house all you know something that can help their future. i'm something that was relieved that you brought up is that how men are benefit an interesting thread on usa today today this morning saying that women do most of the mental housework home they're talking about how men and rely on women to keep track of all of the chores even the man is doin it they'll do it until they're told which alleged gang at there really i did eliminating the one noticing the way you know i do the chores you chili that like you if you made me a list i can check what the i think men are relying on their wives were girlfriend keep track of their chores and also just to do list anything that he did you outsid of work relying predominantly on their lives to keep track of what they do you think i think is moratti convenient behind i' quantitate without having to reline a woman in my life to do everything i do about does everything you did i say: she does wash me and i will and makes a list of is you will and shall she said to me the other day in the molten because they i said i'll just go get them and leave the treatment so she doesn't take everything back that i did you she is i know this doesn't have to have the misfortune being married to me yeah i did have his wife i think he would just i even know you did she keep track of everything that you outside of his bit for work or personal life things like out of no idea the address doing without you probably coul help me could help you know sometimes coming you like get dressed in the dark most mornin so was it was unsweetened cousin isaiah when you rely on with the thing that is done you finally vote the finally a that in at least minute appointment elizabeth today to be doing that we are now you can] we are weldments the often jotted also a if you have have maybe a hostile work environment all yo need to setting up to the we minuets this sons of it while you can pick your coworkers lessen the boston you coria whatever you sometimes there is that one person in the officer maybe on the off this that you don't exactly get along with that well so we have a couple o tips to maybe get through this consult a friend sometimes i'll text katie she helps still talking up the legend renowned again till the is if you have any issues with or 30 is rude person in general you noted that there does not pleasant to work with the the images here pretty entertaining but i told him what i had our meeting earlier when you guys have only one okay jus thinking what you bring your library bring a well we have a little spat be honest here created so if i might have tried inches handily when you maybe it may maybe i'm being real is with the list that i motility phase of the i told roger against each other moment women begin to think men let things go you mean man-to-man men and men you are know usually after a day or two over it this thing they're not going anywhere i go to keep showing up for coworkers get matter what you the branigan stop and says he should be asserted so maybe what the mill, to one of you doing this. opportunity you have to i come to a specific conclusion and then the last one taken up commander no alexa tattletale but if it is that that is affecting your work maybe go to the higher-ups what's with the giggles i just think that they did tonight something that i don't hear a rendered jevity seller i would be concerned that you pointed me and was about how much time throughout the day to you and you at all is to say something you how to talk to each other you will tricks to get ahead of you interesting will take the two you know just in case is on facebook testifying as a you paise to was a coming up next is stubborn cellulite that won't go as i think we all the men what you got in your life lemmie usually check you in the break all you like and provided seven antiaging and he how you can get rid of years related in a

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