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Kelly Clarkson Physical and Emotional Health

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Kelly Clarkson Physical and Emotional Health Video: Kelly Clarkson Physical and Emotional Health
Kelly Clarkson Physical and Emotional Health Tue, 24 Oct 2017 15:00:55 +0000 Kelly Clarkson Physical and Emotional Health Kelly Clarkson Physical and Emotional Health KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City now on good things utah. >> and good morning, everybody, happy tuesday, thank you for watching good things utah, it is beautiful out there this morning but it is cool in the morning and warmer in the afternoon, what is it in l.a. today, 98 degrees. >> is it really? >> oh my gosh, i want to be there, hottest start to a world series game in history. >> without do you want to win? >> dodgers? do i know who is playing. >> houston. >> yeah, i want houston to win. >> they have had not a great couple of months or weeks, so it would be fies. >> they just beat the yankees, so they have had a couple-- you mean the whole-- houston the city. >> the city, it would be nice for the city, i have yankee friends that probably don't want the astras. >> i have yankee friends too, they are mad at me. >> you know the lowdown and everything. >> i go-- without is playing we do there is someone we know and love is in los angeles. we'll have to ask brian when he is back here tomorrow how he weathered the heat sitting in the front row tans dancing with the stars. >> i saw a picture last night. >> marcia, that owns madison mccord texted me and said i just saw bin in the audience, how exciting. >> that wasn't planned. brian didn't tell us that. >> no. >> all of a sudden it pops up on his instagram.-what the heck. >> is he back tomorrow. >> yes, someone asked if he das dating lindsey sterlingness she is married. >> i feel like she just broke up with someone, with a broi friend, didn't she? >> i done know. >> facebook pea and let me know. >> should you date her if they is available. >> maybe. >> if she is available, for sure. >> does brian know how to dance? >> we have to get him dancing. >> remember that promo shoot. >> no, but he does know how to date. >> he doesment he's the best dater ever. >> he totally is. i wish brian was here to weigh in on this because he doesn't have any kids, like i do. the two of you do and i want to pick your brain a little bit about if you knew you were ready when you started to have them. so a really interesting article, by a marriage an family therapist who is pretty renowned, well-known, breaks down a few different questions that you should ask yourself if you are starting to think about it or if you are not so sure, if you want them. so the firs question she says is obvious, but do you actually want kids. she says you need to take a break, block everybody else out for a minute and there is a difference between do you want kids and do you want to want kids. right? what do you mean. >> there is a lot of wants. >> so there is a difference between do i actually want them, you are pausing to really reflect on that, independent of what everybody else thinks. maybe societial nrm or what is going on culturally or what you think are you supposed to do. or do i just want to want kids. >> like i want to want them, i just don't actually want them. >> like is it the pressure. >> is it the pressure, do you want to want them or do you want them. >> gosh, i think, i remember making that decision together of let's try. >> did you want to try before matthew did or vice versa. >> no, path u wanted to have babies before i did. >> that's funny. >> i don't think scott did until i kept pushing it longer. >> scott still doesn't want kids. >> he is like are we having kids, yes, they are teenagers, yes, we did have those. i think it was him at the end. i turned 28 and he said are we doing this? like are we-- are we going to do this. and i-- kim cat rel did an interview saying she was so busy with her career thinking when i am dn with this job, when i get this done, when i do this. i turned around and i was in my 50s and i said i'm not doing this you no. she said i look back, do i regret it or was this my path. i don't know. but she said i kept putting it off until my chance kind of went out the window. >> it is interesting because i feel like that brings us to the next one which is am i waiting for some kind of sign am i feel like i tend to do that. i will think, in fact my husband is not happy with may because first it was five years into our marriage we'll have kids, then next okay let's get into our careers and get established then we'll have kids. i said i want to travel europe and so then maybe after that i will feel ready to have kids. and then it was now, we need a house. so am i looking for a sign, am i looking for some kind of magical feeling of like a maternal something that makes me want them. >> you just got your house, are you out of excuses. >> out of excuses. >> it is life changing frk there are things you want to do, obviously you can do things with kids, if you want to do things, you should do them. because you are still young. >> but everyone will give you a different opinion. like we were a little bit older. >> people have babies at 20 will say look at me, now i'm 38. >> that was pie mom. >> and i can do whatever i want. >> she had me at that age and we are best friends because we are only 20 years apart. i thought it was an interesting. >> your husband wants kids now and are you like give me a second. >> i don't know now but he wants to talk about it nowment and i feel like he's going to be more like ready before i am. so anyway, it's kind of interesting. the last one i wanted to throw out there is this one, and it is what conditions would i need to have met. so there are some that they say yeah, meab i'm a little excessive with wanting it trfl and get a house. not all of those have to be metment but there are things. >> you have baby clothes in a drawer. >> i know. >> you are thinking about it she showed us. >> do i want kids or do i want to buy kid's clothes. >> you want to buy clothes at this point. maybe you start there, love on the clothes, see how that feels. >> i think it's fun to buy baby clothes anyway, kids or no kid, little tiny, adorable clothes, you can't get enough of it. >> we have had this discussion recently that we both just wanted to baby, not the teenager. >> i just wanted a baby. >> i am-- so think that through. >> they do get lippy and do grow up. >> and unreasonable. >> and say you know are you like that, mom, you know what you are like. >> how old were you. >> i was 29. >> 28 and 30. >> okay. >> so right, whatever worked for you is what you like what is the perfect age. probably whatever age that you chose. >> i want our viewers to weigh in, maybe on facebook. >> on when you should have a baby. >> not when i should have a baby but how you knew when you were ready. >> will you make the cutest baby, you and your husband, so cute. >> you're so nice. >> speaking of kids, halloween, how were you raised with all the candy that you get? did your parents let you have it, did you have it in your room, were you limited. i know nicea's answer >> we had at it. >> you had at it. >> uh-huh, whatever we wanted. >> keep it in your room. >> uh-huh. >> that is how i was raised also bus my mother has zero disciplinary skills, my sweet mom. >> and mom if you are watching, you are the reason that i ate it all on the way home and you know why, you took it out the door. >> there is a study, this is interesting. there is a study that they let children have at it. and then they let other kids are they kept them from it. they said you cannot have the inteets. you cannot have any of it. >> right. >> so the first, the first group that can have whatever they want, they're saying that it can, it doesn't let them self-regulate and it could lead to overeating later in life. the kids that were not allowed at all, said that they totally back fired and started eating horrible obsessions, because. >> because they were not allowed. the deprivation was mentally back fired. >> which is funny because you love treats. >> her mom didn't let them have any. >> when i was trick or treating they handed out baked good, here is a brownie. >> i love that. >> president it in your bag. >> anything, and everything. i couldn't eat it. >> have you ever gone to the one where they give you a toothbrush and toothpaste. >> the worse. >> and you are like -- what do you mean, no. >> so give suggestions on what to do. and i thought these were kind of good whether you like it or not. i think my mom would still be like have the candy. i mean like the pumpkin puckett, you know what i am talking about, that sat in my room for a week until i finished it all. >> are there boundaries. >> so this says you should be able-- have the candy but have it after meals. so pull that out after you have had a meal. and then they can have two or three pieces of whatever they want. >> so is that what you do with your kids now? >> no, i just let them have it. >> i let them have it but i put it away. >> that is another one. >> in the cup board so it not just sitting out. >> they say that say good thing, out of sight, odd of mind, holds true for adults and kids if you have it where they can see it all the time. >> well, i will eat it. >> aren't we all. >> so it says you can pick your favorite but then put it away. >> that makes sense because then it-- you are intent on going to get it, so if are you hungry will you get some candy but it is not on them all day. i lick that. >> this says it have your kids pick out the candy that they half and give away the rest. is say you can pick out all the things that you love and we'll throw the candy corn to the neighbors. >> to somebody else, right. >> i don't know, that probably would have made me mad. don't take away my candy. >> i don't my kids would let them take their candy. >> well, if there is candy i don't like in there, maybe try that. this is just basically when you are talking about food with your kids, talk about healthy choices instead of controlling your weight and how bad it is for you, just make it more of a positive, make healthy choices and maybe have dinner first. >> a couple pieces. >> then put it away. >> then it's fattening, the sugar is bad, it's not about mom-- at our house, this is crappy, do you want this one? >> don't you throw that away. >> i got you. >> so speaking of eating and healthy choices, kelley clarkson has been through the ringer when it comes to this conversation. >> the poor girl. >> she wins american idol and then signs a record deal and says from that moment on it was be thinner, be thinner, be thinner, you have to look like britney speers like christina aguilera, do a new interview, this was interesting, she said quote when i was really skinny because of that kind of pressure i wanted to kill myself. i was miserable. like inside and out, for four years of pie life. but no one cared because as thetically you make sense. you look like the quote recognize star, it is what you are supposed to look like. >> i read the article. she said she was being compared to britney sparies, christina aguilera and that she was in the gym all the time. and was so miserable. >> she says all which do was put on my headphones and run, i was at the gym all the time. there is this pressure. she is not the same body type at christina aguilera or brittany speers but says it took me years to stand up to that and say i'm unhappiment i don't have to look this way to be successful. and obviously successful on her own. >> what i love about her is she is real. >> she is real. i feel badly she always has to defend herself. >> i love a quote she gave, what magazine was it years ago, when i talk to my kids about it, i like to bring it up. she says i will never be the thinnest person in the room. that's fine, that is not my role. but i have the best voice in the role. i will always be the best singer. >> so who are you in the room, that is the question to ask yourself, not am i the thinniest or the prettiest, because there will always be someone else. but what sets you apart and makes you different. she said i found it. it has taken me awhile. now i'm a mom. >> what if you can't find it. >> you are the best lunch eater i have ever met. >> reagan. >> you are excited about lunch and i'm excited about shiloh coming up next, everybody. it is our pin of the week. if you are the class mom for halloween, oh boy we have

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