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Nicole Kidman

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Nicole Kidman Video: Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman Fri, 20 Oct 2017 15:39:21 +0000 Nicole Kidman Nicole Kidman KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> okay, this topic already has us laugh sog i'm glad you are here, join in, by the way, if you comment on facebook i want to throw your comments out there, make sure you do because we're streaming the show live, there it is. isn't it weird to be on facebook live and on. >> it is kind of weird. >> a little bit of everything. >> keeps going and going. >> so nicole kidman one of my favorite actresses, i love her, classy lady. is at the emmys this year. so back in september and her costar in big little lies huge on hbo alexander skarsgard wins for best supporting actor. so his name is called, he makes a bee-line for nicole kidman who congratulates him with a big kiss on the lips. now it was this moment that we all said was awkward but she says wasn't, keith urban country star standing next slapping, nicole, she didn't just, she went in. >> he keith is right here. >> like whoa, whoa. >> what was he doing. >> isn't that more normal, it's more normal to have your husband there than not. >> that's turning away for your husband, your back to your husband to kiss some other dude. >> your costar. >> just did an interview about it this week. and they said to her on the graham norton show and they show it again and say what were you thinking, she said why are you making it provak-- provocative, she said this is my good friend, he won. i leaned in to kiss him, my husband is there, why are you making this more than it is. she says i gave him a congrat la tore kiss. >> does that happen all the time. does she kiss everybody she is happy with. congratulations. >> i think we need to preface this with the fact that they play husband and wife in this role that he won the emmy for. >> so they have kissed before. >> kissing, more than kissing on the show. >> so if you saw the show, it wasn't the first time they ever kissed. >> let's take a poll. the three of us are married up here. would that be okay with you? your husband leans in, you worked with someone for a long time. >> i will tell you, i think are you changing your tune. >> certain girls my husband hugs i don't like. >> even the hug. >> even the hug. >> well, it would be different if she always hugs me when she saw me it would be different but she only hugs him. >> that is weird. >> superweird. >> if she is hugging both of you. >> she is really flirty. >> that is a no for you. >> you say no. ally you say. >> i feel like i say no. like i think hugs, kisses on the cheek, like that's happened before. but never, no, never. >> can i get yours. >> i say yes, because that's our relationship though, have i a lot of friends who kiss, i mean-- on the lips. >> guys. >> i feel like you and reagan kiss on the lips. >> we do. >> i kiss my kids on the lips, doesn't mean you are dating, you kiss brian all the time in the back corner. >> but when it's your husband. >> i kissed reagan yesterday. >> you did. >> i did. >> but reagan is not married. >> no, she's not. >> and neither are you. >> but i kissed her when she was married not that this had anything to do with the end, just wanted to put that out there. all right. >> so if scott was kissing some other hottie woman, are you saying kissing, i'm saying great job. >> i'm saying hi. >> on the lips would you be fine with scott. >> i think kissing like, i don't-- what if he really wants to know how great a job she did. >> i will say nicole kidman kind of did like-- it wasn't-- it wasn't lake a tbreat job, yeah. it was-- i think that your relationship has to be able to withstand that. i think you talked about it before. i think every coup sell different as you can see. we all have a different view on it. so make sure are you good with that. >> do i think it's fine for me and my husband, no, that's not how we are. do i think it's totally fine for nicole kidman who kissed this alexander guy a million times, yeah, i think it's fine. >> i think it is easy to put it on somebody else. >> keith urban was feen it with it. >> so speaking about appropriateness, and what is okay, what is not, something that happened last week at a high school football game. big rivalry, one of the biggest nes in the state. ata versus corner canyon high school. something happened at that football game and maybe some of you remember. their corner canyon one of their great football players serious injury there on the football field. and the video that you are looking at right now is what happened with as he layed there on the field for about 20 minutes. you can see the paramedics came in. and at some point the alta quarterback who, you know, everybody was trying to figure out what on earth to do. his yaim is will dana got an idea to say a prayer. and so he gathered both of the teams together. >> those are both teams. >> the black and the white, coming together and they take a knee and they bow their heads the whole entire crowd goes silence, kate was saying she was there. and they offered a prayer together. a lot of people saing this is amazing, this is fun, this is cool, to see the solidarity of it. >> two weeks later still being talked about. >> still being talked about. also not sitting well with everybody. >> why? >> what are the critics saying about it? >> well, they are concerned for the people who maybe weren't part of that religious circle. so people out in the audience, not quite sure, knowing what to do. it was this really reverent moment. a lot of people happy that they are coming together to say this prayer. but that's kind of what the debate has been. and we want to pick this up, again, right after the brake, we're going to come back and i want to hear what you have to say about it. >> okay, sounds good. >> stick with us, everybody, back with more good things

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