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JNT Natural Medicine

By Clip Syndicate Video: JNT Natural Medicine Tue, 13 Jun 2017 14:15:20 +0000 JNT Natural Medicine WATN >>anchor: welcome back. the pain center is committed to holistic pain care approach. with special knowledge and application and functional urology and cairo patrick, they use a variety of therapeutic techniques to develop a personalized and unique treatment for each patient. running is now is doctor alan james who is here to tell us about neuropathy. he had been talking about it a little bit. this is interesting stuff. >> most people don't realize what you're up at the is. it is unfortunate because there is help for it. when they are diagnosed with it, they had been told severl physicians there is no help. you have to learn to live with this. because they are attacking it where they are trying to treat the symptoms and not the problem. being you are treating the symptoms you use medications which kind of doles down the message that the body is sending. the problem is you are doing nothing to heal those nerves. so with neuropathy you are losing the sensation so you are actually giving a loss of the ability to interpret information such as where your feet are where your hands are. some of the main symptoms are burning, tingling, numbness, loss of balance, even loss of bowel and bladder control because as that begins to dry, the body cannot get the message to the brain and the brain does not interpret it and it does not get the message back to the rest of the body to tell it what to do. what we do is we use several different technologies that are allowing us to regenerate the nerve endings. it is on your screen there. as we regenerate these nerve endings and it gets the body to begin to heal. there is a simple test we do with some of the technology that tells us if that is too far gone, because they can happen where the nerve fibers are so far gone that even we can't help. at that point, i say can't and i say unfortunately, you are one of the few be can't help you in that 15 percent get the other 85 percent we can help, we need to get this message out because one of the primary or leading causes of death and inures his falls. that is because they don't know for their feet are. there is burning, tingling, and they don't know whether feet are and they are stumbling through the house and they fall. this is where i got passionate about this because you can save people's lives. my mom has had a fall but fortunately, all she did was break her elbow and the and it felt kind of silly that i have a passion to take care of my own mom and people who don't know this message. if i can do something to help those people, and i can, do not fall, that possibly i can say that person's life. if you suffer from peripheral neuropathy or a loved one who is suffering, please get a hold of us at the clinic. contestant in about two minutes. we can determine if we are going to be able to help you or not. if we can help you edit a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. we can help you. we can address the problem as opposed to just treating the symptoms be what you have very specific treatment options you offer. >> we have very specific options. one of the causes is spinal stenosis either in the lumbar spine or the cervical spine. this will help take that compression off of that area and open the area act up and get the pressure off of those nerves. the second thing we do is just. >>anchor: there it is. that is tv magic. >> they can look at this and use this german technology which regenerates the nerve endings. had to get dinner endings to heal. we have a positive electromagnetic pulse thing. this allows the body to have energy to heal because what happens over time is we lose the energy of our body as we are aging and the body begins to get toxic. we need to detoxify the sales which is what the pms will do and also regenerate the cells. the best example is everybody has a cell phone. what happens every night when plug it in.ed? >> you have to plug it in. the same happens with the human body. as we age we begin to lose energy and we have to figure out the way to get it back in. obviously diet, drinking water and exercising are helpful but they are not enough as we are aging. >>anchor: we need some help. >> sometimes you need a little extra help. that's what we specialize in her office. we can do an examination to determine if you are a candidate to receive this. number two, if you are, we will take you through a full neurological workup which would tell you how much you can get back to health. one of the things that happens is in the different nerve fibers you have small-diameter and large diameter nerves. when i explain it to my patients, it is like a big you were going to build these two houses and you start at the exact same time, which one will get built first? >>anchor: the little one was of course, the little one. as we get those nerves to heal, you're going to get the small diameter nerves will get better and this may hurt and i always tell my patients this will last about two or three weeks. we are bringing those nerves online because when we talked about when we first started, when you lose that ability to determine the information, we have to get the brain back online. we had to get the nerves back online i reconnecting with the brain and stimulating that part of the brain it can interpret that information. the next two or three weeks, it is going to burn and you are thinking are getting worse. >>anchor: it is like fireworks going off underneath the skin. >> how long did that last? b3. >>. >>anchor: it was about three weeks. >> the big house is built and as a big house gets built, they are starting to kick in and they will actually begin to quiet down the other nerve fibers so you are not going to feel the pain nearly as much because the other ones are inhibiting that be one where can we find out more information? you can go there. >> there is the magic again. >>anchor: for jay and take natural medicine, thank you for being with us today. we have learned so much. the power of tv magic. >> that was fun be what you're natural medicine magic. >> that is correct. >>anchor: we have more gift ideas

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