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Peggy's Gifts & Accessories - Holiday Gift Ideas

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Still battling your way through Christmas Lists? We've got gift ideas from Peggy's Gifts. Video: Peggy's Gifts & Accessories - Holiday Gift Ideas
Still battling your way through Christmas Lists? We've got gift ideas from Peggy's Gifts. Tue, 05 Dec 2017 17:49:23 +0000 Peggy's Gifts & Accessories - Holiday Gift Ideas Still battling your way through Christmas Lists? We've got gift ideas from Peggy's Gifts. WTVQ Lexington, KY c1 3 peggy's gifts and accessories and i'm here with peggy queen, who is the owner. thank you so much for having us today. peggy queen: thanks so much for coming to see us. speaker 1: oh, we love your shop so much. peggy queen: oh, thank you. speaker 1: it's so beautiful. i was so excited that we got to shoot a segment here today, because it's just so beautiful. you have it decorated so nice for the holidays and everything. peggy queen: oh, thank you. we've had a lot of fun with it. speaker 1: ah. now how long have you been here on this location? peggy queen: 27 years. speaker 1: 27 years? peggy queen: yeah. started in 1990. speaker 1: wow. and you started off in a smaller section of the building and then you just kept expanding, right? peggy queen: yeah, so we started at a quarter of the building, we went to half, then up and now my people think we need a third floor, fourth floor or, you know, about too much. it's just ... it's packed. packed with inventory. speaker 1: that's awesome. we're going to be talking about today gifts for her, so if you have last-minute christmas gift ideas, this might be a really good time to come on down to peggy's and take a look at what she has. okay, so let's talk about some of the items that you have, peggy. peggy queen: all right. we've gotten these fabulous pajamas in. we love them. they've got pockets, they're so cozy. speaker 1: these are so adorable. peggy queen: aren't they cute? speaker 1: look at this. i love it. peggy queen: as you can see they have little dogs. . speaker 1: what brand is this? peggy queen: it's pj salvage. speaker 1: okay. and they're so super warm and cozy. peggy queen: so cozy. speaker 1: i'm afraid i'll put these on after work and never jump out of them. peggy queen: i do. that's exactly what i do. every day when i get home, because you got a cell phone pocket. you're good to go. speaker 1: exactly. but they have all kinds of different designs with it and everything. they are so cute. peggy queen: mm-hmm . it's fabulous. speaker 1: yeah. peggy queen: very pretty. speaker 1: oh, how cute. they have the eiffel tower and all these different travel locations. how cute. now what else do we have? grab these pans and i thought these were really a neat idea. peggy queen: theses have been some of the best selling things we have in store this year. it's a new item. it has a c1 3 disposable pan that you cook in, but you still look good going to your location or as a gift it's nice too. then you're baking cookies or something to take to a family and we personalize them. they've been a super hit. speaker 1: oh, you personalize these too? peggy queen: mm-hmm . we have names or we can put whatever you like on them. speaker 1: how adorable. peggy queen: a monogram. speaker 1: now you have other gifts too that you can personalize as well, correct? peggy queen: we love to personalize. you can't really see the ornaments. we have lots upstairs, but they- speaker 1: oh, super cute. peggy queen: we've got some fabulous artists that do all the personalization. this is a baby's first christmas ornament with the baby's name and the date. and then there's another ornament that i love. they're photo ornaments, so all you do is give us a photo and then we have an artist that turns it into a keepsake ornament. just $15 . speaker 1: awesome. yeah. the picture is not inside this or anything. peggy queen: no. speaker 1: it's actually kind of embezzled right onto that. peggy queen: i don't know how they do it. speaker 1: yeah. peggy queen: but we don't ask questions. we just love them. yes, that's been super. speaker 1: well, it's super cute, yeah. that is really nice. and you also have these awesome clutches too. tell us about these. peggy queen: one of our favorite new things. they're all leather or cow hide with individual stones for any fashionista in your life. speaker 1: so pretty. look at that. peggy queen: would love these clutches. and it has a strap also, so if you prefer a shoulder bag. speaker 1: oh my gosh. these are so adorable. now not only do you have all of these awesome accessories in here, but we also have jewelry in here, so let's take a look. peggy queen: . speaker 1: oh, excuse me, sweety. we're running over each other trying to get in here. okay. now first we have the earrings over here. these are super cute. peggy queen: we try to have lots of different price ranges and looks. tassels are very popular, natural stones are great. speaker 1: yeah. peggy queen: so that's- speaker 1: that is fantastic. peggy queen: for lots of ladies. speaker 1: and now you also have these really cute cards. tell us about this. i thought this was really cute. peggy queen: love this. we had an artist do a map of lexington for us. she said, "just name some of your favorite things," so i did and boom, she just came right up with that. speaker 1: and she just drew that up? peggy queen: yes. speaker 1: oh, that's so awesome. we also have these awesome jewelry pieces over here, but these are really unique. tell us about these little necklaces and- peggy queen: well, you say it in morse code, so nobody knows what you're wearing, because it's just like a pretty piece of jewelry. speaker 1: yeah. peggy queen: but it's a word in morse code or a phrase. speaker 1: i think that is the coolest thing. i really do. this one says kentucky, right? peggy queen: mm-hmm . exactly. . speaker 1: but it's all in morse code. peggy queen: exactly. speaker 1: and then you have blessed. you have all these awesome say ... i love that. i think that is really unique. peggy queen: it has been a big hit. speaker 1: okay, and then you have this other room. i'm taking everybody on a tour, because that's just what i'm going to do. but she also has all this incredible clothing in this room as well. all kinds of casual or dressy wear as well. i mean look how cute. adorable, adorable vest, snugly warm. everything is so unique. that's what i love about your shop is how unique everything is. you don't typically see these out in the stores, do you? peggy queen: well, we try not and i don't buy many of each item either as far as the clothing goes, so you hopefully won't see yourself coming and going. speaker 1: right. peggy queen: and we try to stick to a really good price range, well under a $100, so it's not a huge investment. you can look really cute, be on trend and not have a huge investment. speaker 1: well peggy, we love your shop here and if you are looking for a last-minute gift, come on down to peggy's right here on clays avenue. and we will be right back right after this short break. keep it right here. look how adorable. peggy queen: sexy. speaker 1: really? love it. welcome back... talk about snoozing on the job....a man named alex bowen decided to get some food from a waffle house after a long night out....he was craving a bacon cheesesteak dish but heres the catch...he had to make it himself because all of the workers were asleep! after a long night out, many weary partygoers might grab a slice of pizza or try to reheat leftovers in an attempt to satisfy any late night cravings and soak up that booze. but one diner fan went to pretty extreme measures to get exactly what he wanted from one of his favorite restaurants. after a recent night out with friends, alex bowen, a former army medic from west columbia, south carolina, says he was craving a bacon cheesesteak from waffle house. the diner is open 24/7 so bowen didn't think he'd have any trouble filling his order. but when he got to the restaurant, bowen says he couldn't get any service. "when i entered, i was surprised to find no one inside and waited for about 10 minutes, no one came, so i walked outside and looked around, still no one, when i went back inside i noticed an employee sleeping!" bowen told today food. so the hungry patron decided to take matters into his own hands - literally. he went back to the kitchen and decided to whip up his very own late night snack. bowen, who says he has never taken it upon himself to enter an unmanned kitchen at a restaurant before, told today that he had some experience working in industrial kitchens

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