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One Million Cups - House Wash Biz - 10/17/17

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One Million Cups - House Wash Biz - 10/17/17 Video: One Million Cups - House Wash Biz - 10/17/17
One Million Cups - House Wash Biz - 10/17/17 Tue, 17 Oct 2017 20:20:52 +0000 One Million Cups - House Wash Biz - 10/17/17 One Million Cups - House Wash Biz - 10/17/17 KOLR [?] >> tom: welcome back today. in our 1 million cups spotlight, we're speaking with alex scott, craig jamison, cofounders of house wash biz. for some reason, it's difficult for me to say. you see i'm going with biz. first of all, guys, welcome to the show. >> guest: thank you. >> tom: how did you get started in a business like this? >> guest: i'll let you start. >> guest: well, we had the equipment and know how to do it. and we wanted start washing basically -- providing that service to homeowners. and we do it right now in other company i have with cars and fleet vehicles. so we decided to bring it to the household. >> tom: all right. explain, then, what this process is. because when you tell me you're going to clean my house, that rings up all sorts of things. what exactly is this? >> the beauty of living in the ozarks, is our weather. but it causes mildew and mold. you get dirt, algae. and so with time, your vinyl and wood siding starts to look rough with time. what we do is use a high and low-pressure washing system. we'll make it look new again. >> tom: i would think one pressure doesn't work for all because you've got different materials. >> guest: absolutely. and the direction you spray makes a difference. >> tom: do you work with sided houses, wood, stone? >> guest: we work with anything that needs to be cleaned. we can clean it. >> tom: okay. i know we've got pictures up here. what are we seeing for instance with this? >> guest: the right-hand side we haven't got there. the left-hand side we did clean. that's before and after. that's typical of the mildew you see in the ozarks. that's always on the north side of the house. >> tom: that's more than an as thatic. it's a health thing. >> guest: it can be. [laughter] that's me. >> tom: is this power washing with a real purpose to it? >> guest: that's it exactly. we laugh when we call it glorified lawn care. because it's a gasoline powered water that sprayed water a couple of thousand psi, pounds per square inch. we use the low pressure around the windows or doors, where water can get in. high pressure, we can extend up to 30 feet. we can wash multiple stories from the ground. >> tom: i was going to ask how many stories can you work on? everything in the ozarks is ground level to two or three stories up >> guest: there are a bunch of condos that are five stories tall. with just an extension ladder and poles, we can wash five stories. >> tom: you say you spray the water. is it water, solution? how does that work? >> guest: it's a solution that breaks down the mildew and dirt. and we spray it off with water. i mean, it's very small amounts of solution. it's environmentally-friendly. >> tom: that's very important in the ozarks, too. >> guest: we basically spray it off. we'll spray it with pressure. if not, we can rinse it off. >> tom: give me an idea of the average job. how long would something like that take? say vinyl siding like a three bedroom home. >> guest: all vinyl, maybe brick and rock, parcel on the front, 2-3 hours to wash. >> tom: that's it? >> guest: uh-huh. >> tom: it's a fairly quick process. you can get a larger home done, you go to work and you show up, look, i've got a new home. >> guest: depending on the siding on the home, we can do decks, vinyl siding, fences, concrete. >> tom: i was going to ask. so you can take care of everything. >> guest: you'll see a driveway and a sidewalk that you feel like looks decent. but after you wash it, it looks brand-new again. same way with a fence. the u.v. rays and the weather, stuff settles on the fence. >> tom: just existing. >> guest: yeah. it's amazing how a little bit of cleaner. >> tom: how did 1 million cups help you all? >> guest: basically, if we can tell people who we're doing, you get feedback, communication from them. saying hey, how can we help you guys with marketing? and what's the best way to go forward from where we are right now? that's always great. because we don't know everything. and we have 150 people representing to that they know a lot more than we do have certain things. we definitely get great feedback. >> it's something painful to get feedback, where they say what about this? but as long as you're willing to listen, that audience, 1 million cups, a lot of business owners, very, very beneficial. >> tom: if i wanted your service, how long do i need to set aside for you to give me an idea this is what it's going to cost you? >> guest: depends on the time of the year. for us the schedule, usually a week or two weeks out. pricing they can go to you can see the retail price of us washing those. very simple. >> guest: we have an example pricing. we don't ever deviate from the price. >> tom: that's good. >> guest: a lot of times you go to a house and there's add-ins. we just don't do that. >> tom: gentlemen, thank you.

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