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Cloud Storage

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Cloud Storage Video: Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage Tue, 25 Jul 2017 15:22:37 +0000 Cloud Storage Cloud Storage KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> it is time for tech time tuesday, i am a sitting here with christopher our tech life coach, he's such a good coach. we're talking about the cloud today. and sometimes i'm like the cloud, what does it mean. we have talked about the cloud. >> we have, a year and a half ago. >> a year and a half ago. we talked about what the cloud is. >> let's just refresh what is the cloud and then why we should stick with one cloud rather than other clouds. >> right, so the cloud is, remember, we can substitute the word cloud for service. >> it's your server. >> it's your server.->> it's re. >> correct. it's a big building with rows of computers and information on those computersment and the way you access that server is through the internet, okay. so those are the basics of what the cloud is. now if is funny because you can, there's the i cloud which-- i kud a lot of apple users get condition fused because they refer to the cloud as the icloud, well, icloud is actually apples version of the cloud. >> they've been smart to do that. >> it was a great name. >> and then there a dropbox which is another cloud-based server. and then there's google drive, and there's several others. and that's why i wanted to talk about this today. is because people think they need more than one. and you really don't. >> you really don't. >> yeah. >> so i am on icloud but i use dropbox for certain things that people wanted me to but that is just because why. >> you said it right in what you were saying, because people wanted me to, right. so people using dropbox are going to use their cloud server to sends you things. >> because that is what they paid for. >> and how much are they paying for that. >> cloud services are basically the same pricing no matter what service you are looking at. it's usually $1.99 a month for a hundred gigabytes, 9.99 a month for one terabyte and it can get up to $100 for 10 terabytes depending on what you are doing. >> okay. >> typically people aren't going to need more than one terabyte, that is a lot of information. but if you are paying 9.99 a month for dropbox and pay 9.99 for i clowd and 9.99-- you are spending $30 a month where really if you managed it right you could actually just use one. >> what if you sent me an email and said i want to dropbox you something, and i use i cloud, what do i do. >> you would have to sign up through dropbox to get a free account, all of the services come with free storage. usually five gigabytes. goggle drive gives you 15, which is the most. but you could actually just create an account, download that and then transfer it into your cloud server. >> i don't know how to do that. >> all are you doing, i pulled out my computer here. so you can tallly see in my computer, right here on the top, i have got actually i cloud and dropbox. so all i would be doing is dragging files from one folder to the other. >> okay. >> that's all it is. >> and now we also have each of these services has apps for their the devices too. so right here i've pulled up on my phone, i've got i cloud, google drive and dropbox. well, those are all access points to the server, right? >> so you can access all of your information on a computer or on your phone or on any device, or someone else's computer for that matter if you log in through the internet. >> but the point is, you know, you want to get in the habit of putting everything in one spot. >> in one spot. >> yes. >> and then if you wanted to, if you are paying for the other ones you can get rid of those. >> right, exactly. >> that way you can cross down those. now i also get the question well, what if i need to send something big but i'm not paying for any of the services. >> okay. >> there's actually a company that i use called we we am you can send up two gigabytes for files for free using their server, and it just sends a link to the email. when they click on the link it downloads and they can put it wherever they want. >> that's easy. >> that is what i thought about before when i needed to send something and i don't have dropbox and they don't have the i cloud. you can use that. >> that is internet based, it just sends an email with the ling and it says reagan has sent you a file and the files will expire by-- that's the disadvantage is they expire. but the advantages is all they have to do click on the link and download it. if they want it on their cloud, all they have to do is drag it into that cloud. >> you see, you see why he is our tech life coach. he's awesome. christopher, how do we follow you. >> anything tech life coach, tech life, insta am gra, facebook, all of that. >> any tech help, he is the answer. christopher, thank you so much. >> you bet. >> how about

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