Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Why Your Construction or Agri-Business Needs a Drone
by Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly
Remote monitoring made easy with drones.   [READ MORE]
Tablets, must have tool for remote workforce success.   [READ MORE]
ST. LOUIS -- The auto industry could be reshaped by a repossession device for cars. “Starter interrupter” technology makes a vehicle impossible to start after the owner misses a payment, but federal regulators are asking questions about how at least one auto finance company uses the equipment.   [READ MORE]
Tyler Woessner   [READ MORE]
Investing giant Warren Buffett has gives his take on the soaring Stock Market, with Dow Jones now over 21,000. Financial Advisor Rick Reagan says it's a rosy future for the economy and your investments.   [READ MORE]
A new app called NURX provides birth control to women without a trip to the doctor’s office. NURX is coming on the scene in more states as the future of the Affordable Care Act remains uncertain. It’s currently available in New York state, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Illinois, Washington state and California.   [READ MORE]

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