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Stan's Midday Stuff

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Video I edited for Midday Kentucky Video: Stan's Midday Stuff
Video I edited for Midday Kentucky Tue, 24 Oct 2017 16:00:01 +0000 Stan's Midday Stuff Video I edited for Midday Kentucky WTVQ Lexington, KY c1 3 will not be a washout and some areas may stay dry. temperatures are really the focus today. highs will only top out in the mid 50s. it will also be breezy throughout the day. tonight, we could still see an isolated shower, but mainly we will start to see drier weather heading into your wednesday. an isolated shower early wednesday is still possible with extra cloud cover. clouds will decrease through the day with highs only topping out in the low 50s. thursday will be dry with more sunshine and warming temperatures. highs thursday will top out in the low to mid 60s. temperatures by friday will warm into the mid to upper 60s with increasing clouds late in the day as well as a late chance for showers. another cold front living with pain can lead to opoid talk with advantage osteopractic physical therapy about the current opioid crisis and how physical therapists can help with chronic pain. plus...if you're looking for new flooring...stick'll want to hear from carpet one..they will be showing us the latest in flooring! good afternoon... and thanks for joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 c1 3 heck out whats happening at julie tuesday hello will ... do we do is what you do good you will looking for chua chatting about kendra jewelry before i i can rely they were just options the married options ... designed to make her own story love so you got to, i would be chatting about fitness will things on the show anyone's beings you know up until you will that i'm back to browser sage what i guess is coming carious it i swear to god ... on the losing anyway but distributed is killing me a not and larson i did not about 900 cal you and you nothing this morning i you tell and i had know it's all in the problem you you you i know is my problem i think i you run for 10 minutes can you know and thousand gallery is a i'm sure you will is the but it's just know what i can open people i just ... anything human you is delicious you just all the way, concise the way you but i swear i didn't get through it was not a good u to five minutes running the general you. five-minute intervals in a great about it but some it's done work everyone when you get back into the gym and you get going again is a 3 to 4 weeks ago i literally did the workout drug harm and that i would get a, legs would like to everything in the next day it was the now is not normal you i don't was a little jealous not been the pay i wanted to ask you you could cuticles you on the pedal that does and i you late for school on time once a great while okay once a great while would make you late know the boy had headache that know that boys not wanting to you night i you know i tried to ... everybody on the time schedule and keep is untreatable at the disposal the story is happening to the school in utah is repot cause will now be judging a fee for lateness and you late one you get awarding but if you lat today you have to pay a three dollar fee and an additional toddy will result in of ayatollah the retard you will late ... live on anything while up on you know i think i like that they have a warning hers before something like that happens it to the school district i mean you know that made seem like yo know these the okay money for some people brothers for families that can be detrimenta on a different environment ... families out there and and i just feel like that ... it might be a little too much c1 3 there is a way to force the child to pay not the parent should have to pay back the will you're gettin ready to go off on your own own to get up i would like to is radiation the students have to pay for it i would like to see something where maybe of the pet dollar fee you earn by picking up trash everything tha has to dollars or whatever i think the child they should you be sure that the child is one pain because some emilys back me a lot of money not really pushing the child you punishing the parent and another thing high school age it can be is one times i like the idea of fighting but away to make it the child is residing related to family you did to i'm a not have iii lately is you i completely the tsingtao tell you is that with do a job you do, his the i have a with the because what you're saying katie's teaching the kids a lesson in away because up until you if you are continually late you continuall late for the later part of your life is i because school and college or university ... is a great training tool for you in the work and those responsibilities you to being on time at school being on time for your clauses things you do your homework and things like that is in training for the clock to great absolutely, and i think i with its parents of my kids light on i was like a like putting the responsibility on the child but i don't really like the monetary i think there should be a honest minute community service or picking up something where you make sure that it's not the parent that suffering the having appendicitis hosted big up taking people arriving on time and those say it's totally working in they actually haven't had to charge anyone as of yet really admitted they implemente this everyone was on on those thing that always the delete empty as clauses but she yeah so i think is adventurous that it' good i keyserling is interested outdated discipline katie you say is no longer wise to do walk for to a therapist host and she was head of five punishments that she says are outdated or your children that i thought what you believe that you will do any of these and if you take anything else be appropriate okay say spanking outdated you should into i know talk about what we the on the show or removal of privileges they said don't the ipad away build the kids will just be thinking how unfair the parent is unlucky they are they said the same thoughts come out with timeouts kitchen a say children will to spend time sitting in the room thinking about how unlucky they are to have an unfair parent is a dead those i totally do bible you know there's buddy you sumitomo time aisles is worthies with the used to be at the hyping to begin but i'm just wondering what what would you do to to due to punishment and anything will insist also doesn't work because they are not building a relationship with their child to teach them to do the right thing ... there tricking them and doing the right wing by incentivizing you know doing her chores to ge ice cream come all right dear chores you is you should do you do all of worried but and complex battle to because you ... i know you i do what you want i bargain with him all the time and other work cited doing what you happen beautiful i think you and you you everyone another one shaming is shaming where i be telling your kids and and they like that i need a lot of agree now that shaming your children i thought of day you all the others i i kind of works incentivizing time outside of the will i do like the way the i had yeah things are happening that need to be have what the doing of late do you know exactly buddy exactly know you know i depict ipad away at rings are happening in a timely manner to my liking on by what i've also been told to that possibly doing it more of them earning the computer hours a earning the ipad hours by you know if they do this and this throughout the day and learn an you shall hear time and the vacuuming the lounge examples activates the hockley out of hydride is work guys your for me as a parent the take away when they do something wrong is not horrible i hard to remember to give them the reward i do do that in some circumstances it it's just help no you just get is apparent your dislike on the like lien at you for not doing what you're asking him to do but i pettaway you know but put away ... afterschool candidates golden will you revisit in know that i know you the pleasure to that but i look at know i think should i i think all children regardless everyone should be disciplined adult children work walls will you in a disciplined life you are the quick you you i agree i think if you and just simental i know sometimes i come across a little off on some of these things but i just i grew up with discipline ... and strong discipline so i'd i just feel that it such a a good god is blocking the things he works you think that they do be to to a different cultic with ... you doing what you been prostitute another think shame i think shaming and the was the ifex that you did with child eil in and reading and reading what some the responses were and i will but think a lot of people also don't have children's mayb it i think you for world this is great with they that you shouldn't take things away you should give the child an opportunity to make the right choice i you and your busy throughout the day get you ever moment give them an opportunity to correct joint have so i gues writing is specific to techie facebook pages stories posted upon the is what you do to discipline your children are mind-boggling to hear about thi story so you got three-minute to talk to me about okay well everyone isn't telling you you love was everybody's of the right breast milk is known for having it antibodies that help boost the baby's immune system will now adult considering be benefiting from the protective ... backs of the new pre-biotic supplement which guys drink will need to understand human would you be up to the tablet or the job you can be can be in both form tablet form or in liquid form is donating this new it's not going to be a barn of women that what you going to be created and let there to take the back. on the complex sugars that are found in breastmilk an they're going to create that lab environment but it will to be created from the antiaging act. you is the best what are the is on the help you boost the immune some so i'm there's i mean everybody with breast- feeding they always out how beneficial this babies and infants of further digestive systems for i type ii diabetes and whatnot so same thing with adult as well it will help with irritable irritable bowel syndrome diabetes high blood pressure depression obesity childhood asthma ... colitis and colon cancer now had the been proven to do this yet know i recommended noted that i get by saying antiaging lineup is you know the baby the benefit to the baby ... and the infant had definitely been proven with women's breastmilk the problem is they don't that number one the don't know if this that's being mimicked and allowed is actuall truly going to fill benefit not only infants but adults as well i remember i think you can quickly see some you you and if i remember correctly i you addition i'm sorry she when she told betty a preproduction meeting that she did was an episode where she was was he drinking issuing courtney's before she drinking it by i believe she was rubbing it on her eczema now because that somehow rings a bell she was doing was shocking about taking every antiaging that she was rubbing on her skin yeah and i just one the is a thing ... i think you if this is a great thing you but i think it be disappointing that it might not happen because it's many we doe a that would think this is something else it's not going to me because it is a little conversation with to drink your wife's you know milk call is just a little 22-obstacle cannot i just think it's i all i got a taste ... what really know i don't feel compelled to drink rest on people that your future baby i know i the i kid you don't enjoy the taste that they like to try try to your natural i know i would do it on the live the pill form i would definitely try wil to the what's the you get it wrong the pill that they have off you have a baby they turned it into a pill of the placenta you keeping up with the you did that as well i you knowledge is the cardassian his life so i guess it i just the we is just what's up with the you know i mean that within the in pill form i think i would you know definitely tried if it was proven to have the the thing the oddities the show that there are better were they doing this to begin with i california will okay ... telephone course as always, it is the i was thinking of drive mid-day kentucky facebook page i think the is some benefit obstacle you know i did with anna goats milk is great for eczema you goats milk soap doing me that was a very big thing here in america and and also was picked up in illustrator and some friends of mine actually use the good so wanted to clear up the richmond really who knows everyone everyone advantage austere to physical therapy is up eczema talking about the current opioid prices later served will also take a look at them fresh options and a good friend terry. upon this is mid- day kentucky everyone ... c1 3 welcome back to mid-day kentuck everyone will we currently experiencing an opioid epidemic in our country and many wanda had one leave pain-free off to having surgery with me today's dr. ron and dr. jacobs and then from advantage austere practic therapy which heading old about this services and how they get people off the pain meds this is an important topic and you woul never hold the physical therapy can actually help people by getting them off the pavement let's stop with the opioid epidemic to be human what are the steps up that we don't know all will really talk about this for october is national physica therapy a so that's the big push this year zero opioid epidemic as it should be for everyone right right absolutely so ... of some alarming statistics in the past 14 years hundred 83,00 people died because maximo overdoses ... the be increase in hospitalizations and people ove 50 has gone up hundred percent 1% 2% of the population derringer twice as likely to accidentally overdose people in the in women ... women's hospitalization rates for opioid accidents is increased 75% soldier it's a bi deal and this is the thing that you would see this on the firm line because people coming to you to be relieved from a let's be clear on that so talk about some of the should be treat it's the be paying you'll see that you can treat ... to get people off the pain and just be pain-free ... absolutely as far as physical therapy in general we see a lot of ... pain and advantages ... therapy but so generally we got ... tendinopathy's arthritis is bursitis chronic pain ... balance issues we can all treat all of those things and how you treating glitches ... about arthritis to begin with ... just to be that is a couple ... what some a couple of the treatment arthritis is characterized by a lot of pain in the joint area and so one of the things we can do best that most people forget about his exercise of getting the muscles bigger and stronger more flexible will help to attenuate or abandon downloadable forces that go through the joint by absorbing them through muscle ... on top of that we specialize in lots of manual physical ... abuse finger draining lynn working with her hands with you to alleviate pain as well so that you can do a lot more the exercises and make progress fas you do you feel that doing like you would others want to stay with the thought arthritis reminded because of something a lot of people suffer so by doing that regular joint move in regular physical do you truly believe that that is the way to go to alleviate the pain and can you help people get real arthritis ... is incurable is ... is not really curable issue with arthritis arthritis the researc and statistics out there arthritis and starting your 20s or even younger and the majorit of people who have arthritis actually donut pain some of us were just unlucky enough to have pain with your credit condition so it's not the were affecting urethritis per se but we are doing that painful stimulus from the arthritic joint to do did to the central nervous system: to help mitigat or decrease that pain to help you use to it so you can actually function better and yo better not take about as much is i'm trying to get some away from the opioid executive i get off the pill is disease options for you you it is the cdc recommends nonobese therapies including physical is a first- line and opioids as a second line is not that there need to get completely but if you using cdc recommends smallest dosage of the works and coupled with exercise and movement physical therapy right below alaska? you coming in here and told him about the month of october national physical therapy month what you doing as a as a as a group at your office to get the message up there about opioid and the overuse of ... ultimately that's whatever here to see you you and is will people be aware of is we want people know the you know it is a spotlight on national physical therapy month ... but just ... for painful conditions see your physical therapist first reach out to them first to see what w can do for you and see how much we can not just save you time and energy and stress want to providers ... put in in pain and then can you back to where you want to be we appreciate you both coming up which we had more time to discuss legal issues that we whether excellent the if you find out more information about advantage austere practic physical therapy there elizabet was green everyone by number website email address we appreciated everyone ... going to your physical therapist it is the right to do everyone a couple you got more wet and will cost after the break and entertainment using the other side of the break you're watching mid-day ken c1 3 are really the focus today. highs will only top out in the mid 50s. it will also be breezy throughout the day. tonight, we could still see an isolated shower, but mainly we will start to see drier weather heading into your wednesday. an isolated shower early wednesday is still possible with extra cloud cover. clouds will decrease through the day with highs only topping out in the low 50s. thursday will be dry with more sunshine and warming temperatures. highs thursday will top out in the low to mid 60s. temperatures by friday will warm into the mid to upper 60s with increasing clouds late in the day as well as a late chance for showers. another cold front will pass through giving us a scattered rain chance saturday. saturday's highs will drop thanks to the front and only settle into the mid 50s. it looks like we will hold on to 50s through early next week. the halloween weekend is going to be chilly so be sure to wear layers under your costume! welcome back.. time for what's poppin it appears the much anticipated 'sex and the city' sequel is not going to happen. in an interview with piers morgan...actress kim cattrall, known as samantha jones...says she was never friends with her co-stars. she clarified saying...."we've been colleagues and in some ways it's a very healthy place to be because then you have a clear line between your professional life and your personal." cattrall has been taking heat from fans who blame her for "sex and the city 3" movie being called off. rene zellweger isn't in kansas anymore. the actress is taking on the role of "wizard of oz" star judy garland in a new biopic named "judy." it takes place thirty years after that landmark film to chronicle a fragile garland -- exhausted from decades of dealing with personal demons. the story picks up in 19-68 as the singer is preparing for her final concerts in london. it will feature some her most famous songs including "somewhere over the rainbow"...and follow garland as she begins her romance with her fifth husband, mickey deans. a war drama film based on true events is set to premiere in theaters this week stars came out for the premiere of "thank you for your service" monday night. the film tells the story of a group of soldiers returning home after the war in iraq. it highlights post traumatic stress disorder and other struggles vets face as they readjust to civilian life. the film is based on a non-fiction novel of the same title. "little shop of horrors" is coming back to the big screen! the cult- classic musical- comedy fright flick, complete with a 23- minute ending sequence that was cut before the film hit cinemas in 19-86, is set to play special engagements at 600 u-s theaters, on sunday, october 29th... and halloween: tuesday, october 31st. as we all know...justin timberlake will be bringing sexy back to the halftime show in twenty eighteen...but will he be joined by janet jackson? after the wondered if timberlake would be bringing janet jackson with him...the answer is insider has said that jackson is not planning on performing with timberlake due to time conflicts with her tour. fans say janet jackson has been more scrutinized than timberlake since the two thousand four incident...this has brought upon a new hastag "# justice for janet" john stamos has proposed to his girlfriend...caitlin mchugh on sunday after an afternoon at disneyland...a rep told e news: stamos cut together a film of some of the most romantic moments in disney and pixar animation...the film ended with sebastian from the little mermaid telling john to "just ask the girl"...she said yes. after nearly a year...bethenny frankel's ex husband...jason hoppy...has reached a conclusion to his most recent legal battle with frankel... in a court hearing yesterday...hoppy agreed to a plea deal with certain rules that will result in the dismissal of the case within six months. hoppy must then stay away from frankels home and place of business and cannot communicate with her. stick around after the break we will be taking a look at some breath taking jewelry pieces kbz2ez16 zfz c1 3 while the mende kentucky lab fashion here on the jewelry that they bring in megan stewart from cantor scott you spend penrith got your first you belong he says and fingers that is so unique that will be embeddedness the concept behind it was actually this brand is nationwide that will satisfy the by kendra i would she's on bed rest with her first child and she started making these airings here so the boutique to bt never said no to a donation when a friend i and now we are and nationwide the i i was super excited about it so we have something for everyone honestly words array and i celebrated the point we have home got a we have nail lacquer and we have find joy you didn't bring back today that like diamonds in a w have something for everybody ... and just about every price range empathic know where you located here in lexington we are located in the time it next to jaybird james enterprise will be parker out so there's need options we have here the really, i this is the trend upcoming in the all right yes absolutely set is marketed there i'm great get also good will pick you up sometime and they are easily layer bull and you can wear the with shirts you can wear them time with bigger statement pieces their very popular ... they are super cute i mean really and what are these over on the far end over here to tel us about this piece of these are part as our best cancer awareness month initiative i'm we have two different types of earrings we have and these i necklaces are near lacquer and indeed adjustable break i they are highlighting injuries the and them they have a sliding closure that it makes really for the perfect you everybody i but the light injuries the pieces and when you purchase one will donate 20% of the sale to breas- cancer awareness and ... schizo research foundation i am great in addition will also get a piece of escort rate to women undergoing chemo ... and i this get things will be take ... place locally in two weeks all that is wonderful and beautiful pieces, one for salt also knowing that isolate ... their breast-cancer battle can get one as well my favorite art of kendra scott the color bar ... that is really cool talk to so the color bar is a place her store where you are able taxicab meister jewelry so you do is you pick a component the metal collar and you pick the stone that can go and so i'm i need this myself i wanted and every day i wear a lot of black wanted and every day blackie to kind of layer with the color the earrings as well if you would prefer to have let the marines down with gold on out i you can do that is we do it and store i takes probably under 10 minutes i i really good gift for the men watching for the they say you forgot on your own but you walk through what to do to home with the is options laid out at door that is that when people walk into the have dinner notice walk in the lien are we know you can do it online as well i recommen that women and on the phone take a screenshot when a have a good color combination and come to your and tried out and you like in person and having something about available you can come to story can look at our catalog h can play on her full-length i touchscreen my and in you can also play with the pieces in the and in person the i which is always nice i like to get you you will do about the need to out to that you offer to our birthday discount is an a well- known secret i guess you can had an and in other markets were ne to lexington and i have a great surprise will about a sickly you coming to us door that on an in person only come to the door within your birthday month show us your id you get half off lin item is estimated also and that's what i present a microphone to and 25% off of ou diamond okay is really going to sf i commented that coming in because they can use their to birthday discount as well and had the diamond i had something in every price range what about information on the screen gomer and checking out replaces nigel relief i to you you will be driving you give me the megan about the break we are learning to make and brussels sprouts application without ... c1 3 speaker 1: welcome back to midday kentucky. we are in the kitchen with miss allison davis. and we are working on kind of appetizer-type dish, meals, and dishes. so what do we have today? i see ... this was crazy, first of all. speaker 2: i'm going to beat her over the head with it. speaker 1: i know. seriously. speaker 2: or you beat your kids over the head with it. how about that? speaker 1: ooh. might use that one. speaker 2: no, so we're doing brussels sprouts. and i have so many people that come in our classes, and they say they never realized that brussels sprouts actually grow on a stalk. they just thought they came in a bag. speaker 1: i didn't know. i didn't know it either. i mean that's how they, you know, come. speaker 2: yeah. so we're working with brussels sprouts, and i found this recipe and i am just in love, because this is kind of, again, we're talking about these fall appetizers. speaker 1: uh-huh. speaker 2: i bet you'd have fun picking these off. speaker 1: i know. it's like wanting to pop the bubble wrap. you know the bubbles. it's like ... i want to do it. i want to do it. speaker 2: so, we're working on these fall appetizers, and i love this one. this one is going to be just these little nuggets, brussels sprout nuggets that are parmesan crusted, and they're breaded. speaker 1: yeah. speaker 2: and they're going to crisp up and just have like this parmesan, garlic like coating. speaker 1: yum. speaker 2: and then they're just crispy and so you can just have them. you can dip them with a little honey mustard or something. but just like lay them out and have them kind of a little appetizer with toothpicks. speaker 1: these are the kind of brussels sprouts i think i would want to eat, you know, when it's done up like this. speaker 2: believe it or not, it has been one of the most popular sides right now across the board. i can't hardly ... kroger doesn't even keep them in stock hardly because people, as soon as they're on the shelf they're buying them. cause i've had so many people just tell me how much they love brussels sprouts, because i think we're just figuring out how not to overcook them ... speaker 1: yeah. speaker 2: ... and that they do have great flavor. and kids love them. speaker 1: as long as they're done right. speaker 2: exactly. if they're super soft and mushy, then they start to take on that bad flavor. speaker 1: exactly. speaker 2: but, when they're cooked right, they're just great. so, what i'm doing right now is, i'm cutting off a little bit of the core so when you pull it off the stock especially, you want to make sure you don't get too much of that core. speaker 1: okay. speaker 2: right? speaker 1: and how many more do you need? do you need me to pick some? speaker 2: we're good. we're good. speaker 1: okay. speaker 2: so what we're going to do with this is, we're going to do what's called the three- step breading procedure. speaker 1: okay. speaker 2: so, i've got a little flour that i'll roll them in. then we'll go into some egg. and then we're going to season up our bread crumbs. so i'm going to add some parmesan grated. speaker 1: and this is just regular bread? speaker 2: it's panko bread crumbs, which is a japanese bread crumbs. speaker 1: okay. speaker 2: it has a little bit more texture to it. i like using it more often than any other type of bread crumb. speaker 1: gotcha. speaker 2: so we're going to add some salt and pepper. speaker 1: okay. speaker 2: and then we're going to add some cayenne. and i've got cayenne and a bit of granulated garlic there. so we're just going to kind of mix that in. speaker 1: all right. speaker 2: and that seasons it. and so this is kind of a messier job but i've got a sheet tray ready for our brussels sprouts to go into once we ... speaker 1: good. speaker 2: ... roll them and have them ready to go. speaker 1: the really messy jobs i've found sometimes taste really good. speaker 2: yeah. well they say, you know, if a chef's pretty messy in the kitchen that's a good thing sometimes. speaker 1: yeah. speaker 2: all right. it goes from the flour into the egg mixture. speaker 1: okay. speaker 2: and then we're going to roll that into our parmesan mixture. right? speaker 1: all right. yum. speaker 2: and so then that is basically all that we're going to do. and then we're going to put this in the oven at about 375. speaker 1: okay. speaker 2: and allow these to brown. and, once your bread crumbs are nice and brown and crispy, especially when you've got smaller ones like this, it's really ideal because your texture of your brussels sprouts is going to be cooked all the way through and just be perfect. speaker 1: awesome. speaker 2: do you ever serve brussels sprouts at home? speaker 1: i don't. my mother-in-law does for thanksgiving though. she's done that. and my mom actually used to make brussels sprouts too, but hers kind of didn't have that good flavor. speaker 2: hope she's not watching. speaker 1: no. but she tried really hard though with it. i think she kind of liked them and so that's why she kept doing them. but, you know, i've always looked for good, healthy recipes that i can try to doing. speaker 2: i can't imagine kids not enjoying this too. speaker 1: yeah. speaker 2: so i do have some that are ready. so i'm going to finish a few more of these up ... speaker 1: all right. speaker 2: ... and then i'll bring those over for us to take a look at. speaker 1: okay. sounds good. speaker 2: yeah, i know you're not going to get those good nails up in here. speaker 1: i'll do it if you need me to. speaker 2: no, no, no. we'll do one more and then ... like i said though, thinking about once these come out of the oven, how you could serve these up. i mean, you could just serve these as like a little appetizer. or you could serve these on the side with a meal. speaker 1: yeah. speaker 2: and then we could also talk about even making like some dipping sauces. speaker 1: right, right. speaker 2: whether you like sriracha. speaker 1: yeah, dijon type of thing. speaker 2: or honey dijon, or something like that. speaker 1: okay, gotcha. speaker 2: so we'll pop these in the oven. speaker 1: all right. sounds good. well, for this recipe and many other recipes, head over to our website at kentucky, or you could head over to allison's website at you can also find her on instagram too under chef allison davis, and we will be right back right after this short break. speaker 2: and take a look at those. speaker 1: yes. they look beautiful! i love it. speaker 2: aren't they great? speaker 1: yeah. welcome back to midday kentucky have you been thinkning that you c1 3 covering and just dont know where to start and lets be real it can be very over whelming.... well this is carrie from carpet one and she is going to help us walk throught he process. welcome to c1 3 when the abuse who knew that kerry was coming on so david an stephen a big shout out some great visibility watching mid- day kentucky david i case a whe we talk when it comes to flow every overtop one if where time retarded workout with what we do what step one okay step one is to come on in carpet exactly right and we are full-service or covering you we have tile hardwood area rugs of course carpet which is in our name you ... hardwood and waterproof flooring for terry the will we waypoint is doing with this is it's so overwhelming okay and people is sitting in the watching the simental ... tables i just didn't know what to do do usages bringing in ids like tearout pictures from magazines or something along the lines of photographing the room ... that photographing around the i found it really helped to evil can really take a picture of th room they can bring it in they can bring average samples eight samples if they come in with information in regards to their project or what their house looks like you it really helps us ... put together ideas for them and really give them information ... and we can also talk to them about their lifestyle ... having people live in their house those type he is especially you need it you to remain little yetis i know that spoke about some of the conference that we have up you today this is some of the things that you'll see coming through for the now definitely is a we talking more will i we talking mole, the hide type of flooring when it comes to carpets well the majority of these products here are what we can use to mak area rugs we can custom size area rugs in house they can also be and called wall-to-wall these are some of our better selling pieces patterns and text on you abusing this is the rock isn't that beautiful love it ... on this is custom-made so you can bring into colors and we ca change the pattern in any of th colors in the make it i'm just is your what the turnaround for something turnaround that is about 12 we while the major did no you did the defendant has is acting okay and what about thes up either looking at of these are some nice geometric again a lot of ink that we use for area rugs and their runners your home with hard surface flooring growing ... you know people are putting hardwood and tile all over thei homes were doing tons and tons of customer okay so with the rugs you decided you can custom make them that you will visit florida floor you tell someone they say they see something like this and go hold on it's not best to do this in the whole do poor people back sometimes of course is people they want you to do that if they're making the wrong this action because they don't know that's what you know jv you we know for some people might differ about i might not multivalued and i don't if you people you on our icard i think you look talk about the hide you you well summits mossad i see that beautiful green tile turquoise is absolutely stunning yes that is a subway tile you on subway tieless ... probably the biggest trend in childhood to say it is the tren the old behavior dtv is everywhere you know we have different manufacturers that of done a little twist as far as ... things in different colors and to that one is killed down there on the floor and also comes in couple different ... white tans grades and it looks like a hand-painted was hardly hand-painted so it's can give a nice different was the one beside it i just so the uniform is take type will with the assistance like flowers or the is that marble in and athol custom cut to what we can do as we can and ... all that for someone on their bathroom floor kitchen floor we can do a marble border around you ... is a really nice and ... the to ask you do you have tradespeople siliceous i i come in on a city kerry these of the tiles i want not only do you so the producer installed we do installation on everything we sell except for tile okay i'll is a very very best allies to product ... and most of the general contractors in town when they'r doing a bathroom or kitchen remodel ... will package the tile and elation with i do they have recommendations you use we definitely do what i think is important the of the recommended by you baby people to use a terry think is a much we you beautiful find out more information about topic one their goal is up on your screen going to the showroom everyone owes there a few weeks you doin something the jdk it is a huge showroom lots going on that wil be right back up to the show break everyone you watching mid- c1 3 sweaty, and thirsty? well, try doing it in the south florida summer sun while wearing a full nun's habit. that's the undertaking that made sister margaret ann of miami a minor celebrity. and like other celebrities -- she's now got a product in her name -- a beer in fact... perfect for quenching your thirst after yard work. "nun with a chainsaw" pale ale takes its name from the images of the sister slicing through debris in the wake of hurricane irma. the video raised spirits and a few eyebrows when it went viral... and now people are raising glasses full of the nun's namesake brew. due south brewing company released "nun with a chainsaw" on friday - in draft and 16- ounce cans

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