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Teens Unplug

By Clip Syndicate
Teens Unplug Video: Teens Unplug
Teens Unplug Fri, 17 Nov 2017 16:39:13 +0000 Teens Unplug Teens Unplug KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City imagine taking a deep breathe, signing off social media and powering down your cell phone for five long days. ell, that is exactls group of alta high-school students recently did as part of an experiment and we're so excited to hear all about it. we first definitely want to start with the master mind behind all of this. counsel counselor, first tell everybody about how this came up in the firs place. >> so we have spent some time really readin information and articles and research about how social media is impacting our teens. they're having more instance of depression and anxiety. and we have seen that in the counseling office very definitely. so that is really what we wanted to help these kids see how their phone is impacting how they feel about life within the kids just wrapped up this challenge and we're excited to hear some of their stories. first things first, when did you first hear about this project. >> we found out through the volleyball team, she reached out to our coach. >> i got a phone call and asked me if i wanted to do tment and i said yeah, why not. >> i guess we just kind of were up for the challenge. >> let's talk about the first day for a minute. you had to power down your phone, social media, signing off. was it hard for anybody or were you excited. like how were you feeling over here. >> for me, the first day was definitely the hardest day. >> we all turned it off and gave it to the office and it was kind of sad, to be honest. >> you had to give your phones to the office to hold. >> yeah. we had, they put it in a safe, i think. it was a vault. i grabbed my phone on the bed, it's not there, having a panic attack. >> what was the hardest adjustment. >> the biggest part was when i would search something up on safari or look up an actor if a movie and i couldn't and my phone was gone t wasn't in my pocket. >> i had lots of experiences where i needed to do homework on my phone, things i could only do on my phone, apps that i have for homework which was hard. >> i didn't really like not knowing what was happening around me. >> cuz everyone talks about everything and sees it, oh have you seen this, or have you seen that girl do that, you don't know anything, are you out of the loop. >> it became harder to make friends because would you have to go and talk to them instead of message them like hey, you want to be friends and ask them for their numbers. >> there was awkward silence and awkward situations that i got into. but it is just because texting and stuff, you don't have that. and it cuts all of that out. >> what i am hearing it sounds like it has become a crutch for you not to have to do the hard things in person or yourself. would you say that is true. >> which definitely say it is like an easy way out. and not having our phones made us have to go through those harder situations and kind of grow through them. >> did this affect any of your relationships. >> my friends got a little frustrated with it after like the third day because we wanted to plan stuff, make plans, hang out and i had to log on to a school computer and email them every time i wanted to make plans and hang out with them which was kind of frustrating sometimes. >> when i didn't have my phone i was getting chores done. and doing homework and stuff like that. which made my parents happy. >> my friend was just trying to get homework answers and stuff but so i couldn't give it to them. because i didn't have my phone. >> could you no longer cheat. >> how horrible is that. everybody, she couldn't cheat, dang it. anybody else have trouble? >> for me it was just like kind of hard to communicate with my mom because i would get home she would yell at me because she didn't know where i was. so yeah, i just leave sticky notes on the door telling her where i was. >> any other impacts or changes in your life that you started to notice. >> valuable, yes, i think it was good to see what everyone else would do and how you would respond to this situation. >> i would think right now i would be on my phone. but i don't have my phone so what should i do. so i would go and go talk to friends i little more and i would go make new friends and i would just find more things. and i do more things. >> i got to know a lot of things that i didn't really know because everyone is just on their phones. and it helped strengthen like how social i am. because i'm always on my phone so i'm not actually talking to people, i'm just texting them. >> you have more time to spend with your friends and when some of our friends are on their phones all the time t is kind of hard to talk to them and stuff. >> why are you looking at travis. >> because he's on his phone 24/7. >> i may have cheated a little bit. >> come on. >> i didn't cheat that much. i just maybe would log on to someone else's phone on my snapchat or on my-- never instagram but log on to snapchat and see what people said to me. >> while not everybody would necessarily do this all over again, the kids have spent the last week sharing their insight and experiences with the rest of their

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