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WHEN YOU VISIT ANOTHER CITY DO YOU EVER WONDER WHERE TO TURN IF YOU HAVE ANY DOWNTIME? Wed, 06 Dec 2017 15:00:00 +0000 LML: LITE MEMPHIS WHEN YOU VISIT ANOTHER CITY DO YOU EVER WONDER WHERE TO TURN IF YOU HAVE ANY DOWNTIME? WATN real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning local 24 in high definition. this is local memphis live. now, here is your host, amy speropoulos. >>amy: we have got a great show for you today. our first guest i want to pose a question for you to get they can help you when you visit another city. if you ever wonder where to turn when you have downtime or before you take that vacation how can you find folks in your community to help take your company to the next level when it comes to advertising and public relations. these are just juniors in schools, one of them is from white station and one is homeschooled. they both can answer those questions i just asked. it is their pitch from let's innovate through education. they are hoping to make the pitch to local businesses. say good morning to our star students, jamaal mohammed and brandon lomax. i am going to start with jamaal, and i want you to tell us about your business and what it is called and how you got to the point where you are at today. >> my business is an app that is for tourists traveling into memphis. it helps you find all the local shops, businesses that don't get popularized enough. a lot of big businesses like graceland, national civil rights museum and hill street, for example this is a safe haven so it helps them to find it is neat because the business is called tourist detective. >> detective. >>amy: and when folks come into town or even if they have been here for a long time, some of those things they may not know about it so it is providing an avenue for these businesses that aren't as talked about maybe. >> yes, ma'am. >>amy: say i was visiting methods for the first time memphis for the first time. how would i go about getting information. >> you would go to the app store and download the app. >>amy: okay. >> you start of the apps and then you can see list of businesses and they can be categorized. it has different sections to wear if you want to see different restaurants, bars, movies and those things. >>amy: you have done the homework for us. >> yes. >>amy: branding, tell us how your business works works my business is called film for good. >>amy: tell us what that is going to provide. >> it provides commercials for small business owners here in memphis and it provides a charity outlet and a way for teams get to get active in the city. >>amy: this is for aspiring actors and actresses and things? >> yes and also directors and it is all to help the memphis community. >>amy: why was that the reasoning for your business? do you have actors or actresses or directors in your life or circle of friends? >> personally i want to be a director. >>amy: okay. >> a couple years ago i tried to start my own the production company. >>amy: the recall. >> i had no idea how to advertise for it and get people interested. over the next couple years i try to do my homework and figure out some advertising strategies and worked with a bunch of people to help me figure out how advertising will work and that led to this. >>amy: every cool. that is awesome. jamaal, coming back two years, how has this program helped with getting your business out there and really getting a platform for you to tell folks about your business? >>, they helped me tremendously. there were several different people and the city of memphis who know a lot about the city. >>amy: right. >> they helped me figure out where to start, and they helped me a lot and introduced me to people and told me this is the way to go about it. >>amy: and the funding i would imagine is key also because the bottom line is if you don't have funding, you don't have a business. so they help in that manner, brandon, don't you think? >> they have given me and jamaal about $1000 each and it was helpful. >>amy: i am going to brag on these two gentlemen because they are too of among a lot of students that applied for the program. you guys will go on to pitch your ideas and you are part of >>amy: what is the next step? >> tomorrow we are going to have pitch night for all of our finalists, and seven people who got the most votes including me and jamaal to go on stage and pitch to a bunch of investors and community leaders and try to get our ideas afloat. >>amy: kind of like short take think?le bit? >> i am very excited. this whole class we been going to building up to this. i am excited. >>amy: any parting words this morning? >> thanks to everybody and go pitch night. >>amy: go pitch night and i would say maybe a parting word is support people like jamaal mohammed and randy lomax. we want to support these young men and women involved in events like this particularly when it comes to life matters and pitch night. we want them to stay here in the 901, and we want to use their businesses in the future. brandon, thank you for joining us. them all, thank you. night. if you would like to get your kids involved in pitch night or you are an entrepreneur and want to support pitch night and all the folks at men and women, like memphis let's innovate through education. i am sure they would love to talk to you. all of his folks at like memphis would love to talk to you. will you guys let us know what happens? >> of course we will. >>amy: i can't wait. and when you get that aspiring business going, i want you to come back on the show and let us know how we can get involved sure thing. >>amy: coming up, if you are still get shopping for your family and friends, he will guide you to the best items guaranteed to warm their heart. >> and preparing our young people for the future just like like memphis is doing, the city of memphis is doing as well through their ambassador and employee program. it is open registration, and you can get your kids involved right now. >> rigging literacy to your little ones. you can ever start to early. we are live at the library's newest discovery read center ahead

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