Friday, July 20, 2018
by Clip Syndicate
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Lane United FC is a fourth division club operating out of Eugene/Springfield. Here's how they develop players that eventually play for the U.S. National Team.   [READ MORE]
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Three USM head coaches before Hopson was Larry Fedora who had some pointed opinions about CTE at yesterday’s ACC Media Days. The North Carolina head man says the game of college football is under attack, not because of rule changes, but due to potentially misleading data. "How is the game under attack? To me its more about people twisting the data and the information out there to use for whatever their agenda is. Tweaking the game doesn't mean the game is under attack. Anytime you are changing the game for the betterment of the health and safety of the players, you are doing a great thing. So that's not attacking the game. That is changing the game, but that's not attacking it." Fedora added that youth football participation is going down, further putting the game at risk.   [READ MORE]

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