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akjdfjkldjf Fri, 07 Apr 2017 20:58:00 +0000 4-7 5 pm akjdfjkldjf WAWV >> judge judy: mr. concepcion, maybe you tampered with the odometer. >> that could not be possible. i don't wanna be jailed. uh, that's illegal. that's illegal. that's why i -- i'm here. >> judge judy: wait. just a second. what do you do for a living? >> i'm a server. >> judge judy: a server. >> mm-hmm. >> judge judy: and what do you do? >> i'm a waitress as well. >> judge judy: okay. either one of you have any mechanical training? >> no. >> no. uh, this car always went to a shop or a mechanic. >> judge judy: these people did not turn back the odometer. they gave you all the paperwork that they had. if you didn't want the car, you should've looked at the paperwork and brought it back. instead, you drove it for 1,000 miles, mr. concepcion. let me ask you a question. is the car running now? >> yeah. it's running. and it's parked in our -- in our street. >> judge judy: so you're driving it. >> no. it's just right on -- i don't have a -- i live in an apartment. so i only get allowed to one car in our apartment comp-- so it's got to be parked outside. >> judge judy: that's fine. >> but she's -- >> judge judy: what i'm saying to you is, if it's parked on the street, you have to move it so that you are driving it. >> yeah. driving from, like [indistinct] away. >> judge judy: yeah. mr. concepcion, i am unimpressed. you bought a 30-year-old car. your case is dismissed. you're done. >> byrd: parties are excused. you may step out. >> announcer: "judge judy" continues in a moment. and on the next "judge judy"... >> i got three receipts -- four receipts that proves that it's been tampered. >> i'm glad she made a sound judgment because we did not tamper with the mileage at all. we gave him all the documentation. >> all the receipts from her maintenance, it was over 90,000 year back. >> if he wasn't happy with the car, he should've just sold it instead of dragging us through all this. >> i can't do anything with the vehicle because it's tampered. >> i did not. >> no. >> we did not -- >> no. >> tamper with the odometer. >> if i sell it, and they discover it... i don't wanna be in jail. -- captions by vitac -- ((jesse)) cam shows all clear for us today. temps in the 50s. satellite shows nice weather in this area. forecast is clear and cold tonight, full forecast in a few minutes. ((mike))state and local law enforcement.. wrap up a dangerous threat.. at terre haute north high school.. we'll have the latest details. <<susanne shanks, concerned parent: "why didn't we receive some sort of call? some sort of text? to let us know our kids are in possible danger?">> concerned parents.. lined the streets.. by north high school.. some frantic.. some upset.. and some frustrated. hear what parents.. had to say.. during the code red.. lockdown. mike pence: "on this vote the ayes are 54, the nays are 45 - the nomination of neil m. gorsuch of colorado to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the us is confirmed">> ((mike))also ..the latest on the g g-o-p fight.. to get neil gorsuch.. confirmed to the supreme court. ((mike))good day and thanks for joining us. i'm mike tank. tom mcclanahan has the day off. we've brought you ..continuing coverage.. throughout the day. as a bomb threat at terre haute north vigo high school...caused a day of tensioion.. fear and frustratio. the emergency.. started late morning.. and didn't wrap up ..until's our top story.and wehave team coverage... with sadie all and rebecca brumfield. we begin with sadie who is in the newsroom with details of the threat and response. ((sadie))mike... so far, police have made no arrests in relation to the threat .... and at this time... there are no suspects.there's currently a press conference at terre haute police partment...what we've learned is that the threat was made to the police department...that a man had an ar-15 rifle and a bomb... and was going to shoot up the school if he wasn't paid a weapons or bombs were found in the school today. when i was on the scene earlier there was a lot of talk from parentsthe information they heard from their kids related to ..a student with a gun barricaded in the school... a student being held hostage... and a bomb indiana state police bomb dog came in to check out the scene...before students were released to parents.paramedics arrived to the scene... police chief john plasse tells us one student had a seizure during the chaos. <<john plasse: "all your kids are safe right now, we've got the red cross in route to bring water to you and all your kids, they've been allowed to go to the bathroom in there, we've been as accomedating as possible, i'm sure they're going to be hungry because they didn't get to eat their lunch, thank you so much for being patient and letting us do our job to make sure your kids are safe, we didn't't want to rush anything.">>((sadie))on the scene today... chief plasse told parents that he too has kids inside of the school... and the matter is just as important to he asks that the parents rely on his word and trust t-h-p-d is doing the best we can. ((mike))thank you sadie... what's the status on the investigation at this point. ((sadie)) mike... we did receive some clarification on today's events at the press conference....but the investigation is on- going. anyone with information is asked to contact terre haute police.((mike))thanks sadie. ((mike))there were ..a lot of upset and frustrated parents.. outside the school today. rebecca brumfield.. is tracking that part of the story. ((rebecca))yeah mike. parents today voiced their worries for their kids...and they expressed frustration with, what some say, was a lack of communication from the school..<<lisa barnett, concerned parent: "this is scary. i don't know what's going on and my niece is in there and theyon't tell us nothing and this- this is bad. you can't [even] send your kid to school. i mean this is some place theyr'e supposed to be safe." once the word spread that terre haute north high school was on a code red.. parents began showing up outside the school waiting for answers. lisa barnett, concerned parent: "it would just be nice if our kids could go to school and be safe and we wouldn't have to worry about them." some students sent text messages to their parents.. saying that they were scared.. and that everyone was freaking out. others saw snap chats of students trying to leave the school through windows. but through it all, the parents voiced concern about why the school had not notified the parents of the suspected threat, susanne shanks, concerned parent: "we get a patriot blast every sunday from the principal that tells us the upcoming things for the week. so they have all of our phone numbers in a registry. why didn't we receive some sort of call? some sort of text? to let us know our kids are in possible danger?" through the crowds of parents, so embraced others, some were on the phone and some just stood in silence waiting for the next piece of information to become available. some parents wanted to stay back and let officers follow their protocol.todd freberg, concerned parent: "as parents, yes, we're concerned. we want to know that our kids are safe. we need to give the support to the administration and to the authorities.. let them do their job." branden norman, pastor reminent church: "it's crazy when it hits home. we see it in the news at other cities. don't let it fool you. it's right here. it could be right here in our town. right here in our city.">>((rebecca))other parents that i had talked with told me that they couldn't believe this could happen here. some parents hands were shaking out of pln fear and adrenaline from the suspected threat. mike?! ((mike))thanks rebecca.we'll continue ..our coverage of the high school threat.. in our next half hour.that's when you'll hear ..from students.. who were inside the building.. during the code red. ((mike))there are.. new developments.. to tell you about ..concerning the vincennes father ..accused of killing his five year old son. today.. robert james baldwin ..had an initial court automatic.. "not guilty" plea.. was entered on his behalf. in addtion.. the judge appointed attorney for baldwin.police say.. the 53 year old father called 9- 1-1.. and confessed killing his son gabriel. investigators say.. baldwin.. suffocated and ststrangled e boy. gabriel.. survived the attack.. but later ..died at riley children's hospital. ((mike))illinois house and senate republicans.. joined forces unveil their plan.. to improve the state. its called ..the common sense changes.. to fix illinois. the plan.. includes a property tax freeze.. and pension reform. the republicans ..also expressed.. their disdain ..for a new stop gap budget.. which was proposed.. by house speaker mike madigan. they say will not solve.. the state's problems.. and may.. make things worse. <<karen mcconnaughay,(r) west dundee: "we are in a situation where we have kicked the can of responsibility, fiscal responsibility down the road year after year after year. we have the highest debt of any state.">>republicans.. hope to work with democrats.. for solutions.however.. they say ..some are not willing ((mike))across the country... u-s senators and representatives.. have been running into a barrage of criticism.. at town hall gatherings. both republicans and democrats.. have heard the angry chants of.. "do your job". local representative larry bucshon.. decided to reach out.. to constituents on- line.. instead of in-person. check out.. the live picture.. from a facebook town hall... going on right now. congressman bucshon answering estions ..submitted ..on his facebook page. we checked.. the submissions earlier today... and a few people.. had posted messages support of the indiana republican. but many more... showed displeasure ..with bucshon's hall choice. ((mike))reaction the air strikes against syria.and the senate ..votes to confirm neil gorsuch.. to the supreme court. mechell dixon ..joins us in the studio ..for those stories and more. ((mechell)) thanks, day after those..u.s. strikes in syria..."u.s. ambassador... to the united nations"-- nikki haley...issued a warning to... "security council members."she said... the u.s... is prepared to take...further action against syria...but hopes... it won't be necessary.last night...president trump ordered a...missile attack... on a syrian air force was in reaction to this week's chemical weapons attack. u.s. officials said 59 tomahawk missiles... were launched from destroyers "u-s-s porter"... and... "u-s-s ross"... in the mediterranean sea...over a half-hour period.the strikes targeted an air base... where an aircraft--carrying the chemical weapons in tuesday's attack---is believed to have taken off. <<pres. trump: it is in the vital national security interest of the united states spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.">>((mechell)) this marks the first...time the u.s. military... intentionally targeted assad's forces...since the beginning of syria's civil war. ((mechell))well... it's a done deal!the senate has confirm judge e neilorsuch... to the supreme court.vice president mike pence... presided over the final tally. <<mike pence: "on this vote the ayes are 54, the nays are 45 - the nomination of neil m. gorsuch of colorado to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the us is confirmed">> ((mechell))for tried to block...the vote from happening.their attempt... was through a... short--lived filibuster.but... republicans implemented...the so-called "nuclear option"--which changed the senate rules to confirm gorsuch... with just simple 51--vote majority. senate majority leader-- mitch mcconnell...spoke on the senate floor after the vote. <<sen. mitch mcconnell: "the confirmation processas certainly a significant undertaking, one that wouldn't have been possible without the dedicated efforts of so many. so i'd like to take a moment to recognize them now. first i'd like to thank the man who made this moment possible by sending us this outstanding nominee. that's our president, donald trump.">>((mechell))the supreme court says...neil gorsuch will be sworn the 113-th justice. ceremonies...there will be house.and... the white at the court...separate on monday... in will take place.. on monday... in separate the court... and... the white house.there will be two... oaths-- because required by the constitution...and the other... is set... by federal law.chief justice-- john roberts...will administer the...constitutional oath. at least two people...were killed today... when a truck... plowed into pedestrians...on the busiest the center of stockholm, appears to be... the latest use of a a "weapon of terror"... in europe.the "swedish security service"...says a large number of people were injured in the attack--which happened just before 3 p.m.-- local time. people were seen fleeing the area in panic.police have released a photo...of a "person of interest"... but so far... no arrest has been made. ((mechell))there's an overwelming... demand... for non-immigrant visas...yet again."u-s citizenship and... immigration services" says... it's already reached its congressionally mandated threshold...of 85-thousand visas for the new fiscal year. the news comes four days after...the new "application period" opened up on monday... and... amid a growing call for the new administration... to crack down on the abuse of the visa.the agency hasn't said how many petitions it received--but says... last year... 236-thousand foreigners applied.officials will use a lottery system... to determine which applicants are selected.m i k e..... ((mike))we had plenty of sun and wind today... jesse walker is straight ahead.. to tell us what to expect for the weekend. ((tom))and later.. on live at five... will any of the new films.. in theaters this weekend.. have what it takes be a box office champ. ((mike))and we'll continue our coverage ..of today's threat.. at terre haute north high school. coming up at five-thirty... students talk about their experience. frost advisory tonight. satellite has fair skies for us. high of 55 and low of 36 today. no rain today. terre haute right now in the 50s and a nw wind. winds from the nw but not as strong today. temps in the 50s. satellite shows the next storm developing well west of here. satellite has that storm way west of here. closer look shows all clear for us. next 48 hours we see high pressure move in with warmer weather for the weekend. sunday will be warm and breezy. monday we have rain and still mild. dry and a bit cooler on the rest of the week looks pretty nice. forecast - tonight - clear and frosty 35. tomorrow - sunny 67. tomorrow night - not as cold 52. extendedas a nice weekend with rain to start next week but overall a good week next weekek. ((mike))a student has a unique way to ask for a prom date.. and three new films make their way to the silver screen this weekend.. we'll preview them all after the break. ((mike))it's a great time ..for families to go to the movies.. with "the boss baby" and "beauty and the beast" expected to dominate.. the weekend box office again. plus.. there are three new movies wide release this weekend.. including yet another family film.david daniel.. looks at how ..they're expected to fare. <<"i saw someone who looked like us!""what if this means the lost village isn't a legend?""if there really are other smurfs out there, we need to find them!""we're in this together. and by 'together,' i mean me and you. and those guys, but mostly me and you. what?""don't be weird."david daniel/reporting: the blue crew returns in "smurfs: the lost village." analysts predict the animated adventurwill debut with about 15-million dollars in ticket sales -- the best of the weekend's new films, but not enough to top "the boss baby" or "beauty and the beast.""never has anybody walked off with a whole pork loin.""jump in the basket." "who the hell do you think i am, e.t.?"alan arkin, michael caine and morgan freeman star in "going in style," a remake of the 70's comedy about seniors who become unlikely bank robbers. box office watchers expect a soft opening of about eight-million dollars. "how can we even talk about historical evidence for the resurrection?""the empty totomb's bad on evidence, and isn't evidence your trade?"the indie film "the case for christ" is based on the book of the same name by an atheist who challenged his wife's faith. the religious movie is expected to make five-million dollars, opening in just 11- hundred theaters -- a third as many as its competitors. in hollywood, i'm david daniel.>> ((mike))smurfs: the lost village.. and the case for christ are rated "pg".going in style is "pg-13."all three films.. are playing locally. ((mike))a teen's way.. to get a prom date.. has become a social media favorite. <<nat-music "i need a date to prom. i should have done it earlier, but now i'll sing the song.">> arizona teen ..jacob staudenmaier recreated the opening scene.. of "la la land" a way of asking.. oscar-winning star emma stone.. to his prom. the clip.. quickly went viral.. no word from stone.. who is an arizona native. ((mike))when live at five returns ..a look at the influence ..of comic legend don rickles ((jesse))the atlantic hurricane seas is expected to be low-key this year.that's according to hurricane researchers at colorado state university.experts say the potential development of a weak el nia along with cooling in the north atlantic and the tropical atlantic will make for a calmer year.the c-s-u tropical meteorology project team predicts 11 named storms will develop during the atlantic hurricane season.four are expected to become hurricanes and two could reach major hurricane strength with sustained winds of 111-miles-per-hour or greater. the atlantic hurricane season runs from june 1st to november 30th. ((mike))tributes ..continue to pour in ..for comedian don rickles.. who passed away yesterday at of 90.we now know .. he died of liver failure. friends, family and the comedians.. he influenced.. have been rembering ..the comedy legend.marci gonzalez.. has the details. <<nats "he's one of the greatest comedians of all time. is that all right, don? don't be a dumbell" marci gonzalez/reporting: where there were countless laughstoday- there are tears natsi'm going to cry i'm already crying as fans...and famous friends including jimmy kimmel?pay tribute to legendary comedian, don rickles kimmelhe was 90 years old i know it sounds crazy to say he was too young but he was?because he was youthful and funny and sharp and generousthe beloved comic died thursday in his los angeles home- of kidney failure. nearby- so many stopping to by his star on the hollywood walk of famesteve eisenstadt, palm springs"it was shock." remembering - his insulting style"is that your wife...jesus christ..(.laughter)that earned rickles:the ironic nickname of mr. warmthand the adoration of the very stars he taunted "frank! may i say publicly to you, is the bomb of the year. it's all over, frank!"from frank sinatra"can i say something to you? you've gotten so old."to johnny carson ruta lee: : we lost the most foul mouthed, nasty curmudgeon that could rip your heart out with humor,//but what a sweet person he was underneath all of that, from television- to moviesincluding the toy story franchise?in whh he was the voice of "mr. potato head" "you hockey puck!" rickles- left a lecy of laughterand paved a unique path- for other comedians: chris tucker "he opened those doors that you could say, you know, you could take it to the edge and, you know, he's just one of those legends, man." marci gonzalez reporting: >> ((mike))this was a day.. to reach out.. to those in need in terre haute...we'll show you.. the special response. and.. some ivy tech students.. leave their classrooms.. for a special test of their skills. find out.. if t they made the grade. and we return today's top story...stay with us ..and hear what terre haute north students.. experienced ..during today's school emergency. ((jesse))cam shows all clear for us today. temps in the 50s. satellite shows nice weather in this area. forecast is clear and cold tonight, full forecast in a few minutes. ((mike))welcome back.dedetails arise after a chaotic day at terre haute north high school. all students are sa...after a bomb threat called for a large police presence.the threat was made to the police department this morning before 11 a.m.that a man had an ar-15 rifle and a bomb... and was going to shoot up the school if he wasn't paid a weapons or bombs were found in the school today.we'll continue to bring you new details on wt-wo at six. ((mike))everything wobserved today happened outside the school.when the all-clear happened this afternoon... we talked to students about their experience inside.alyssa andrews is live outside terre haute north with their story. alyssa?!((alyssa)) order for parents to pick up their kids, they were given these slips of paper outside, and told to write down the name of their child, and one parent was allowed to go inside the school and get their kid, while other family members waited at the door next over for them to exit.the parents were out here all day waiting to pick up their kids. there was a line wrapping around the front of the school to pick up kids starting at this gym door right here.some kids had communication with their parents through their cell phones.but some of those kids reported their phones being taken away by teachers. at about 2:30 this afternoon is when police started letting parents inside for pick up. many of the kids i spoke with said there were so many rumors going on they weren't sure what was real. << logan brenton - terre haute north sophomore: "i heard from several people there was guns, or the dude had a assault rifle in the bathroom, and he locked himself in there, and he had a few pipe bombs, and the, someone texted me that there were 50 officers in the school." >>((alyssa))again that was all heresay, those facts were not confirmed..this student told me he had his phone taken away by a teacher, and his parents were not too happy about that.they told me it was their line of communication with their kid during the day.mike. ((mike))when disaster stikes... there's only so much you can do.. to be prepared. that's why.. first repsonders.. need to have.. all the answers and know-how.. in advance. today.. some ivy tech nursing students.. joined emergency crews for a disaster drill. the participants.. descended on the casey's distribution center.. in the vigo county industrial park.for this scenario... they practiced to respond.. to a tornado strike. << j.d. kesler- vigo county ema director: "the students, again this is their first time they have seen this in real life and been exposed to this, i call unsanitary medical treatment that they are just not aware of." >>((mike)) emergency management ..and honey creek fire and rescue ..were among the local agencies ..taking part. ((mike))dozens of businesses and non-profits.. joined forces today.. to make a difference.. in the community. ryves youth center ..hosted the first annual.. "wabash valley community connect".the event.. facilitated by vectren and hamilton center.. included 59 businesses ..and non-profits.they offered.. free services all in one spot.. to people ..who are homeless or struggling.offers today.. ranged from haircuts.. to child care.. to health screenings. <<beth pace: "the population that we're working with today tend to need services to get through the month and those take appointments, travel time and so forth. this opportunity allows them to have all the services in one location, and have access to them in an eight hour day instead of having to go through several weeks, or a month toto get thos services.">>((mike)) attendees.. were also invited.. to a free lunch. anyone.. who missed the event.. but needs assistance.. can dial 2-1-1.and it doesnt' cost anything.. to call.. "connect 2 help." ((mike))terre haute south ..inducted three people.. into its "hall of distinction" ..this morning.because education matters. dr. pra-shant patel.. dr. robert tryon.. and tamara perkins.. all graduated from terre haute south.all three ..then went on contribute to rest of the world.. in some way. patel is a cardiologist.. tryon is involved in technology.. and perkins is involved in film. dr. patel.. says the education ..he received at south.. has served him well. <<dr. prashant patel, "it was the foundation actually. my education here set me up to do well in college which set me up to do well in medical school and so i really can't say enough about the education i received here.">>((mike)) besides.. being inducted.. into the hall of distinction.. the new members ..spoke to students ..throughout the day. ((mike))mechell dixon joins us now from the newsroom with a preview of wtwo news at 6. mechell:((mechell))m i k e...a frantic terre haute north vigo high school... has now calmed--we'll have the latest...regaring the bomb you'll hear reaction... from "north" parents.and... you'll them say---when it comes to... quickly learning about things... in our "high tech" society--the school... failed join us for.. these stories and more... on w-t-w-o news at 6.m i k e... ((mike))jesse is back.. after the break.. with his weekend forecast... plus <<kenneth moton: strike on syria, i'm abc's kenneth moton on capitol hill.. coming up the latest plus congressional reaction.>> papa john's double play, 2-medium, 2-topping pizzas for only $6.99 each. a deal so big, it needs a replay. double better ingredients, means double better pizza. papa john's double play, 2-medium, 2-topping pizzas for $6.99 each. papa john's. frost advisory tonight. satellite has fair skies for us. high 55 and low of 36 today. no rain today. terre haute right now in the 50s and a nw wind. winds from the nw but not as strong today. temps in the 50s. watevapor satellite shows the next storm developing well west of here. satellite has that storm way st of here. closer look shows all clear for us. next 48 hours we see high pressure move in with warmer weather for the weekend. sunday will be warm and breezy. monday we have rain and still mild. dry and a bit cooler on tuesday. the rest of the week looks pretty nice. forecast - tonight - clear and frosty 35. tomorrow - sunny 67. tomorrow night - not as cold 52. extended has a nice weekend with rain to start next week but overall a good week next week. ((mike))new details.. on the us airstrikes.. in syria. overnight.. president trump.. ordered a missile attack.. on a syrian air force sent the message.. that this week's ..chemical weapons attack.. won't be tolerated. the reaction ..from congress ..and the international community.. is pouring in. kenneth moton.. is on capitol hill ..with the latest. <<today, new daylight images of the syrian air force base destroyed by a us attack?nats missile nats 59 tomahawk cruise missiles launched in the cover of darkness from two american destroyers in the mediterranean?president trump ordering his first major military action.trump: tonight, i ordered a targeted military strike the president's move against syrian president bashar al assad?an about face. trump now stepping into the middle of the country's civil war after this week's deadly chemical weapons attack?(pic of flight path) the pentagon says the plane that dropped the sarin gas took off from the now bombed base. trump assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women, and children. it was a slow and brutal death the wild card?russia?the syrian ally called the strikes an act of aggression. the kremlin getting the heads up from washington thosmissiles were minutes away from raining down.harward: it's going to be tough to argue that the use of chemical weapons against cicivilians is condone by anyon so the president has the moral high ground now and that's going to have a big impact with russia also notified early...two dozen members of congress. the bipartisan reaction?many praising trump, agreeing assad's actions needed to be dealt with?the disagreement...the fact that the president didn't seek congressional approval.sot mccainthis was a response that was required in the response to the commission of a wa crime. kenneth standup close: congress is now asking for president trump's plan for syria. the president gave the order from south florida but we now know vice president pence was in the white house situation room at the time of the strike. kenneth moton, abc news, capitol hill.>> ((mike))and it was a busy day.. on capitol hill as the senate.. votes to confirm neil corsuch.. as the next supreme court justice.we'll have ..the results of the vote.. when live at five returns ((mike))on the heels of an historic vote that altered the way the senate will review future nominees... neil gorsuch received final confirmation to the supreme court today.karin caifa reportrts from washington. <<"karin caifa:filling an unusually long 14-month vacancy on the u-s supreme court, the senate voted on friday morning to confirm neil gorsuch -- after a political showdown and a rules change that could have long-lasting consequences for the legislative and judicial branches.vice president mike pence: the nomination of neil m. gorsuch of colorado to be an associate justice of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed.vice president mike pence presided over the 54-45 vote.3 democrats -- donnelly, manchin and heitkamp voting in favor. georgia republican johnny isakson -- recovering from back surgery -- the missing vote.the gorsuch nomination teed up historic high drama on thursday, as senate democrats voted to filibuster gorsuch --- and republican majority leader mitch mcconnell changed the rules to break it.. the so-called nuclear option... paving the way for a final vote on the trump nominee.sen. mitch mcconnell, -r- majority leader: the american people spoke and today we will confirm the nominee the new president has selected.that change will likely apply to all future supreme court the concern -- that without an incentive to reach out to the minority party to meet the previous 60-vote threshhold, future nominees will be less moderate, and more ideological. sen. chuck schumer, -d- minority leader: instead of the senate forcing us to change, senators have decided to change the senate. and i worry a great deal about what that means for our future.the supreme court says gorsuch will be sworn in by chief justice john roberts in a private ceremony monday morning, with a public white house ceremony soon after.this confirmation -- seen as a political win for president trump. gorsuch is expected to vote most often with the court's conservative justices -- restoring the majority that was at stake, after antonin scalia's washington, i'm karin caifa.">> ((mike))glaxo-smith-kline voluntarily recalling.. more than 590-thousand albuterol inhalers.when the inhalers ..are functioning properly.. they release.. a fixed dose of the medication.. to treat conditions.. like asthma.the british asthma.conditions.. like asthma.the british pharmaceutical company ..says the recalled devices.. could potentially.. deliver incorrect dosages.the voluntary recall.... is not the patient-level.however.. encouraged seek immediate medical attention.. if their inhaler.. is not relieving symptoms. ((mike))health officials announced a new warning.. this week.. about zika.dr. timothy johnson.. has more on what this means... for pregnancies in the u-s.<<"devastating birth defects from the mosquito-borne zika virus? a new c-d-c report this week announcing fifty-one instances of these zika-linked problems so far in the u-s. and this number may climb higher yet. c-d-c officials saying 44 states have reported pregnant women possibly infected with zika since the outbreaks began. most of these women infected during travel abroad. and while headlines about local transmission have faded from the front page? dr. anne schuchat, acting head of the c-d-c, said even now, thirty to forty new cases of zika in pregnant women in the u-s are reported each week? the total cases of zika in pregnant women at 1,600 and climbing. and the new report finding that 1 in 10 women with confirmed zika infection had an infant or fetus with birth defects - the risk higher in women infected earlier in pregnancy.the advice from health officials for pregnant women? heed those travel warnings. practice mosquito-safe behaviors. and if you're concerned, ask your doctor about how best to keep yourself - and your baby - safe.with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson.">> ((mike))up next on live at five...need to get to the e-r hurry.. why call 9-1-1 when you got uber.. why some are choising the app over paramedics. ((mike))if you go to the emergency room.. how would you get there?in some cities.. there's a growing trend ..of people using.. "uber" or "lyft".. instead of calling an ambulance.craig herrera.. explains why.<<natsot ambulance having a medical emergency? dial 9-1-1, or call a ride share?celianne aquino, ride share passenger: "if it's fast enough, yeah, but i would rather get someone right away" there's a growing trend, some people are turninto ride share apps to get to the emergency room.patrick damata, ride share driver: "i don't know - if it'll save a life, yeah"some riders think its better because they can pick the hospital.but emergency medical experts say it could backfire because hospitals don't all provide the same kind of care.dr. marc eckstein, medical director, los angeles fire: "if you go to the wrong hospital because of se transport or uber or lift - that hospital will then call 911"and you'd l likely be put in an ambulance anyway and taken to another hospital that can help your specific medical needs.dr. marc eckstein, medical director, los angeles fire: "and that difference of 30 minutes or more could mean the difference between life and death."some riders say the issue is money.craig herrera, reporting:"and the average cost in an ambulance can run you anywhere from a few couple hundred bucks up to 17-hundred dollars, and that could all go up or down depending on your insurance."uber issued this statement. "we're grateful our service has helped people get to where they're going when they need it most. however it's important to note that uber is not a substitute for law enforcement or medical professionals. in the event of any medical emergency, we encourage people to cacall 9-1-" bottom line, if it's a life or death situation, always dial 9-1-1.dr. marc eckstein, medical director, los angeles fire: "because not only are emts and paramedics trained to stabilize and resuscitate them on scene, they also know what hospital to transport them to.">>((mike))that was.. craig herrera reporting. ride share drivers.. say it is hard.. to give a percentage of calls.. they get to take someone to the hospital.however.. they say.. the requests are increasing. ((mike)) if you're just getting home... here's a quick check of this afternoon's headlines...a tense and frustrating day at terre haute north high school after a bomb threat causes a code red lockdown.fortunately.. no one was hurt and students were released mid-afternoon. at this time.. no arrest has been made.the vincens man accused of killing his son makes his intial court appearance.robert james baldwin ..had an automatic.. "not guilty" plea.. was entered on his behalf. in addtion.. the dge appointed attorney for baldwin.and the senate confirms neil gorsuch for the supreme court.. after the g-o-p chnged senate rules to allow only a simple majority. ((mike))jesse walker is here with a final check of the weather. nice weekend coming up ((mike))thanks for watching w-a-w-v live at world news is coming up at 6:30 eastern time... 5:30 central and for news updates anytime... follow us on facebook.. or.. go to my wabash valley dot com.we invite you now to join mechell dixon over on wtwo news at six. it certainly is. so exciting. nothing like starting a new job. or finally coming into your own at a job you already have. yeah. the promise of something new. the rewards finally being -- opposite things being equally good. cheers. mm. yes. i have accepted a job at the c.f.j., the center for justice. not, it turns out, a secret headquarters for superheroes. aww. no, it -- it kind of is. [ chuckles ] it's a legal-aid society founded by a law-school friend of mine. i will be an advocate for the people, a voice for the voiceless. and just as important... oh, thank you. tonight, i am chaperoning the spring-a-ding-fling, a fundraiser, a dance, which, under my stewardship, has shattered school records. yeah. and i added the "a-ding." it used to just be called the spring fling. [ chuckles ] i should have said my thing first. hey, guys. for my opening number tonight -- be honest. does it look like i have anything on under this? tonight is the scarb. mm.

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