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One Million Cups - Edgewood Creamery - 8/15/17

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One Million Cups - Edgewood Creamery - 8/15/17 Video: One Million Cups - Edgewood Creamery - 8/15/17
One Million Cups - Edgewood Creamery - 8/15/17 Tue, 15 Aug 2017 20:22:47 +0000 One Million Cups - Edgewood Creamery - 8/15/17 One Million Cups - Edgewood Creamery - 8/15/17 KOLR [?] >> jeremy: you know we always look forward to our 1 million cups business spotlight. i feel like you're backup dancers now. [laughter] >> kelly: here is our front person here. >> jeremy: we'd like to introduce you to melissa fletcher from the edgewood creamery. welcome to the show! >> guest: thank you for having me. >> jeremy: you had me at cheese and milk. and not curdled milk. >> guest: i hope not, no. >> jeremy: tell us about edgewood creamery. >> guest: edgewood creamery is a family owned and operated business. we have a dairy farm in purty. so anyway, we are -- we're located there. in 2015, we built the creamery, opened the doors. in fact, in august of 2015. so the creamery is two years old now, fairly new. we have a grass-fed dairy system! so it's very high quality milk. we're very proud of the milk that we produce there. so we needed to generate more income. our children were wanting to come back to the farm and things like that after college. so we decided what a better way than to take that milk and turn it into a value added product, which is cheese. >> kelly: you talk about high quality milk. doesn't that come from taking care of the cows. >> guest: yes, it is from taking care of the cows. when i talk about grass-fed, the cows are on vegetation every day of the year. when there's grass available, they're eating high quality grass. when there's not, they're eating alfalfa hay. they're the girls. we're milking 250-300 they're all part of the family. >> jeremy: i love that you treat the cows as part of the fletcher family! i love that. because i would, too. i could not raise an animal and love it and then you know. >> guest: we had one of the cars on our farm, 153 she's 11 years old. on a grass-fed system, they live a long time. >> kelly: longer than they would. >> guest: absolutely. it's good for them. >> kelly: what all do you make? >> guest: we do three product lines. we have our milk, we do the white and the chocolate. our milk is different than in the grocery store because it's non-homogenized. the cream still rises to the top. it's old fashioned cream lined milk. our milk is completely whole. we do not take anything out. >> jeremy: so no-fat or 2% or anything? >> guest: no, no, it's whole milk! it's the real deal. and we do our own chocolate milk with our own cocoa powder. the cream rises to the top so you need something that works well. >> jeremy: so you need to shake it up? >> guest: yes, absolutely. both of them, even the white. >> kelly: that's more of a rich taste for sure. >> yes, very creamy and rich. the other thing we do is fresh cheeses. >> jeremy: i've got to try this. you talk, and i'll eat. >> kelly: what do we have here? >> guest: our formage blanc. we do the plain and the milk and honey. milk and honey is popular in the retail. but the chefs like the plain jane because they can do so much with it. >> kelly: oh, my gosh, that's delicious! >> guest: thank you! >> jeremy: this is milk and honey? >> guest: yes. >> jeremy: oh, my gosh! that is good! >> kelly: isn't that great! what is that one? >> guest: the plain version. it's good for cooking with. you can add your own savory or sweet to it or put it in a dip or on a cracker. like in the place of a ricotta. lots of flavor. it's a simple cheese with a lot of flavor to it. >> jeremy: now, these cheeses, i just tasted the blue cheese -- >> guest: you did? i hadn't talked about it. >> jeremy: i did! i'm hungry and blue cheese is one of my favorites. this tastes amazing. it's so fresh! >> guest: thank you. in the creamery, we have an aging room, which i call it the cave, because it's cave-like conditions. that's where we age these two cheeses here. the blue cheese is in there two months to three months. it's a natural rind blue cheese. in the aging room, you want mold to grow on our cheese. i know people are like what? but that's what you want. >> jeremy: it's tasty. >> guest: exactly. and we have our cheddar cheese here. this one is aged for a year. >> jeremy: we have to move on quickly. what is this one here? >> guest: plain cheese curds. if you do cheddar cheese, you're going to have curds. so i do a plain and a jalapeno. >> kelly: these are amazing! this is quite a process. and you get to see it if you come to the farm, right? >> yes, we have an on-farm store. you can come in there and look through the window. if we're making cheese, you can watch the process. >> jeremy: i've never seen cheese being made! where can people find you to buy this? >> guest: you can buy it at the farm if you want to come to purty or in springfield at several different locations, several different grocery stores. a lot of the chefs here use our products. we're in the springfield-branson area. just look it up. >> jeremy: you're all over the ozarks? >> guest: yes. the website is and on facebook, instagram and twitter. >> jeremy: i love your photos! we've got to eat all of this! and you had a good time at 1 million cups? >> guest: we did. will it was wonderful. it's a great organization. >> jeremy: did they give you good feedback and questions? >> guest: yes, they did. it's kind of scary. you don't know. >> jeremy: yeah. >> guest: we had a lot of good questions. and a lot of good networking. we met a lot of good people that help us out in our business, and that's worth a lot. >> kelly: you make a good product and everybody loves cheese. >> guest: thank you so much. >>

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