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1 Million Cups - 21 Reasons to Say Thank You - 6/13/17

By Clip Syndicate
1 Million Cups - 21 Reasons to Say Thank You - 6/13/17

http://eplayer.clipsyndicate.com/view/12513/6958010 Video: 1 Million Cups - 21 Reasons to Say Thank You - 6/13/17
1 Million Cups - 21 Reasons to Say Thank You - 6/13/17
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12513/6958010?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Tue, 13 Jun 2017 20:21:12 +0000 1 Million Cups - 21 Reasons to Say Thank You - 6/13/17 1 Million Cups - 21 Reasons to Say Thank You - 6/13/17 http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12513/6958010?cpt=8&wpid=2637 KOZL >> welcome back. we have a motivational coach and speaker and the woman behind 21 reasons to say thank you. and here is one. thank you for joining our show. >> thank you for having me. >> that was good. >> all right. what inspired you to put this together? >> well, in february 2015, i got laid off from my job, let go. i decided, i'm going to follow my dreams and i always wanted to write for pleasure rather than for work. so i started doing research on gratitude. i started reading and discovered all these wonderful things about gratitude as i was researching topics to write on. things we know but that now, they've been scientifically proven through studies and research and there are at least 21 reasons for sure that gratitude is good for us. 12% lower stress related illnesses, lower blood pressure by 10%. kids make more a's, 20% more a's if they live grateful and just have a whole list of them. as i was reading, i thought of all these people that i should say thank you to. like my daughter's eighth grade teacher, she's now in her 30s but i think back to these things about these people who have done wonderful things for you and your family and your life. and i thought, you know, she gave my daughter the enthusiasm and confidence for math. i think she enabled her to go to georgia tech later on as a girl which is something that, you know, doesn't normally happen. i thought, i should write her a thank you note. by the time i got my note and my stamps and my pen, the time was gone. >> of course. >> and i thought, if only i had all of this in one place. then i could write a thank you note and have it done and i wouldn't feel guilty because i hadn't written it. so that's how i came up with this. >> what is that? >> this is the gratitude kit. it's a nice box. i wanted a nice keepsake type box because i travelled a lot in my previous job and i would take thank you notes with me and they would always get all dog eared and nasty looking so i thought, if they're in a box, they'll stay nice. this is suitable to throw in a suitcase, take in the car while at a soccer game, just grab a note. you have your notes in here, comes with a pen, the envelopes, everything is in one place. you just throw your stamps in there. you can put an address book in or use your smart phone address. everything is here. >> what's all in the kit then? what comes with the kit? >> you have a book. your choice of books. i've written three now. one for employers to thank their employees, 21 reasons. >> that's very important, i think. i really do. >> yes. i've had a lot of people buy these for their employees. >> i'll buy three. >> then we have the co-workers. >> we'll take seven. >> and what's the center one? >> it's faith based, it's for life in general. >> let me ask you something, ladonna. sometimes it's hard to say thank you. i think we're supposed to say thank you even if something not good happens because it leads us to another place. is that true? >> it is true. it is true. living gratefully can transform your life and so when you do hit those places where you don't feel very grateful, it brings you out of that slump a lot faster than if you were to just stay there and have your pity party. >> exactly. >> i wanted to ask you, these cards are beautiful. >> thank you. >> where is this artwork from? >> i took a lot of them. >> you took them? >> i did. >> all local. >> yes. it's all from the ozarks. the picture is my husband's family farm. >> i love it. gorgeous. >> some of my friends took some of these because i have to confess, some of them take better pictures than i do. >> it's the best stuff. >> you know your strengths and weaknesses. >> that's right. just therapy took this one and this one and i took most of the others. a friend of mine in arkansas took some of these. this is triple falls. >> that's beautiful. >> hawksville from a different point of view. >> where are the flowers from? >> bentonville, arkansas. >> arkansas is gorgeous. >> it is. >> can you tell me, too, i gravitated toward the kids' kits because they have bird seed in them. you can make a craft. >> everybody can benefit from gratitude. it doesn't matter your age. from two or three up to you're 103 but the crafts are to help kids learn how to say thank you and be grateful in a fun way. how many of you -- did your mom ever sit you down at the table and say, you're not playing with this toy until you write your grandmother? >> all the time >> my sister-in-law does that with my nephews and nieces until they graduate. they have to send thank you cards for every gift for christmas, birthdays, graduations, everything. i've collected all the cards. it's a lost art. it really is. >> it is and that brings another point. people keep handwritten note cards which is why i took this route with gratitude because for one thing, if you sit down to write a thank you note, you have to stop and think about who you're writing to, what you're going to say and how you're going to say it so you're feeling grateful all this time. the more time we spend -- >> one of my favorite keepsakes is i got a thank you note from my grandmother who has passed. now i have it framed in my guest room. that's something like if you got this kit, people save those and go back years later and just remember that you were thinking of them. >> absolutely. and the plan for the box is for you to keep the box and keep the thank you notes in the box. >> what a great idea. >> i would be grateful if you would write me a little -- i love this idea. >> it's wonderful. >> thank you. thank you. >> little cards that you can just -- i did this when i was going through a drive-through. the woman was flustered and having a difficult time. i started getting upset and i was getting ready to speak about gratitude because i do a lot of speaking engagements and i looked over and one of these cards, it said you were one of my 21 reasons to say thank you. on the back, it says thank you for. why am i getting upset? i should write her a thank you. i just said thank you for your effort. hope your day goes well or goes better, something like that. you would have thought i gave her a $50 bill. >> thank you

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