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What's Appening? - 6/6/17

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What's Appening? - 6/6/17 Video: What's Appening? - 6/6/17
What's Appening? - 6/6/17 Tue, 06 Jun 2017 20:48:39 +0000 What's Appening? - 6/6/17 What's Appening? - 6/6/17 KOLR [?] >> joy: okay. welcome back. it's time to tell you "what's appening," where we show you some of the latest and greatest apps we've found. i have a dandy! >> kelly: i want to see it. >> tom: all right. >> joy: i have a dandy. it's never fun to be sick or take your temperature. but there's an app for that! >> kelly: there is? >> joy: there is an app for that. this is so cool. this little thing is a digital thermometer called the kinsa. >> kelly: the kinsa. >> joy: you plug this -- this is not entirely new, but it was new to me. and this is the coolest thing. >> kelly: i've never heard of it. >> joy: this thing plugs into your smartphone and it keeps all sorts of records for you on your -- you know, on how you're doing. >> tom: oh, wow. >> joy: let me see if i can do this. there's an app. you open the kinsa app. you can take your thermometer oral, under arm or rectal. so tom, if you would just bend over. [laughter] >> joy: no, i'm just kidding! >> kelly: why would they have a choice on that. >> joy: my family got a laugh out of that. okay. you do this with your phone, no! well, there's a cord. there's a really, really long cord. >> tom: i sure hope so. because otherwise, there will be interesting selfies as well! >> kelly: oh, my goodness. >> joy: so we're going to do an oral temperature here. now, you take your little thermometer... [laughter] >> tom: do you get more than one thermometer? you don't want to mix-up anything. >> joy: use lots of rubbing alcohol on hand. >> kelly: i think everybody should buy their own. let me just say that. >> tom: probably a good idea. [laughter] >> joy: you stay over there. [laughter] >> joy: here's your thermometer. you plug it into your phone. i'm going to take my temperature. put it under your tongue. see the line? see the bubbles. you can count the bubbles. >> kelly: oh, they give you something to do. >> joy: pop the bubbles. >> kelly: because we need something to do while we're taking our temperature. >> tom: uh-huh. >> joy: okay. what does it say? 97.2. i'm perfectly healthy. here's the thing, that was fast. okay. it not only takes your temperature, this thing, it logs it. it has your add your symptoms. so if you have a fever, you can say you're achy, sore throat, whatever. and it will narrow down when your problem is. is will alert you when to take your medicine. it will show you what illnesses are circulating in your area based on where you are. and it keeps a record of each family member. and it will advise you based on your age, whether or not it's time to call a doctor. [laughter] >> tom: i thought you were going to say it's about time for you to call it a day, wow! >> joy: i think that is the neatest thing. >> kelly: it's great. >> joy: the popping of the bubbles is something that the kids like. you know, you might attach the cord, and they can play with the bubbles just long enough to get that reading. >> kelly: can i say, we are so spoiled. how long did that take? seven seconds. >> joy: yeah. >> kelly: i'm just sayin'. >> tom: it's mainly to log symptom, to find out what is going around in your area. that's what the value is. because i mean, you know you have a thermometer, it's going to take your temperature. but it's all of that that it can also do. >> joy: it goes away. and you shake it down. >> kelly: did you try it on under your arm? >> joy: no, i did not. >> kelly: did you try it the other way? >> joy: no, i didn't no. >> tom: i was waiting for that. >> kelly: does it take longer under the arm? >> joy: i don't know. but they actually make a couple of versions of this. they make one for the ear that literally is like a second. >> tom: yes. >> joy: and for little kids. and one that has a sesame street on it. so almo talks to you. there's a voice that talks to you. >> kelly: i love that. that's cool. >> joy: i'm telling you, this is the coolest, quickest. you just open it up, take the temperature, watch the line go, and it's great! i love it! >> kelly: i like it, too. i like the information it gives you. >> joy: there you go. >> kelly: i'm still smiling. >> joy: get your own. >> kelly: everybody get your own. >> tom: i didn't expect a choice. okay. more

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