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Table Talk - Me 2 Backlash 12-5

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Table Talk - Me 2 Backlash 12-5 Video: Table Talk - Me 2 Backlash 12-5
Table Talk - Me 2 Backlash 12-5 Tue, 05 Dec 2017 17:01:09 +0000 Table Talk - Me 2 Backlash 12-5 Table Talk - Me 2 Backlash 12-5 WTVQ Lexington, KY for the holidays this is midday kentucky good afternoon... and thanks for joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 facebook coo...sheryl worried that the "# c1 3 i like to a single day kentucky this morning to wake up and realize i didn't have a number one know i needed you the hey i just wanted to say from yesterday showed ... his apology you want i was not and everyone here at this they should make such a big do about my birthday and ... i decided to shut up to dusty ... sam out to produces and also all the wonderful intern set to the reading pulled together did a good job of course you two as well but it was special but i was thinking back about it last night and i just felt i didn't think everyone enough on the show yes i and others would say it was great and some pretty amazing to the i'm sure you are a so and i just wanted to set this with you ... okay this is the basket i've ever received from emily wanted to meet superhot alternate all oppositely grabbed the camera three on she told she bought this from ages diffs stole okay and what happens is when men perspire we become very shiny one camera matter women up to you and especially poorly with makeup but he's at the end bring this up against will go to the shop at the donald fan people that is you i fired so i suggest and myself commercial breaks and never gets shiny gray is the best will you can do to anybody that i love the made th i will is really all that together with they do i i asked michael what the you what will you show do you so emily one out of i really you'll almost make you to one point ... one i you like you were to you is you told me going to how you is not told about the week double double the tickets probably off i ended up not going and i decided to give the to emily one so i said to the sporting which comes because it love how with a c+ niacin you know showing to take this with she was forthright ticket will will is gone but anyway, i will tell you go about this particular topic is a books up they spoke coo joe sandberg is worried that the me to move but michael is a classic is women in the length the message on facebook simply broke about her own experiences with harassment including a handle my leg under the table at a meeting married men offering korea buys alone late at night and most lovingly a metadata conference a came to late at night and damaged and banged on the dole until she cold security i she went on to say that she you that the me to movement could be an issue when it comes to women being employed and this is always bee my old as well since this has been escalated know what say an old white feel that women should speak up because they showed right and men should know bette the work ... but i feel that because this is happening and she is no come out set it as well does it's maybe individual work environment now or does it make maybe make women less healing to all you at the were in the workforce raising ongoing to men whether they learn the lesson will not i take this will continue to happen right on som level so do cios and cfos in an ceos somehow go will little hightailing she's ago and you know she might you not put a case against the company wanted the i know what i thought the same thing when okay did i wondered about this to all when this whole movement started but not to that extreme i guess i just i was concerned know at the level about women being hired it ... into employment if there at they think at all that there could b a lawsuit you know if anybody would be attracted lepers and then all of a sudden there be problems along absolutely i think it could hinder women being hired assuming that amanda is hiring you notice a lot women we need more women eos made women in management right think this movement is creating that type of environment so you think that is a risk arrest that comes about when you're an advocate for any part of change it at a racial divide is a sexual divide i think maybe tak us and fun something honestly an employer could not believe that i like to think that that's the exception not will you i know a lot of come these are certain is that they want to like that for them because you chose your moral standing and things like that so nice for cheryl sandber to the gallaudet to bring awareness ... to the potential backlash but i do think with me to movement there's so much work good being done and the possible negative on monday so been a kinda changes the culture in the work right i will i think it is changing it was an interesting article i think was today told about matt lauer and you active sexual toys obesity had in the office will his therapist come out and said she david to him to help spies appease marriage lockey was asking her for it an its interest how the media can twist certain things i'm offended easing the hasn't done anything wrong you put up it wa an interesting point that you agree that this more good than bad happening the environment is changing the book makes me nervous we go into your topic about katie is you know the soft christmas party we talk about i have to be honest with you i'm i allowed to touch your hand alarm at work is a man right now you we know about interested in women it's still pretty open as possible the like to deceive liability. into this is that were talking about it you touch my arm and i didn't like that you not only betide a not is bound to attachmate and make a comment of segments mild you want to be on that like implyin that i don't reciprocate i'm not on the segment tomorrow for i'm you worksite where harassment is and is all the unwanted and composition in using your power work if you were to say to all returns were talk about oh had to be at this hotel tomorrow begin my favorite intern for admit that's harassment because your leveraging your powers can be repeated you the sunday interesting that i thought holiday parties like you and troy on there is that informal that he done say that 40% less companies will be serving alcohol at the company parties kids are worried about was behavior and potential classroo that know i really like this because i think that just because someone has alcohol you're suddenly going to assaul or someone acting out that you were doing with alcohol i i fear are already behaving that way and set up to solve the issue is the alcoholism you and harass you're probably doing already at work and also at the you know i don't think the changes you morally but i i do like companies. away from the hard alcohol just ... campaigner wine for lunch you know christmas party you know just interview that apple i just think there needs to be more open dialogue the party thinkin happens make someone come you should everyone be punished right when you know what i mean i worked for a pharmaceutical company for 12 years and might very first year they had a company party where alcohol was provided on after that year they immediately stopped serving alcohol at all corporate event like that and it was because of the behavior that was file from that titular incident and show your moral standards you that the company needs to lead with you ... know one of the first companies that didn't enable but put the scenario to let's just say we'll go up and you take out team for mid-day kentucky and things get out of hand when not in the company party but will work only ... and celexa say what about produces full made pastas at you is that sexual harassment under the workplace if fennec continues in the workplace righ run is dropped to just again nothing you would just become light of just in the very muddy area right i think ... everyone is feeling very i think they are to sell black and white you did not how to behave i think that know somebody these people of minute alone that was harassment i didn't know it jus blows my mind think a lot of the so obvious you don't touch her female coworkers don't do either email proposition your power to help them get ahead i don't know list for me desales ... to touch you mild you you right you female just don't do it in the late you will know i think if someone even only next the path that a woman we have a voice we need to use the you we need to speak of you and right think that we i think what i like about this movement that can make us less fearful of doing today is is she on the right i think so i think if i you go through evolution okay guys to show you you decide.libby told god that excuse me for saying that, i just this is absolutely crazy a bunch of guys these are photos of them on the work environment because the you this is not photoshop people this is people using people as a lot of is ingenuity right there i like this is the reason why women shouldn't be deleted apparently ready for this month this is man staring at each others shoulders fixing a telegraaf table cold-air funnel golfball woody: you electric ball powerline now hello is this is of the craziest thing you've ever seen i tell you his number three an excavator operating at on the cliff face say is always why cannot tell you to get to ski field the new zealand you drive around the edge of the mountain one-way if abbas or anything comes you literally have to backup you said about how others in peru and i okay i'll be the of work been holding onto m patty will is working on the side can see the i be standing on the life i i care is like there but menu will i think is the next. welding that is blocking the is aflame. to the get to all talk about safety you will the people on their shoulders during the latter can you hear what the some your people being hurt jus on one lotter one matter what during the christmas lights and video danger avenue i you doing like i told you the bottom be pretty areas them up and we did the 600 pound on know if more my you think about the for second crazy and you you extol you you are bidding on the bottom of the top though will you about land get together go you know if one to sweetie you to library for a while that powerline you told him no and are you doing this is to the will of interesting christmas let for adult what you about them and i can't you years ago like that everyone on the tray whatever your heart desires anything christmas let's what they want for christmas the parent actually happened to be at work two years ago i asked, coworkers is not here coworker you you like working on my christmas is) is 31 years old: two yes you and was a really long lexington and i i the debate should give you if someone would give you a gift you get unless they can get you something you really like the registrar is registered for you you are getting it from someone you find it surprising a person with something think they like right and then what you want to spend the amount of what the requested registry front but then again i would beautiful photo gift which is the is will you is appropriate adult what i to be honest with you i might have is because the mother is sitting goldman you you the lis to ... people who want to buy something like you will like they were here if they would me know what i would like a couple i like i never something that will be on like that come christmas on so the old deeply gives you are joining the client right and you remember hotshots right so i have a lot of you so in the budget study giving them the registry list you can pick with you will and i wouldn't you intend only to automate is did much the same thing you had also will will is emily can bogle is up next talking about a very bogle christmas is and how you can donate later in the shyly stopped took a trip out to peggy's where we will is to check out what they have to up for christmas

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