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Rock in Prevention Golf Classic - Gary Dolphin

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Rock in Prevention Golf Fundraiser - Gary Dolphin Video: Rock in Prevention Golf Classic - Gary Dolphin
Rock in Prevention Golf Fundraiser - Gary Dolphin Mon, 17 Jul 2017 13:41:03 +0000 Rock in Prevention Golf Classic - Gary Dolphin Rock in Prevention Golf Fundraiser - Gary Dolphin WOI popular back. >>lou: exactly. good morning everyone. it is 8:41. welcome back to cw iowa live. i am blue and this is jackie. esther just say hello out there. >>touchdown iowa . [laughter] see what you know who that is. that is that voice at the university of iowa hawkeye's gary document joining us in studio. good to seeyou. >> good to see you. thanks for having me see what we are here for a very special reason because today is a huge event . the 11th annual rocking prevention golf outing. >> hard to believe it's been 11 already. see when a golf classic. >> is a great effort, great cause that i am always willing to let whatever time i have to an event like this we can reach out and talk to kids k2 eight and talk to them about bullying and drug and alcohol abuse and prevention therefore. as you know our friend pat mcmanus and his sister laura and that great committee of which you are a part of have done a phenomenal job reaching out to over 1,000,000 -and-a-half kids in central iowa about the entrapment of the three aforementioned maladies particularly bullying which is becoming an epidemic. >>lou: it has been a major problem. they hit it head on. they address it head-on and really making strides. >>jackie: it is wonderful to see the face behind the great voice we hear it for so many years. >> not so sure about that suit you thank you so much for joining us. what a lucky approach with this event? i know you are a keynote speaker in your drawing intensive great people, record amount which we are hearing which are very grateful for everybody participating.still an opportunity to be in baltimore talk about that here in asecond. what are you looking for to speaking about and making a special message known? >> bobby hansen of course who is from westdes moines , great basketball player at iowa. >>lou: and irregular this program. >> when an nba champion ship comes with the better business bureau here in des moines. bobby and i , ed is a good friend of pat mcmanus so ed has beenin this event in the past. bobby nine what i do is not elongated or boring, it's 10 or 12 minutes of teamwork . how we parlay our air chemistry to teamwork and describing the hawkeyes game effort good and bad. you have to be fair and open and honest. we try to tie that in to getting through to the kids in that same vein. if you pull together as a team you went by numbers. if you are being bullied, if you are being attempted to use drugs or alcohol tell your parents whowill then tell authorities who will then tell counselors whowill get the whole team and the school involved . we have great teachers. >>lou: look at that . >> i think that was atmaryland this year when we knocked off the turks . >>lou: even better. >> jordan bohan had nine three-point goals in that game. bobby and i come i like to tell people have to be the only play-by-play announcer in america division i anyway that has a super bowl champion for a football analyst and an nba champion for a basketball analyst. that is a rarity. i try stay out of his way and i stay at a tri-state of perplexed way. i know what my role is. worst book on how much time is left and what is the score. now let's hear from experts. kind of like youtube. c2 and that the ataaps running yourself with good people but creating 18 as you have spoken about so that you could get through tough times. i think that is true even as an adult. surround yourself with good people as you can get to hard situations. >> is teambuilding because you're not going to whip it by yourself. particularly if you're trying to help someone. if you are a victim youcannot do it by yourself. there are too many, it's too overwhelming . i grew up in a family of seven kids so i know at the dinner table help difficult it was to get my share of the food although i was the oldest of seven. usually could arm wrestle my brothers and sisters out of the way. if they ganged up on you, it's a tough battle to win. that is what we talk about tonight. we have a great day on the gol course are not blank park . i remember the first time i played in it last year i was in my backswing and i forget what the whole as i heard the screeching. i had no idea that suit with so . [laughter] >> it might've been an astro ostrich either laughing seated you think they were reacting to your swing see what it butts right up against it. will you actually play in that tournament? >> yes. bobby and i are playing with a couple of good contributors to the cause. we'll have a lot of fun today and that father decarlo will do the invocation. i was loved seeing father decarlo. he gets a great message. if the golf so that i'm sure we have dinner tickets see what it'll be about 5:00 or so in the clubhouseright there . i will have the honor of them significant introducinggary into bobby before they do . last year when you spoke people riveted, you watch them. i'm sure you know this but as you kept talking people were excluding more and more forward onto her chair because it's great to hear the inside story of what is behind some of the things that are going on in your life. >> it's amazing. one of the questions i get asked a lot is describe your broadcast day. we just walk in fiveminutes to break on the air and leave right after the game. no , that is a great thing about iowa. i was such a unique state in its egg-based. in his world. everybody listen to the radio. like a lot of states we are into the internet and television and 24/7 sportscenter, i was different because of its farm backbone. his form vertebrae. it's amazing, the class numbers i saw was 165,000 people in iowa in the midwest to an inner out every 15 minutes to and i will football broadcast. on saturday afternoon. they go to the mall or washing their car, mowing the lawn, raking through yard. the attention span is there particularly if it's a close game. were talking about the capital one bowl down in orlando and holloway that pass that the game at the buzzer. imagine our audience was pretty significant at the end of that game. yet when you have a stinker you still have to hold on. >>jackie: keep everybody . >> exactly suited you have a trick of keeping people good and when it comes to? >> oh, yeah. while public is such a humorist. he is such an educated off-the-cuff guy. he and i, you never know how your partner, you two found that out. chemistry is huge. i have been very blessed and potluck bobby hansen we have great chemistry on the air. i am a part-time banker will make a lot of fun out of that. [laughter] >> i would say that being a banker really broadens microscope on athletics and sports and how important everything else outside of athletics is 2 to everyday life. we may talk about that. you never know what will come out of his mouth. a few years ago we were tellin , the hawks were traveling to ball state by 13 points with a couple, five is to go in the game. at kennett stadium, pitiful day in september. he played the game so he is running his hands through his hair and would start doing that he is really upset. go to a commercial timeout and 7000 people get up and leave. >>lou: oh no. >> you cannot pass that up. when we come back and go well it's a beautiful september day, something you do not see often at kennett stadium, the hawks are doctor t with five minutes to go and 7500-8000 people so now to start early tailgating. that shocks me. and immediately he fires back don't kid yourself buddy boy. who are not getting paid we would have been gone a long time ago. back see what i'm surprisedyou didn't drop the mic right there . >> and all i could do was laugh. fortunately the hawks rallied with two touchdown. >>lou: i was going to say getting a packet when. >> they let them back in the defense got a stop at three and out but they were down timeout. there were fourtouchdown paper going into that game and after the art down late . so there the same way plates come up with some great assuming that the race of people visit you guys. we do not know will come out of your mouth and they are speaking as fans. >> and d. to my original point because you are such a farm tag based colored state, they are tuning up a little entertainment. what the hawks to win the same way with john and erika but i will state and gary. they want the team to win but you got provide them just try to keep their attention especially football. for six or seven hours. pregame, game, postgame>>lou: that is a long time. >> just to mix up a little bit and have some fun and we do a pretty good job . >>jackie: you'll be having fun later on today but want to remind everybody because we know it is a record crowd of tournament starting here imagine very soon. >>lou: here is that numbers need to pay attention to for the golf tournament. 11th annual rock of classic rock and prevention of classic over lake golf course. every knows right next to the zoo. it's at 11:00 is a shocking start. four-person pressure, 5:00 p.m. willbe that dinner. right after the tournament is over . gary duffin, bobby hansen will be the speakers at that dinner. stuff just to go to the dinner in case you cannot golf. if you're ready have the work thing that gets in the way of everybody have a chance to do that. registration is $400 try for some, hundred dollars individual. do the math. rocking to get more information on this. there's also a raffle and we are talking cyclical prizes. besides the fact the hole-in-one contest have a chance to win a mercedes. >>jackie: nice. >>lou: which is very cool. best a person gets $100 gift card to each of the people in the person, prizes for second term, longest fight, 17th green contest, 50-50 split. a bunch of different things. the raffle is really cool. look at this. >> and tanya. i've been to costa rican resor . >>lou: is that one that is. >> they have one in southern costa rica, flamingo pedro lucas rick i'm not sure which one that is. $2000 luxury golf package. it is phenomenal. iowa state is generously donating a football club seek package. i cupped skybox, which that was good basefor this time of year. particularly applicable park. >>lou: when it's air-conditioned . >> i speak from experience, the poly ice pizza. >>lou: thank you for saying that. i was looking at that saying he does not right. >> well the family is phenomenal. went to the one and rotate road. >>lou: yet just north. >> there's a couple of legendary locations in iowa state see what the one the best pizza. >> you stated. >>jackie: love it. does that asked to spell her name. >>lou: the first time . >> plaza.>>lou: speak in prayer, i was unfamiliar with it when he first moved here and i had to do a radio read and it was paglia's. i was like no it's poly ice. >> we've all been there. >>jackie: raffle tickets available, opportunity to come here you speak later on still available. had to that website once again what is that. >>lou: rock and that works. we will see you later. >>jackie: thank you very much. >>lou: do not miss too many balls. >> i will. i brought plenty. see what

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