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Table Talk - No to Promotion 12-27

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Table Talk - No to Promotion 12-27 Video: Table Talk - No to Promotion 12-27
Table Talk - No to Promotion 12-27 Wed, 27 Dec 2017 17:00:54 +0000 Table Talk - No to Promotion 12-27 Table Talk - No to Promotion 12-27 WTVQ Lexington, KY for joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 check this out... a cafe in london is taking espresso art to the next level by allowing customers the chance to take a c1 3 they don't do you maybe you you i you david fired some capacity ... picture a little narcissism so please i i a good yourself the person i i you sophie perso body before because being the always most the sophie also like you got one more leverage in so there been sometimes of to cope with it gasser good on his doing a practice is ongoing at this church to stop me that we will delve you know i think you will like you you you you you you th angle you like old tripe what the life you with family and i don't really like my own you but i like when i have family kind of backgrounder were all like kinda circled around her like mothering the i look at the you i'm horrible sophie tigger okay so you like yourself the would you like to the your self be in your coffee the interest i will check about the is bracknell are you the level allowing customers that you take of thei own healthy and what is it called oh yes the sophie chino you the machine you yourself be to the place there with everything he you job and in the your machine it takes four minutes and it creates were cell be in either he or with school alike. you certainly do the right now rocklike loan around facebook like warped and i mean is i'm you will drink you is you crush the i will is interesting thing you say that because the cell fees are a little bit of an illness they call it if you take pics will be the day code stopping ... so you have to ... you i'm you to myself the from latino whatever you dollars and $.50 yourself me and cappuccino one time you i i maybe read as well this got the you hotline what i also just to get so chin yourself like to okay will the then really really about the big spender david here is what you wanted to share the well three hot topic for couples and whether you will is souther significant other lady you make more money other good relationship when one person ... how much the other is making because what about the girl within the los angeles airport she was listening to this coupl i over something know you were having this huge screaming fight she's like tweeting and because that's what we do you think the she was offered a motion her boyfriend did not want her to take it because he would be embarrassed that she makes more money than hand going on and on and on you will anyways is when there married and had showing have to work and she said and slept in you will about being in a relationship were some real more money than i'm writing tha i reason attorney so i you i would beautiful cadet along wit the whistle on the coaching outfit i can totally you but on a serious note like that seem to come up i think you just have to think like in the big like you one you like you know if you want have my stuff enjoy those things like you have a place to do whatever yeah you bring all that cash i all i can get over you life area way i mean i i don't know i mean you know there's all these years you know that women have understated on the outdoor you know everything climbing up the ladder i just like you know and i others and that men want to be there's fil that inmate ingrained you to take care the family but it doesn't have to be financially taking care of a family emotionally on you know and taking care of the kids helping to strictly difficult and very sure just as important as the financial income coming in is boisterous always preaching about the you know what you like somebody's bringing make more money i getting to you know money is tied he's basically telling her to encourage you this opportunity that she you how they no doubt at all i chec myself you is you need to that directives you i about not help me you you let's talk about a new thing okay video gaming i know do you will is there is you do i i know not authority know you get home from the box on. said all you know it just like i know you you don't know my name know you you are a loved one videogame at all and let the gaming this order will now be classified as a mental health ... condition it is actually how it that on they said that the international classification of diseases the diagnostic annual is published by the world health organization comes out every 20 or ... life that was published was 27 years ago back in 1990 the 11th edition of the manuals due to be published in 2018 and will include gaming disorder at the serious health condition to monitor ... while you you you know i guess you have to define exactly what a disorder is being i will everything you feeling we all have mental health issues which is is it there and age ranges i it did not given age range but but it said was they did a buddy looking at 19,009 and only nine only to 3% actually consider themselves addict you are having done this disorder which included anti-social behavior and also in tidy and with drawl see the me like you to college a lot of kids through the game yo will like you can see people cutting coping with the like go to get away from everything i you know so i think a might be even better you depression right so it's like i you can figure out and a lot of online community with these people lik develop communities good i think it is good but i mean it's also like if you're neglecting other like real life situations what your kid you is you don't houses were like in with you about playing a put it out there so i was speaking of faith facebook page mid-day kentucky what you think about what we talked about so far we will look discussing maybe

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