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Kelly Clarkson Body Shamed

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Kelly Clarkson Body Shamed Video: Kelly Clarkson Body Shamed
Kelly Clarkson Body Shamed Thu, 06 Jul 2017 15:00:42 +0000 Kelly Clarkson Body Shamed Kelly Clarkson Body Shamed KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City to find them. and it all starts right now on good things utah. >> a lot of that, hi, everybody, thank you for tuning in to good things utah, i feel like we're back in the saddle. >> hi. >> this is rare in the summer that we all are here at the exact same time. i'm sure someone is going somewhere in a minute. >> you were in hawaii. >> such a good time. >> you loved it. >> our viewers are like if you say hawaii one more time, nicea. >> i know. >> i've had it. >> he love hawaii the most. >> i was at texas and brought my kids home to see my mom. she was in fred fredericksburg, texas. we had the best time. my son, they have this place, it is boot ranch and it has like a golf course and a country club kind of place. they built this thing for kids and families. and it's this huge lake. and they have paddle boarding and kayaking and fishing and my older son was jumping off this huge tower. i mean it was so, so fun. >> no way. >> yeah, and you can get picnic lunches and all of it. gunner, i probably 20 something fish. >> there it is. gunner. >> oh my gosh, my brother-in-law ty is the sweetest man alive. he helped gunner and he said, gunner caught his first fish. he said you have to kiss it, it is good luck to kiss the first fish. >> gunner says what, have i to kiss the fish. >> and you kiss it and throw it back. >> you release all of them. these are perch that he was catching and they weren't very big. he caught a couple bigger ones. then little kids starting coming over and ty was helping all the kids, some of them their first fish. >> there was this little redhead named lily that caught a bass that was, i kid you not, it was this big t was huge, she could hardly get it up out of the water. >> fish are so disgusting to me. >> but then she got it off the hook. all of them were happily. >> do they want to be kissed, do fish enjoy that moment.& >> i don't think so. >> i'm shawr they are just happy to get some attention for being out of the water. >> i think they want to stay in their happy water place. >> that is one idea, sure. >> are you the mom that watches and takes the picture or do you paddle board, fish, hop in with the kids. >> so i was talking to my mom. so i was fishing with gunner but i didn't go jump off the high-- but sister-in-laws did. >> really? >> i also had a tube bathing suit. >> that is going to get lost. >> so there was this. >> it can get dangerous with children. >> this rock on the beach in hawaii, i remember jumping off of it in college, if you know the beach trk is 40 to 50 feet, i know that is nothing if you jump lake powell but i did it then. i couldn't do it this time. like i wanted. >> it's all in your head. >> it is what happens, what happens. >> i have kids and i can't die. >> what is going to slide up, out, pop. >> can i do that. >> i am scared what is in the water. >> are you more concerned about death or more concerned about the bathing suit. >> it is probably equal. >> a toss up, really. >> it really is. kate said would you please. and i wanted to be the mom that goes yes! , where is your cousin. >> exactly. >> maybe she will do it with you. >> where is your cousin. let's talk kelly clarkson for a minute. she didn't perform this year on the fourth, she has been a mom and off being a mom for several years. but she still was on social meia like so many celebrities were over this long holiday weekend thanking the troopsk telling her fans that she loves the fourth of july and thank you to the troops for serving the country. she is going back and forth answering people on twitter when one person says, you're fat. so her response though is what is getting all of the attention today. she's 35 years old, she takes the nasdaqiness in stride and says dot dot dot and still blanking awesome and does a winky tongue emoji, so just took that body shamer and put whoever it was right back in their place. the tweet has so far earned 13,000 likes, a lot of fans praising her response. one saying so awesome. another saying beautiful inside and out. don't let that get you down. this is not the first time her body has been criticized. >> i'm so tired of it for her. i feel sorry for her. in 2015 a british journalist said how do you handle it. you can type that but are you not good when you hear something like that. she says it doesn't bother me. it's a free world. say what you want. i don't care what other people think. if i'm happy, confident and feeling good, say what you will. she says i have a family. i don't seek out your acceptance, i have my acceptance. >> i don't believe it doesn't hurter. of course it hurts. >> absolutely hurts. >> but maybe, maybe it really doesn't. you know what i mean. i think when you start, when you mature and have kids, like things that are more hurtful are like you are a bad mom or, when you start, you know, offending someone's character or something. those things, i think hurt. but when you are, are kelly clarkson, and you know you know, i mean she's looking in the mirror every day, she knows how she looks and she's fine with it, confident. i don't know if it really does affect her. >> you were in a position being on the reality shows you have been on. you got a lot of different comments your way for so long. a couple of years there. >> right. >> is there a point where you become numb. >> it's not numb, numb is not the word. it's truly, you have to go inside and find your inner confidence and you have to love who you are. when you allow yourself to be out in the public eye and open yourself up to scrutiny and ridicule, it forces you to get to a place within yourself where you, you choose to love yourself. and you truly get to a place where you don't care. i wish everyone had the opportunity to be like, a villain on the bachelor. >> you need to process. >> it is a process. >> but when you. >> you have to get to a good place. i think an initial sting. >> kelly clarkson has said before, i will never be the thinnest person in the room but i'm the best singer in the room. i'm the happiest person in the room, i have incredible shoes. who are you in the room? because someone is always going to be prettier, thinner, >> i want lunch more than anyone else in the room. >> are you the best eater in the room, you are really are. >> don't you think if it really did feak her she would make changes or do whatever she felt like she needed to do. not that she needs to do anything. if it really did bother her. >> i think it probably did bother her in the beginning. she changed her body type early on, and now she's pretty soild the same. >> but who decided that this is the perfect body. >> right. >> there isn't a, like kelly clarkson is not going to be that. we were watching heidi cleum on good morning america, she doesn't need to be and that's the thing am you just have to get to that place within yourself where you don't care what people think and you learn to love yourself more than anybody. >> as you age it gets better. >> you get, it's easier to do that. >> i love, not a nasty response back, but just and still awesome. >> i'm still amazing. >> i found, not to like take a downer, i thought about you this morning with some of your age issues. >> you age fast if you age faster than you should. if you know nicea well, she will always be 28. >> it's catching up. >> her birthday gets close. >> those numbers start to look a little more fujed. >> can we talk about the fact, you never looked better. never looked better, still like. >> here's cute ali sitting next to me yesterday and i absolutely love ali, turns out, her mom is my age. >> no! >> are you being serious. >> that was a loud laugh. >> really loud laugh. >> because we all know how you can't, like you can't do it, you can't-- now i go okay. >> and then we found out nicea is in a whole other generation, so some of us on the show are those younger folks, you know, younger people and then there is nicea. >> this is what we are doing to not ache as quickly. >> and you don't-- drve so this is you should not sit a lot. if you have a desk job, that is aging you faster than some dangerous jobs like construction worker and things like that because your body is not moving enough. >> what are we supposed to do. we sit on the whole show. do you want me to stand. >> you get up, walk around. >> stand up. >> take a lap. do some squats, some push-ups. >> on the counter, that is what you do. >> exactly. >> walk around. >> so it says it's like your risk of premature death if you sit a lot is up by 60%. >> so get up, get up and move. if you are driven by your sweet tooth. >> oops. >> if you are sipping soda or sugary cereals, nica or-- it was like cinnamon lite today what do you want. >> with honey all over it. >> a little honey. >> and a banana on it. >> that is healthy. >> mean while, oh my gosh, those peach rings that are so gross. >> peachy-o's. >> why are you hating on my candy. >> i'm sorry but i think those are really gross and i think there is a ton of like horrible chemicals in them. >> i don't have them all the time. >> just when i need it in my bag. >> they want to you go green. listen to this. green tea melts belly fat. >> what? >> can we have that on set, jay. >> just some green tea. belly flab. >> bring it on. >> seeia and if you don't get enough rest. >> i was talking to my friend, some people it's so funny. some people need a lot of sleep, some people don't. >> i am a needer of sleep. are you not. >> a doctor on midday last week cardiologist talking about this, a new study of this village in china where they had more sent nairians because they sleep t is not about exercise, do you need to get their exercise. but their life is movement. it is working their life, at the don't go to the gym there are to gyms but they are moving all the time. so it's not just sitting. >> it's working movement into your every day. >> last week on the show when neither one of you were here we were meditating, i know, i know, i thought of you. but i don't know, we were moving. >> i'm proud. >> uh-huh, yep. >> you are so zen right now, regs, so zen. >> i really am, coming up next, speaking of zen,

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