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Malware Tech Time

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Malware Tech Time Video: Malware Tech Time
Malware Tech Time Tue, 11 Apr 2017 15:44:23 +0000 Malware Tech Time Malware Tech Time KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> it means it is tech time tuesday, christopher here, we are talking about something called mal ware, that is something that gets put on to your computer, right? >> it finds its way on your computer. >> so what is is mal ware. >> so mal ware, first of all, let me ask you, have you ever been browsing the internet-- or if you do quit the program it starts up and-- it is still there. >> yes. >> that's mal ware. >> malicious software. >> malicious software, not just software. >> when you say malicious, someone's mallish usually. >> someone has tagged on to an internet site to put software on to that site so when you go to that site, you can click on it and it installs stuff on your computer. >> why would someone want to do that to someone else. >> that is is a good question. you have probably heard the scam that goes around that locks down your computer and says the only which you can do this is is call this number and we will help you get through it. >> yeah. >> well, that you call the number and they take your credit card and charge you money. and it still doesn't really solve the problem. so in fact, have i pulled out, this is an example of a windows malware screen that can come up. there is a number, a phone number on it that actually allows you to look at that number and call. >> okay. >> well, it makes you think that you are actually needing to call. >> yeah. >> and it looks official. you see the windows logo, you see everything. >> i would believe that within it's very deceptive. now the trick there is try to get out of that, try and close it, if you can't, what you need to do ask you threed to try and clear the cache of your web browser, do you know what a cache. >> no, i feel like we are getting into a whole different topic. >> no, not really. >> cache is a temporary storage place to help you browse the internet, right. so if you go to amazon and you look for something, it actually stores your browser information there, so in the future you can actually get more suggestions for that. >> okay. >> well, that's how these malware people take control of the computer. >> okay. >> is they put something this that cache that tells the compute error me every time you open up the internet. >> oh pie gosh. >> so when you clear the cache that allows to you go through. sometimes that won't get rid of it. and so you do have to go to a software program to delete mallware or adware, it is also one of those things. i actually got an example here of adware and this one actually, it is actually right here. so this one comes up on a macall the time. >> i have seen that one. >> your macis infected. >> is that real. >> no, that's actually, mackeep certificate very good at advertising and that's what they are doing is they are advertising for their software. but this version of software actually does more annoying damage than it does good. so you can actually uninstall that software if it actually down 4r0euds. but the trick to all of this is never click on a button that says update now or fix now. >> and if you seen one of these don't ever. >> never call a phone number and give them your credit card. >> ever. >> even if it looks like it's an apple logo or windows logo, it's not. >> and the only way to get this to never, never happen is never go on the internet. >> but that's not humanly possible. >> that's not going to happen. so when are you browning just make sure are you careful. there is a program called malware bites that i use all the time. you can actually install it on your computer, download t install it and then run it. and when you run the program it actually tells you all the adware and mallware that exists on your computer and it removes it. >> what. >> it is is a free program. >> you're kidding, what is it called mallware with bytes bytes. >> i feel like everyone needs it. >> it is a great thing to have on your computer, and you get into this vicious cycle of restarting your computer, shutting down the program, starting the program again and it never goes away and never goes away. that is when you need to get that program and actually download it and get rid of the mallware. >> so always go and clear the cache. >> clear the cache, restart your computedder, will also help. you can also try and force quit the program. which is is command option es escape and on windows control all delete and that will allow you to force quit those programs, but if it is in your cache then it is going to just start up. >> so you have to clear it. >> the last resort is uninstall the program and reinstall the program. >> there is so annoys for people being ma i shus. >> the reason i'm talking about this is a couple of weeks ago i had a friend that called me. and this is what i wases go on. i helped her through it but it took about a half hour, 45 minutes for us to find the way to get rid of that one. and there are multiple ways to get rid of it. but each user or each computer is affected differently. and you have to get rid of it differently. >> i feel like everyone should get that software mall pair bytes. >> just do a google search, will you find it yes, i do trust it. it is done some good work for me. >> christopher approved. there you go. this is good stuff, thank you, thank you so much. all right, all the information for christopher at tech life

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