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Table Talk 9-13

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Table Talk 9-13 Video: Table Talk 9-13
Table Talk 9-13 Wed, 13 Sep 2017 16:01:41 +0000 Table Talk 9-13 Table Talk 9-13 WTVQ Lexington, KY c1 3 dr. thinks attorneys right here on the mid-day kentucky which i now classed as last day for every i know where you up to my friend is below them anonymous will be that the a lot of stuff human space camp trauma is not because you told her what was o to diane's is right up your alley right in my neighborhood so i yell mr. bluegrass dilemma missing i with you guys on mid- day bus but ... it's time for change we supposed to issue the best nights of the and i now okay about how a beating to have pearson a half years and so as outside/meteorologists right really attention on the field about a year get with united th web side the forecast to you and as katie was what the will of the chair there like to talk some also doing the and you say let's show a little bit of a clip we designed and that was c1 3 all i five you guys to i think when you knock me over those funny and want to be mid-day well to the right day one troy and of course it would be mid- day with the meeting shirtless and having the cupping dunbar findings to get the most five you is out of that team is that you with video you'll you'll what is it to go for you having to go to you and all miscellaneous united result is that you so much will box you been doing is what does a good job on this file i i anything o the show on the is we love the grade along five of the headset pretty wrapped around the top crown go to strong across the whole talking about parent makeup artist on it's a grams i feeling intense pressure to come up with the unusual eyebrow look not long after the squiggle brow arrived this has become the latest of this is all done by a makeup odyssey of my omega abou his now he photoshop this incident went crazy inking how this is possible that he is shocked when it looks like the real grade, you will for that related up have some pretty tyros to make that happen variably but i do text it to me okay to you today yeah degrees in the agent and she's what equal until the idp this is a trend the ... guys ... as possible as you and i think you'd have to shaven animals have like no thing put on the toupee eyebrow hairpiece for you could be like in the intellect essentially tapered right across speak you handcrafting eigenvector 400 is doing well is a little you you anymore procedures what you supposed to touch it up every year still undermined just refresh everyone and we should what we that we actually manage the up atrial flutter looking at everything to bold decided to that into the cladistic a littl as a you you know what you have done for me i would say mean i would have let i been more of an a guinea pig experiment i prototype your you hold on you you we tried to build your muscle computer we realize you could carry me around so it is an account with but i you know australia on the line is i okay so when you doing abraded eyebrows but this is think that i found the means that i wanted you to talk about at least is i is pregnant woman that should be trying out still him her name i carissa go and she said with a that she walked into the path i a restaurant in marysville washington wearing a like laptop and long shirt and and and a long skirt goldman who is an app pregnant with twins with expecting service when she was told by the restaurant worker that chandelier because the outfit did follow the no shoes no shirt nervous policy to post a picture of the policy gained no shirt no shoes no service run and so she posted this picture of her now on phase like and wanted everybody's opinion she's like i just denied service at the by then ... in marysville wearing the outfit and she thought she said that what they told her was tha it was for highlighting the health code and so i wanted to bring that to the table because i feel it if a woman walked in draft like that in your restaurant your that your reading at holland you feel about that number one i'm okay with that i mean it until it's no different than wearing a sleeveless shirt the guy menu movement is a big box stores an you see people wearing questionable things in think she's breaking any rules there know shirt she had assured on she was covered up was a know the lingo but and and when you ... anything katie ... like that for restaurant i only get pregnant or not i sometimes started thinking that they just don't want to fulcher what is the restaurant you need to know more about it because me that is their right, people cropp thompson there i know she's pregnant many little bit more about the restaurant but they are going out the white sitdown restaurant tops not really a program i don't get a new 30 pregnant i just think rock tops are not really of writ male or female for unitedly sitdown restaurant ... is the minimum meeting agenda for yes, those think it's appropriate look and i agree i do know with this she should be on a no documents seven happens pregnant right litigative meal made with a tablecloth around as if it was upsetting the other guest in the rest may be right by you know i do the ... that i have to be honest that she ... maybe ... should've taken the remote i told you as she was getting into his personal you i think that's that's a like tom you know wearing saying that your you know beach resort has a topple a they say no no topless swimming in the enclosed pool area right and then you get upset because you will topless and then you thrown out of the you right right it's a bit like we say that the she should deftly be turned off but i think it right and her and seemed complaining because what she felt was that of somebody else walked in the crop that wasn't pregnant another girl that was maybe then her stomach with the my point that you blowing it out of proportion you and you know you should also that he was if she was ... she was famous or something ... would she be turnout of someone else will i think the rules you you so think we can all agree going to age that kentucky trilogy think whether you agree ... on whether this is actually worthy of her being thrown out, can you talk about bob and about the show i really interest alo blog post online about easy and despite of your bathroom diy projects and i you to bring to the table i i went to her and night candleholder in your bathroom to split the wineglass over and you can make a little tray out of that i that was super cute the ... read old walls shall ... and think and you your pastel human you're taking a bath that everyone you shelter you can put across to your you by the by but not behind in his genius take out that mental shall not cross rather than bending to on the back yourself is always moving around added sloppy growth and old i think i anywhere the spines on the site about i just want to try that buys and having smell the with the the euclid is will folder anything to i am on your had okay the is out of read/write anyway hello house ready your you they will give you the wine as you're there i those people you to i like what is a habitable i have the mola mating to round things and ... little ... the enemy but i get like you want to the i love the photo make about think you i appreciate going from the about that i to sharing all is sherry a bed with your dog okay lisa got my friend is so disgusting with when and is what we need to talk about the thing that all right there the party that came out and called the dog on the in a home sleep environment pickin on the september issue of mayo clinic the what that was the day of 40 adults with that haddox no sleep disorders on over a five- month period and subject and her dogs were activity trackers to track their sleeping habits for seven nights and what they foun was that humans with a single dog in their bedroom maintained good bedroom with in the bedroom not in the bed i however that's right the dogs position on and off the bad needed the bottom line regardless of the breed site th dogs in the bedroom was fine canines actually in the bad not so much think that that human advocacy with lower at the donald with on the that as opposed to temporally in the realms of live or die brandy and bob being with her i really didn't she was a yellow lab i you guys yeah it was i that is totally you venezuela for you to wash everything that but i'm yeah she's when they left the sheets again grossed out on kno what the the end of the battle you ever had on your you and luggage a quick call today for love you nona currently when i used to know the home sleep my better foot intensely they take over space they do really quickly and that they're not as easy to move and they get up earlier than i did you know i think are the have ... a puppy in the household of the and of the bed in the bed adonai you know it's on the same for me not you may be it is probably because i do know people will do like needed service to ... athena to depicting but i think having labrador the microtiter way really was touching mom and i anywhere when you get up to where you when you the way you and lauren and i leave great outfit determining over to mid- day kentucky date age of insured all you do enter the giveaway for the target part like about you're automatically entered over mid-day kentucky basement page here will pay you and wondering whether karen should sunday last day of tybalt links from

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