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Table Talk - Lucky Waitress 12-29

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Table Talk - Lucky Waitress 12-29 Video: Table Talk - Lucky Waitress 12-29
Table Talk - Lucky Waitress 12-29 Fri, 29 Dec 2017 17:00:58 +0000 Table Talk - Lucky Waitress 12-29 Table Talk - Lucky Waitress 12-29 WTVQ Lexington, KY is midday kentucky. good afternoon... and thanks for joining us on mid day kentucky. what are your plans c1 3 for new year's eve? c1 3 an appellate court thursday upheld a penalty against oregon bakery c1 3 is you the notion does you just 20 now low run unbelievable think that was a little you added the six on the two with no decisions as well as on my gases as a writer i now have to much is back onto the terror on sometimes and going marathon to pom-pom you you we we told very briefly about a you about this gay couple that you waiting a refuse to be made by a bakery wall and what the site is will what's the appellate not the city owing acanthus is an art arkansas you so the appellate court, thursday outpolled a penalty against an oregon-based article refuse to make i take for same-sex wedding almost 5 use a got to the office of of the actual bakery since close! bakery and melissa klein i you that state labor commissioner brad bow, balaton violated state and federal laws by forcing them to pay an emotiona does this damages about hundred 35 35,000 dollars to the lesbian couple rachel and lawrence about out of the lawyers said icon and the state bureau of labor and i the trees violated the kleins right ... to a to freedom of speech the right to religious freedom and the rights is dependent to it to process this is what's going to break at the batangas omelette so the courts basicall said that the bakers had to pay hundred and $30,000 of his lesbian couple they refused to bite the text but the couple that i the bakery said that they had artistic right that reason why they didn't want to make because it wasn't religious raisonni set okay all right but back in the i can the story mccourt document he actually talks about you know you shouldn't be line with a man th way he should you should with same-sex is you do with a woman or man you still discrimination this is an interesting i think hundred and 30,000 is over to switzerland for the bakery since close to this is we talked about this a few weeks ago with the today guys that didn't have a cake made i think to myself i just 1.where does it stop okay is it be an openly gay guy i take the money somewhere else you want t bake the cake ceiling doing it like i personally do feel you need to soon that business you know what i thought you know it's discrimination to me and you are you and whether or not we butchering a business out of work right right and you know i was on the flipside i would wan to do that i also would want to make a point that you know i'm equal to you and you should you know if you're to be a public the serving the general public you need to remain a matter what sexual in orientation i have will trinity gets into the lien aspect of like you know the bully messes with you it's like to also the boy right and if somebody doesn't take a stand against him darting to hundred 30,000 that's a bit much but all i secondment to two wedding cake and discolor the will take and you will i just think you know sometimes ... america seems very litigious an understand you know it's there arise from those type of things that is discriminate i get i religion you know openly gay men i didn't but i also think you know it's pushing it a little bit 25 because of me als tell you i will now is just impossible to not come fonda ultimately just tell you what that is other than what it says actually decided it says the state five the bank is up to determining they violated the 2007 original that protects the rights of gays lesbian bisexual dungeon people in employment housing and public accommodations law provides an exemption for religious organization organizations but does not allow private businesses discriminate based on sexual orientation because i will also say no you put up a sign saying straights only old guys that i think is a little bit you you will in my worried that the direction right now yo like that yapping don't take a maybe don't make the you know the stand with this hundred $35, 000 i know it's the but they don't make a stand now that it can it can continue in that direction i think i to this one because we haven't bought a lot of to for two waitresses at a console both joints i looked an appearance i adopted one of the women critical to runoff thousand a lot lottery ticket doing is intended to be split between the pair to leslie and her spokesman drive in, command the regifted the winning ticket as a christmas bonus from the boss lost friday at restaurant the manager who ironically judged by the name lucky i is a gold and ivory employees ticket that was shared between julys so let's just say you are blood will you and david to you want to before am i entitled to up out of the winning are you because you know i trust we miss you and love you will send you lots of you know i make sure you the ticket in my in and cited how many broken so you is usually altogether you you saying you by someone loaded god deftly i love the old if you bought us a ticket and we will 300,000 we pray through about 10000 your way think lisa and my lisa nods would evenly come about the modest 10,000 inches intimate you think i think to myself i'm entitled to a food for you i know is what you thin i you know i understand if it was a gift but you know i have a a lady that was in my house and you and she will send me gifts of scratches or something but she will send me $101 scratches, to the end of the hundred you left this country is you get what you give us the chocolate are for for christmas or whatever and david i have do you expect the third about chocolat bar when you get to decide by you you will have it's always you always have to set aside a third back to also you can contribute on but stories you know with the the bakery is out of line all the you know the couple a little so this one ver quickly want to get to listen that with the of life skills with blood your a couple things that we could've told the youngest of the it's it's one of those things were doing waterflood coming you into the new year so will you i will you to identity to the right notes great time dispensing deliberate additional time in about the things are most viable to you what's truly going on and that can be a hard thing to do to fisher own truths to be out what things you like and what things that you don't so you know don't be afraid of that skip discover that the empathy for your past self you realize you where you were where you were at that time you made the best decision could on being a lifelong opportunist you know traffic your perfect example of that were used the opportunity of changing him and then really understanding what you means to breaking that down being i love this being a kind person and honest person 11% that's you stop that notice your very not is only around absolutely you taken me about the break everyone is get the day rise has

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