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Table Talk - Rent a Bachelor 12-28

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Table Talk - Rent a Bachelor 12-28 Video: Table Talk - Rent a Bachelor 12-28
Table Talk - Rent a Bachelor 12-28 Thu, 28 Dec 2017 17:01:01 +0000 Table Talk - Rent a Bachelor 12-28 Table Talk - Rent a Bachelor 12-28 WTVQ Lexington, KY joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 we have a great show planned for you today.......... c1 3 well you know......i went skiing for the holidays........ c1 3 had a great time to do i had to the presence from your mother it's rushing to you is to break that we have break anything troy i know will ultimate is the is running you you you you i wanted to shake is to you didn't be doing any skiing was skiing but associate some of the pictures of you will been to montana know this is the balcony patty this is how cold it was everyone this is the balcony world stay up in the hills right had no soul service i could just wi-fi but this skip these bridges for again -20 this is me on the ik there was no on that monticello you will is you picture because of the polling i like a mountain man from montana look stunning the o'clock and and just about everywhere and montana was absolutely stunning course that is will you little away little lunchtime drink out lied and that brought up to the window i look so yoga somebody snow to i can tell you however this was it was absolutely stunning is a great skiing snow you what and it was just great on yes very powder and very powdery but also you bema buddy curtis and he's open came up and we had you know a homeless christmas us i mean like you three of the and we went out on christmas eve and have the much to drink file for this ozone by 7 pm, icon overlook a wall the documents relative to we went to one bar five dinner was at six dinner was at 60-ish and to advertise on something that is also like the hangover is a we going skiing christmas day is because the your time i got to enjoy out romm this is what to do you have a job, want to just tell you about kate this is something that was going on in japan as a showing economy benzos rsa chinese people have rented like some bellows and even asked always with a quick scan of the another country single women have started sharing a boyfriend smart and you women live in photoshop mold in chaminade trying to hire a heads date at a prize of $11 perella will it it equates to more you have of course six bachelors all six rentals in mailman offices at the more launched the service okay to items the book his of the data after what you did with the boys this up as a yet it's to go shopping we like that and the country is getting more and mor women because back in the day charters you know you could artie have one one-mile and i think you would love to have on fema account remember the child yes but not is more multimodal some is about mende go around so the shopping mall these men the does people that the employees of the shopping will i love okay federal system is is get blighted you automate you you to say but today, i would have been walk around the shopping center remains good-looking turning the bags sorry if you're feeling a bit lonely altogether 30 bucks lisa college i troy you earth that is the most that's a good idea to the legends say you're in an area that might be a little bit how you going to watch over the safety right i think it's a book i ought to convince you the truth the purchase square just she's population is ready go to pop out of the vending machine to did you like you is you remind to in the today will we actually put you in a glass box in the public had to come around and i were interviewed what the will see changed on your body while 10 days i do you vacuum the ball off the had everything done we had the same people come bac and what the how all day while you know when you're troy johnson cannot be shot out of the i is all i you about it is accredited to you because of what i do i caseload lisa talk a little bit of things worth paying a little bit of extra money for some of these things agree with you well know we all to save money here and there but there what they're saying is fo this new year you should really concentrate on ... ending money were you really need to and and not working i think the really don't need so for instance the number one thing with laser or well-made suit i agree that this is absolutely a must they said that buying a good blazers important because it is such an easy way to elevate an entire outfit and so and it does make sense they said spend roughly between it could cost you anywhere between $90 to could cost you anywhere between $90- $200 now i you will but even that on the food but i did but they did for you know what especially on this suit like that can be hard to not about yeah the blazer you may be combined to fill you but i will tell you about look for the geyserville the goals of trying to find the like you and i mean is nothing better than amending right granted i talked to his a the now is the time to go into places like maize these on nordstrom's maybe shop online you might be a we get a suit that was 700 down to 300 you that is the suit you go right i right dialyzed it's on sale for $90 is okay to work and is another bit of advice as to the i am always going get that suited have a little pilot you guys spend hundred bucks tyler is will you you you that's true nothing fits because is a team art your they said do not get on your tires are you are is something generally the price really good equate to that are quiet and brandy yeah they said really do your research and investigation out what are the best tires for your car ascetic with the next was insurance this was i i had a lab that had diabetes later in life she was diabetes cost of the torch and you and if we would've had pet insurance it would inevitably say to you is $25 a month i think were on the average you you two dogs and one was really sick of christmas you doing better but last the music like that ... while and what another good point ... what they said was if you are willing to spend money for expensive surgery like that type of gloss for surgery for your pat into go ahead and get to bed insurance you that often the long run the is is what of death chair makes that if you're sitting at your desk all day you need support for your back the last one is good education nobody got a fortified of up to you you you kind of the begets you is the one that i would like to do i d believe in i do believe in educating your self weather comes from college weather comes from university whatever the case might be like to think furthering yourself you know in your own but you need a college degree to get ahead you look know isolated i did not get a college you was sent to boardin school filed miserably i was too busy you worry about everything else in actually learning aisles event you have an incredible live if you learn your life you'll once you learn them then you can to can continue to learn later in life right there is lots of stuff from being here lexington entered to doing shows that doing so meeting people and learning right right to not we teach everyday try to take something the this is a really interesting topic the way that was all about will looking ther wanted be sleeping on the right pregnant women california a new study found that basically the published in the journal of american medical association th use of medical marijuana has gone up between the records of 279 279,000 women residing in california who were on the kaiser permanent test of the healthcare system service ... that the rice is gone up almost 5% in california while that incredible so the question is should we be smoking marijuana whilst pregnant definitely not know you know that i okay we do will require the light of the tickets okay to be smoking marijuana with really the and you know this is all theoretica so the group the study this the american medical association said because they've gotten marijuana recreational now people feel like you less the words list is harmful yeah so was amazing on like drinking a glass of wine maybe you better you guys are doing women do tha you write exactly as the was abusive you were to will all preterm labor is a big one is not talking about that fuel growth restrictions so your bab not really maximizing its potential low birth weight in even a stillbirth so these are the things where so many women in the study was really really found that women under the ages of 24 that suits affecting most is that the okay no one can tel you what to do with your body right great jewels. and i think that your choice if you want to be drinking or doing drugs what we can ... help support you not to do that by i think winterset wages that come into is a reliable i do think there is that if your court doing drugs old the you affecting the child in missouri law or take child and i don't know it's something i would lik to delve into you find out job from alloy up up i also think t myself at the cost is a woman having a baby would put on the system and you have that baby exactly as the baby is on the undernourished all you other issues i think this some response thirst totalizing possibilities of how i you i mean if you know you know i can tell me what to do with my but myself i made you happy upcoming that you can't be doin drugs on ... you know it's just not you got a think of someone other than your help you got a child and and you can be born with certain artifacts for sure you know in one way or another if the child one way or another that it was fun reducing but th study it went from 2000 not 2000 and isaac steve from 4.2% to seven point 7.1% is a lack of education for younger women that's what is you said it was great women that were under the age of 24 direct so to me that complete lack of education for those women will we've also seen this go really rising those years from marijuana going coming recreation is education to should you get it i think they need to be fully aware of what the other bodies i feel like there it's up to me generation said picking up can be all is you that filmation that that is because it is printed on the are the cigarette knox but it doesn't actually being it in in real life you know what i mean thing it realizes right much differen than reading ld while i think it's really about a month you say why did not will come on people you would marijuana sinc you been you 12 you of seven school just to the body the water pregnant is craig you is you because mid-day kentucky facebook page and they tell us what you about that topic will be okay regional medical center is will out they have the patient at the clock regional medical

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