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Wootton Disc Center

By Clip Syndicate Video: Wootton Disc Center Wed, 13 Sep 2017 14:30:38 +0000 Wootton Disc Center WATN out at our website. >>amy: you for joining us. >> we are back after the break. >> if you suffer from sciatica, you know while the pain runs down there and underlay, it starts in your spine. we are getting back to the basics with all back pain, and we are doing so with our expert who is life in our studio to tell us how to avoid surgery and how to get on the road to health to a healthy back in a healthy life. good morning to doctor david wootton x good to be here. >>amy: i am one of those who had back pain so i get it. it can be excruciating. where does it originate? how does it start? >> if you have back pain, if your viewers have back pain, is a high percentage chance that their pain started from misalignment in the pelvis. okay? >>amy: okay. >> we have sacroiliac joints in her back. we are picking things up and twisting and those two joints, when they get stressed over a period of time, they tend to misaligned because of gravity and stress we put on them. the more that pelvis misaligned and the more does joints open up and become weak and now we start to have back pain. if that is not addressed early, what happens is that begins to put pressure on the desk. when you put pressure on the desk, they start to wear out quicker than they should. when patients come in to see me, almost always one disk or two discs are worn out. when they get more stress than they are designed to handle, the fluid starts to come out and they start to dry up and the disc starts to come out of place which is what we see with this model here. >>amy: i love to illustrate this because it shows to see that red popping out. that is the pain. >> the pain occurs when that pops out and traps that nerve. your doctor says i have a pinched nerve and the doctor told me i have a pinched nerve in my legs hurt they're going down or i have burning down the leg, that is what is happening. that disk is pinching to nerve and shutting down that nerve. it only takes about four millimeters of mercury pressure to initiate a response. it could take just a touch of your finger. >>amy: this is what i hear from people who have back issues it is si or whatever. >> they are accurate. it is the si joints that originally causes it so that's why it is important. we are known for doing spinal decompression. we are the experts. i had a very first table in the country so we have been doing it a long time. >>amy: well! >> when i worked on the disc, we work on correcting the pelvis because that is what originally causes these disk issues to come out of place. when we correct about me also create the pelvis just correctly desk and pelvis, the disc wants to stay in place and he'll. >>amy: this is the decompression you are looking at right here. when you walk in and you've never seen it before it is, like, well. it works wonders x it was developed by an anesthesiologist. this particular anesthesiologist, his thesis paper in med school some 70 years ago was the original defibrillator. he figured out how to pull out on the spine and trick the muscle and muscle fibers into stinging and relaxing. with traction, a straight both of those muscles tighten up and protect the spine which is a normal, good reflex. with the type of pattern he developed, those muscle fibers stay relaxed and now the entire pull goes to the desk and we create a vacuum. that is where the benefit comes. if they tried traction and it didn't work, decompression will really work. >>amy: absolutely. thank you for helping us get back to health and back to the basics. as doctor wootton said, this was my situation. everyone is different, but i do want to say, someone hit me from behind. i thought it would get better. i went down to pick up a pencil and i couldn't move. if you have had back pain, trust me. it probably isn't going to get better as you go to somebody like doctor wootton. he can give you an x-ray and see what is causing the problem and you can be proactive. >> exactly. >>amy: there it

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