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Table Talk - Christmas Cocktails 12-22

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Table Talk - Christmas Cocktails 12-22 Video: Table Talk - Christmas Cocktails 12-22
Table Talk - Christmas Cocktails 12-22 Fri, 22 Dec 2017 17:01:06 +0000 Table Talk - Christmas Cocktails 12-22 Table Talk - Christmas Cocktails 12-22 WTVQ Lexington, KY joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 we have a special surprise! a merry campbell christmas is back! get a load of we all know c1 3 you call people by david to some of jimmy bugs bunny and you wil strega who also holds the morning told so it was for you to go to australia because i i married mary campbell david campbell lisa lisa barrett you to always do great a this is illustrated christmas and we would be having a show of ... study everyone just next monday weekend but ... tuesday david civilian old week next week you rewrite to be wit lisa about real great i will is the i know back to those days you are going to montana to see slow and seeing my best buddy up the used to work with i said earlier on the week of prediction of modest 20 in temperature before the windchill you know what you're going to be in the know you being that, to but is very dangerous to schemas is is so is the body look you but i've about you because you did tta come up to know you are doing guzzle your joshua trouble imagined i'm joint claim to be god on saturday and sunday it was is rising to you is also an agreement know this with the local ... junk you you you you you i am scared i haven't i haven't done like major major health you are gotcha and what you we have what is fox's coleus right now actually my mobile to rely today' will present to you to local you will is locally back to the everyone i want to talk about the is will know we lost you have the backing to inbox and now he's below and children must almost certain guidelines to show lose this 40 $43 million in erickson about his wife crystal and children christine david and must and i and optimizing could not have no will all have to watch this spending and be sure not to buy drugs in order to keep the fortune does we will not have was notified of alcohol for drugs either but this is a trus that they will be living on the question about the uses i found this topic indices i understand when you do will because you ar my grandmother died in my mothe died your i get the will route but i just wonder at how long can that will you know torture someone's life you by the choices adjudicative he says to be careful of drinking and drug right of the drug thing i know is you bought you have an executive uses well david russell you drunk on friday night downtown just so you will is craziness the i'm adjudged little will i think that the really the restricted so much as you know just having a social time of your friends have a couple drinks and then be like listening know that 40 million you inherited throughout all you will is what i'm saying some of those is controlling know of course right if you are you to overhauling ... the following but i just have a real problem my father or my grandma about telling me what t do 20 use a percentage and i guess he made the money know i just yeah you know what i i think you just now that he made the money so i feel like he has the right to decide how that money is good riveted after his and i think that you know like but honestly i mean i don't lik it's a bad thing as far as obviously with the drug the drinking is a little you you know i think that might've been you know the kids by wanted to to discuss that with him before you get the details on the the old loan will mall personal secretary was the first executive will but she died you'll need to serve but he didn't change it so it would be very what's will to control the executives have over the will i'm sure will be coming from a that's as much just like you decide to me a couple millimole be about what will be the trust attorney major was able to go to his intimate right you so treadmill about you will my you know what i something that you know some of was a little bit o money, john you is that my right well it you know it's got to the point now where papa john his name is john slater you he has stuff down from papa john cheyne as the chief executive officer for that company and a lot of people are speculating now that it was because of his statement that he made in regards to her kneeling during the nfl games during the national anthem and he made a comment that her sales which their stocks are down 30% now that their sales are down the cause of the polarizing effect of that on of that protest the was going on during the also what you guys think about that. susan active suharto to see what is hard evidence backing it up the thing that people are watching you know watching football not pizz but you get so speculative so this is a beautiful bit overrated you know, like to see what the other sponsors what what's going on with their with their businesses as well our business is business down across the board right obviously have the right to feel that way into to believe that because of that that that that the sale started the about that and on just as the protesters have the right t kneel during the national anthems though you guys i think you know it's a good excuse to maybe he's taking his i'll business the been too busy criticizing beautiful and the players and maybe that could be a reason why you 30% the from bioassay work on your business not in your booth and so that i think it's really interesting to leave that you maybe board just wanted to give it a bell all right right pizza just the office monitors i know you will is not just out and is the, one cylindrical told to go with that i think you know that people do like about a bit of the despot you like the hotel i will will so you notice a lot of times that you can be going out it's christmas you and the parties of in your probably thinking how can i put this christmas spirit in your cocktail brother week w got a couple the different drinks up in first on start off with the little red velvet are absurd winter mimosa you and i love the most used okay but you know if i mentioned for the is okay you mentioned that christmas she's been you you know this basically arose a all and you can have the you can have it just comes breakable will vodka you cranberries and woodford were but it's the you- immerses) i drink well because the binding serve to mimosa in your being cheap mcrib you know probably related is going to do you know you're starting but is coming over you will just keep loose all isolate that we never persico mimosa never christmas morning is available italian will using but you my my mother used to say if we offered her mimosa off the general old before conditions a that much money this you should you will is a got some more soap with th donald exhibit know these are is a fun with the is on the will the cold is what the rv like it's basically a little off little got the company mom this one the got the dog home yet but there is trouble rose also in but if the raspberry sorbet tha that really brings it all together yummy three to but again the boxes really do keep you going to implement our last one up we got the red velvet okay then i would really great about these honestly from you cream cheese at the top so little yes you know just to you basically you use like margarita be doing cream cheese so help will quit her know that but again you're just having fun travelcards a party with your family and you notes christmas night is a great go to and faceplates to check about. will have a little cocktail i am really for the i you will have that one facebook friend is is known facebook now has an option if you get the is your friends annoying red you can now put posts on you this allows you to temporarily walk among those from you need the 30 day visit without the right but the 30 days you. facebook will remind you that you see these posts to gain you can also cancel the action at any time by going int your setting i just want to say is the guy that owns facebook us a little more zuckerberg think you because now i can blame some of the people on my private pay because come 1 january i only put opposed if this'll be the last time you will see this posted by having premiering one you will usually love my privat five premiering one you will usually love my private 55 from you with the so the that's what you is find the truth is need to plug up might be a little you will be leaving no cost news mailing to guttmacher pay for the cluttering it up with politics nonsense and all about you but sometimes you know i think facebook is great and especially you know and see me ... the libyan illustrator we did see what i'm doing right but i also like the focal you is us to our places anyway amoebas find out what the toy chest and agent is doing to help needy children around central kentucky plus later on we will learn how to make automate that is what the

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