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One Million Cups - Manly Cans- 7/11/17

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What's Appening? - 7/11/17 Video: One Million Cups - Manly Cans- 7/11/17
What's Appening? - 7/11/17 Tue, 11 Jul 2017 20:10:29 +0000 One Million Cups - Manly Cans- 7/11/17 What's Appening? - 7/11/17 KOLR [?] >> jeremy: welcome back to the show! i'm so excited about this 1 million cups business spotlight, because this is a genius idea that makes you think why didn't i think of this >> tom: absolutely. >> jeremy: we're excited to have adam deviza and jenny huelcamp from manly cans. what a great idea! >> guest: thank you. >> jeremy: tell me about manly cans. >> guest: i also own edible arrangements, and i would always have guys come in -- or girls come in wishing there was more for guys or they'd bring me cigars or beef jerky and want me to put it in the bouquet, so i started dreaming and came up with manly cans and got a trademark and went from there. >> jeremy: there was a need, and you filled it. >> guest: yes. >> tom: give us a thumbnail sketch of the different selection. you have a wide assortment right here. but it's wider still. >> guest: we have a lot more. you can go to, and you can see all of our cans. we have close to 23 different cans. the whole idea is great gifts for men. they come in reusable and recyclable containers, from a galvanized can, the six gallon right there. and spates our spicy can, from salsa, to peanuts, hot sauce, beef jerky, spicy jelly. >> jeremy: i love that jelly! >> guest: delicious! this is our ammo can, get it canivore? this is our army surplus can. this is your fishing can. all things fishing right here. >> tom: you have all things they use. but you don't forget the can. >> guest: that's right. >> tom: we were talking about that earlier. guys get a basket, the basket tends to go shoo! [laughter] >> guest: this can be reused tore storage in the garage, garden, fishing. for all kinds of things. >> jeremy: you do ship nationally. you're national. but you're based right here in springfield. >> guest: that's right. >> jeremy: a lot of the products you use are local products. >> guest: salsa, redneck nuts. of course, this is all stuff from your friends at lou's. a lot of regional items and a lot of local items as well. >> jeremy: i love you use local items. we get you right here. but if you ship nationally, i have a dad in texas. that's the problem i've had, is what to get dad. >> tom: it's introducing our products to different parts of the country, and they come back time and time again, because we've got the good products, or you wouldn't put them in there. >> guest: that's right. >> tom: what's the general price range? >> guest: you'll find things starting from the $28 mark going up from there. the cool thing is, when you're checking out, you can add more items to your can. >> jeremy: it's customizable a little bit, that's great! >> guest: it's customizable and everybody is packed in a burlap bag, so that's a reusable item. and our greeting card is a coaster. so everything is reusable. [laughter] >> jeremy: very cool! >> tom: you talked about being with edible arrangements, things like that. was that the inspiration? >> guest: yes, for ten years, i've been in gifting basically. it's just converting it to a guy's set. it's cool. because i know how the software needs to work and the process of delivering. >> jeremy: how did you get involved? >> guest: she needed a dude with a beard! [laughter] >> guest: she needed to go more manly. so luck of the draw. [laughter] >> guest: me and my business partner joined, and we are partners in this. we do a lot of the marketing side of things and the branding and all that. >> jeremy: how long did does it take to come up with a concept for a new can? >> guest: we've got a list of cans long that are coming out. it's as quick to get the right products. we're really big on finding the right products in there. we don't want to put junk in there. we want things that guys will use and enjoy. one of our most popular is our snackage cans, that is filled with snacks. we have our barbecue can that is very popular with our friend nick, pits and grills. there's something for everybody. >> jeremy: so cool! i know, this is great! did you guys present at 1 million cups? >> guest: we did! >> guest: we did. >> jeremy: how did it go? >> guest: everyone loved the presentation, obviously. and they were real excited about the products. we got great feedback from them. people were excited to buy them for themselves. >> jeremy: was there a change length getting the local businesses to join you? >> guest: no. the smaller local businesses are phenomenal to work with. it's harder to work with the big guys. there is so many rules and red tapes. we're having a lot of fun, and then we promote each other. >> jeremy: you're helping each other. >> tom: if people want more information about manly cans, how can they get it and find price ranges? >> guest: super simple, and on facebook and instagram. we're constantly pushing out new cans and deals going on. >> jeremy: do you have deals on the website? >> guest: yes, we have two that are 50% off right now. we have two that are on sale. and we're always adding new ones. we're adding new ones for the holiday season coming up. >> jeremy: tom, how about you send me one and i'll send you one? because i want this food right now. >> tom: there's nothing better than a solid box that is square. >> jeremy: tom, i'm putting this on my christmas list from you. >> tom: all right. appreciate

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