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EKG Golf - Inside Aspen Athletics on Merle Hay Rd

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EKG Golf - Inside Aspen Athletics on Merle Hay Rd Video: EKG Golf - Inside Aspen Athletics on Merle Hay Rd
EKG Golf - Inside Aspen Athletics on Merle Hay Rd Tue, 07 Nov 2017 15:31:43 +0000 EKG Golf - Inside Aspen Athletics on Merle Hay Rd EKG Golf - Inside Aspen Athletics on Merle Hay Rd WOI moines. live from the karl chevrolet studios inwest demoines, this is cw iowa live . >> good morning everyone. it is 9:31might not. welcome back to cw iowa live. lou and jackie here . although temperatures are starting to get a little on the cooler side people are still thinking warm weather sports because golfing is in the blood of a lot of folks.>> who teasing this yesterday with the chillier temperatures we will talk about bob this morning. we are doing that with something veryunique you probably have not heard up and it is called e kg . let's talk about this. we have joining us bow, jim and wyatt are hanging out this morning. what is ekg? >> about you are there general manager you probably have the. >> is where you are in the game of golf. you have a lot of golfers out there that play every single day and it's more about finding how can we improve our game of golf. is where your heart, joint approval, want to play better come to ekg golf. it is that kind of ekg with a heart. >> same idea. anything ekg you like wait a minute that is golf. there is a connection there. first of all where is it located? >> we are located inside of athletic clubs. >> you are. >> is the one on merle hay road so 4349 directly as you commitment went off to the left. ekg golf. >> so tell you to go outside in the wintertime we are single inside. >> is that how the idea came about in the wintertime about people dropping. just improving themselves >> the biggest thing you have longview golf clubs that was the big dumb over in grams . winter that closed jason davis the owner of ekg golf it was his idea of we need to a place to play golf but help make it any different than any other similar. you have a lot of similars out there that you can go in, maybe it's a person let's make our game better throughout the actual wintertime. normally we take our clubs and whittle them in the basement. >> ago and that basement box we are done. i just worked on all those things throughout that summer and now i am done. >> what happens to your muscle memory then? >>we lose it . >> ribbon expert to talk about that. >> we are focusing on health aspect of golf as well correct. >> yes. very much so. we always start everybody which is an initial physical assessment so the 16 point physical assessment that the perform institute develop. we do that before we take any swings. gives us a great sense of what kinds of movement patterns you are having throughout the whole body had to tell. jimmy payne, jeff discomfort, anything like that? from there we can get a sense of do they need todevelop a fitness program that we can alleviate some of these faulty movement patterns or doing some golf specific rehabilitation somewhere on that medical sign . else to do in sf ma medical bias is an 82 point screening. it's very. >> how long does that take? >> kind of berries. is actually got a top tier from the top tier is seven top tests people those are more broad and depending on what top two tests you fail we will do breakouts. most of the time nobody is doing the full 82. three to the 482 it will take a while. anywhere in the 45 minute range. >> what can you learn about that from someone if they do complete the majority of those tests? he worked on muscle growth? >> exactly. that top tier is very broad and that those breakouts are letting me determine what specific muscles or ligaments or any movement patterns are faulty. the kind of deficiencies do we have and then i can develop a specific rehabilitation program that is very much individualized and will allow me to help you correct these deficiencies. >> how about that. maybe if you're pulling out to the left is not your fault if you have a muscle deficiency needto build up your muscle. >> often times where people do not realize is often times say we have hip pain, that might not necessarily be the origin of the problem . just because the pain is in the hip and may not be the actual source of that pain. that fma is allowing us to dive a little deeper and find the source because without knowing the source we will not alleviate that issue. just because maybe we can clean up the pain a little bit often times it will return because that source of pain is still working incorrectly. >> justhave a good foundation. >> obviously some experts are ready to help you out with your game of golf. who is it perfect for? that individual happens to be hang out at the gym and enjoys the sport for kids, groups , who should be doing it? >> we are working from beginners all the way to professionals. if you are a beginner that is a great time to work with somebody in the way we would like to develop them so the proper way we can get them started right away and then keep moving on forward. >> that is where jean comes into play because you are the headman when it comes to instruction. we are talking about maybe correcting some muscle groups that need of more work in you able to tell them how they can correct their swing. >> correct people that is my job. work on the mechanics of the swing. i have been doing this for a while, about 30 years. this has been a really unique situation for me. has been entirely different from what i am doing before you go i have always taught but with a student many times i would get in a situation where i was asking the student to try to do something they simply could not do it. >> they physically went to go to a work around. how do we adapt that swing to this efficiency. now that student has a choice. we can either do that work around figure out how to work through the deficiencies or they can go see bo or wyatt and maybe alleviate some of that deficiency people that would be better practices that make your job harder or there is a. >> fareasier. >> for easier. i do not have to beat my head against the wall trying to get somebody to do something they cannot do anymore. >> they physically can't do. >> got a way to solve that problem. >> that must be very gratifying to see how you can correct somebody's swing and know it's in a positive manner . >> is the onething that people get hung up on that most when it comes to golf or is it individualized sport surveys different.>> everybody is a little bit different . >> was the one restricting people mess up that most? >> one basic thing is everybody seems to slice the golf ball when they start out. >> not supposed to do that? >> no buteverybody does. the oldadage is you start the first part of your doctorate you golf ball and you try to learn how to hook it . after you hook it you spent the rest of your life trying not to . [laughter] >> there you go. we know a lot of people around the area enjoy this sport and they did not want to put their golf clubs away now they do not have to and can improve their game from little ones all the way to adults over the winter season. how to get involved with ekg golf ? do we show up to the gym, go to a special website, how does it work? >> leadership to the site where you can reach us at ekg can also email myself [email protected] we would love for you to stop in and see our facility. if you want to hit a few shot bring your clubs. get afeel for our similars. >> what kind of classics or clinics you have? >> with jr. clinics . right now we have jr. clinics on saturday so they do a 45 minute session of tj instruction and fromthere there you go on to fitness . fitness is run them around, we are to two different jumping biometrics. any type of cardiovascular committee thing that reload release the gospel. jr. clinics or grape your class twice maybe three or challenge that we are doing right now slept about seven weeks in. earlier challenged every chance to win a titlestripe . is something they will benefit in their golf game and then come springtime i got a brand-new driver. we are doing business. we have possibility classes, cardio classes, strength classes, plyometrics. >> performance studio you can work with any kind rotations per, golf, tennis basketball baseball bowling anything like that. stop and was location again? >> right side of the club 4349 haight road. stop in and seeus. >> fantastic. nice to see

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