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Table Talk - Suing Ex 8-22

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Table Talk - Suing Ex 8-22 Video: Table Talk - Suing Ex 8-22
Table Talk - Suing Ex 8-22 Tue, 22 Aug 2017 16:01:26 +0000 Table Talk - Suing Ex 8-22 Table Talk - Suing Ex 8-22 WTVQ Lexington, KY midday kentucky good afternoon... and thanks for joing us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 enough to do is write your mid- day kentucky change back in the cohosting check of course is able to immediately 80 what chill the beautiful picture you need to go to you jim online grade i had a great mail laugh night at bella note came with i know i think hello, notate with fabulous my gosh tell me on about the way out i know you're. legality started salad and i asked for extra garlic can to smell like garlic and then i broke on my diet rules and i had a apostate with the gorgonzola thought woman chicken sun-dried tomatoes with cottage and highly recommended that you thought the nicholasville money to go this is what i'm doing tonight to you the people weeks for my mid-day and you look fabulous it's the fact checking tt you and i heard a lot for i tell you when you i am a guys you'll he tomorrow is well associate pitches that you put up on ... the utopia good. everyone here at abc 30 w. mac being in the middle of a horse padding the breeding for horses and you posted beautiful to you ... label the horses outside my office and soon ... i love ... animals and the horses are ocular so you ... coming from new york city where the only horses we see are the ones that are in central park i you agree we i don't agree with it a being they should to i think that is a horrible thing to do is not the is been a lot of back to the but talking about the horses in new york everyone ... that pulled carriages and is wonderful to and people do love but it is it's not fair on the horses mean it's not great lisa at i know you probably love you to you know why i did i did you why are you saying that are they ... i mean you are in new york city but i mean are they taking out to get oldest today with that had hosting carriage that didn't have trucks they didn't have cars weighted heavily and happening through new york ak or around the country anywhere in the world and you are the have been accidents with the horses of spoon and have all the be mono golf full and whole it's very dangerous and i headed i so sorry are the ... is there working long hours and their on their feet ... all day long are not rotating the smart thing to do an area where they they you live and you hear stories where they just ... fall down in the street on jan and i'd rather take a bicycle card placement competency you i never been on jan and on and on you anyway silly little bit more siding ... taken away but is you can think of that i will not shrill you trust item 9 and she seemed to the right will always wanted the music superstar will get white now is your chance coming auto and the respect would like to present title at the fan saturday august saturday, august 20 think 10 to if you're interested you're between the ages of 15 and 28 register now your chance to sing live in front of our judges atop the contestant will the front of the line path to the american idol audition in louisville registration and august 23 to sign up you national guard i think is the today no time tomorrow sorry you guys and looking to make the most ... so you if you did you like the show you until you i you can be found regarding a people's limited amount of people that can be auditioning for very attending i got to try and try and run secret you have a jug i he's something to talk to both about last week if you rember everyone we talked about the engagement ring that ... amendable these out to the fields and putting hundred dollars and she does ... and the testing that is the little amount of money because he makes everything ... you here right i take you 11 you wrong wrong i because they were in the 30s she opened he should be ... so and then also i believe this is my belief and so some of people believe this is well that when you get engaging you break off the engagement the rings i believe that 20 she coming back every day and i you are now at a fact i it was all satellite will i got engaged to mike ... and and so this other guy gave me this engagement ring wanted you i think i'll i want ring i think you get back i was able you upgrade and you ... well ... have to get you excited cannot getting married to that person you are ready label i'm taking to many as one a minnesota man said he's asked girlfriend in oklahoma accusing her of fraud opted she dumped him a teary- eyed i think his real name so to be reimbursed $32,000 for benson he claims 88 onto some asparagus in texas and king. mexico intent for 2014 with these acts is 29 years old the his the thing now he has been suing her for to reclaim the $32, 000 he goes on to say he was rewarded because he is a motorcycle shop and he was called that the gopher was on the verge of getting a divorce when she was still with her husband who she also has two children with never since you know all the questions while until you read that part story okay do you think a boyfriend and girlfriend to face lit he's been cheated should be the ex- girlfriend or vice versa ... for expenses incurred over the dating know thank you i want to have gone away or man with a man or whatever the couple ... and someone paid for you you have to give them the money back ... and you gave them your company ... try and dial you i and then everyone would be to for you well when i'm going to motivate you i feel that way really you in the but she lied to she wasn't divorce and she had lived did he know that the she he said that she told him that there on the the of splitting right our nightly they got back together okay you know i mean you cannot you know he knew going into it that she was number one still married they were paraded her soon-to-be separate the old married she had children back going into it to you right to you but i'm also not saying that he should should be getting all the money back in the thing that he should get the aisles of the beautiful waste of court time that he person who $32,000 on the cheek that he was getting i can go out with anyone else because it women now that i mean i you a i want to go near the i think a lot of now all over the country to go to i don't know s and will definitely tell you that the in that amount of money make going to mix a little busy spending money on but what you ... with several titus is doing you like, these are some of the things that we didn't get to yesterday with ... story which i thought was interesting i would talking all about the younger generation now and what they are missing out of when it comes to technology okay the way we stopped itself ... yes well there are allies are to elegy changes we will soon see fewer and fewer things out in the market and one of the first is the ipod and these little wonders were first introduced in 2000 in 2001 and their dials change and they got color screen they shrank they got acre and then they got nano and then they got shuffled and finally they got touchy and out, did you i never did nine daughters dead and you could not get those ipods away from my daughters they were always with the right okay with the next and so finally apple ... discontinued the nano and then the shuffle last month and that's because of smart phone cards undertaking over everything and onyx when you land lines now i happen to own a landline but landline were ... for most people the only way they communicated banalities cell phones on where the human mind i do you about yes and ... changing the number of yes because i many calls you you have a little you i don't want to do you want telemarketers and you and wynonna moved to you table ... they make you have a landline i would move in to automate another telephone of everyone uses mental to is one of that ... long time you never know alaniz theremin new york they are bringing them back but the fee them and of the you have a phone booth was that you could climb and close at accordion door have a private conversation and you knew that no one was listening and like when you run your cell phone and you're walking down the tree be careful about behind you because they maybe listening to everything go word and the next yellow pages and ... yellow pages are really was even less and less because everyone's going on the internet to look up phone numbers and essay to say why the yellow pages no disrespect to anyone on its of the older generation to you ... that's still really the reason why yellow pages if you look at the yellow pages now it's a quart ... of the size of what yesterday alastair down there and get a call in the mall and then dvd format go by the wayside the way the h current the hs went by the waistline is the use will what you about i miss going to the store now articles of little the latest and greatest up ... dragon you but i really miss i you going to the stall and grooming the category and seeing what online while your garden be in for change is because people are no longer going to market their shopping online and most people by their clothing online to the microbubble topic we get to talking about the rules travelers should avoid or do these are ... rules that they should do all right but him and that they should know about the patient to that they need to know that all right number one married women can have more than one glass of wine in lepage bolivia is the the law and if she does drink more than that her husband has grounds for divorce and that the is no pain to outside ... of the beach in barcelona such a bad thing people i know but i'm is guiding the i am and then public if you're in a group at three or more and that is in rome yet to be $590 for owners what know going commando in highland you horrible of and what that he wants to see that nobody knows what happened to you why they indict and rated outlaw it right natural having month for i really and one no killing in mind you i leave the is you is you is for real they can better it the it is considered an endangered species and you can be find thousand dollars business achieved the there is no prayer is not ... jean well i and i am sending on just so there you go there you anything people know but if they want a rule they have there been tells what you think you did a kentucky talisman before that that i personally do. you agree with

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