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Naja Hall new book, Girl Bye

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Blended and Black Video: Naja Hall new book, Girl Bye
Blended and Black Tue, 26 Dec 2017 15:00:00 +0000 Naja Hall new book, Girl Bye Blended and Black WATN >> live from watn, local 24 in high definition. this is "local memphis live." and now here is your host, amy. >> good morning and welcome to "local memphis live." we hope you had a very wonderful christmas enjoying the company of your family and friends. i am your host chelsea chandler. we have a great show for you and it begins with bringing the family together. for many women becoming a step mom is not something they planned for, and nor do mothers anticipate another woman being a part of raising their child. it is another reality becoming more and more common. it doesn't have to be filled with feuds. this morning we well -- welcome a memphis native, wife and author sharing her story of blended families. >> thank you for having me. >> my book is titled "go, bye." >> this is a story about blended families. >> my husband and i dated for about three years. this is my first time being in a relationship with somebody with children of the i was a woman that was adamant that i would prefer not to date people with children. i don't have any of my own. all of these issues of blended families and, you know, the baby mama drama, and i hate to step that or the evil step mom. everything i wanted to avoid started happening in my own situation. what i learned was it was not exclusive to me. i created a little facebook group for about 10 of my friends and then they added their own friends and their own friends and their own friends. it was blended and black. because it is blended and black. i created the space and it grew. right now we have 8,000 very highly actively engaged members. these people are in there telling the exact same stories i can empathize with, and i'm sure you can too. we just went there and talked. that's how the concept of the book came about. most of the issues are between women, a woman and then there is this guy they share. somebody is in love with him or somebody was in love with him and a child has come out of this bond. you have to go through the hassle of figuring out how to raise a child with another person you used to be romantically with. you are no longer with that person. if you are a in you woman coming into the scenario you have to figure out where you fit in. it is a hodge pong and it is confusion and pain and angerness and bitterness and resentment. it does not have to be this way. when i created this i thought let me make one for women. wea are the ones who seem to get caught up with in the drama and the heartache. >> you have the man you love having to balance the needs of another woman and trying not to become jealous as a result and putting the child first does become the priority. >> right. and when people say i put my child first. that's a big argument we have in real life and in the group. whatever religion you practice, if you are christian, muslim, whatever you practice, most of us -- dash most of them say to prioritize your marriage because it is a foundation of your family. under the roof of the marriage comes a child. but what if you have a child being raised in two separate rooves. this child gets lost in translation between the households. that's a dilemma a lot of us face. >> tell me about the book itself and what we can find inside. >> the book is basically how to take back your peace in a not so peace of the -- situation. it is a work book for moms and step moms. it is what i wish i could have had and my step children's mother could have had. it is like this is your guide book and this is what you will go by and this is how you have peace with this woman. when you get in a car you have an owner's manual. you don't read it until you need it. >> true. >> and so girl bye if you don't need it right now you know somebody who will need it. you might find yourself in the throws of a blended family situation and you might need it. there are things in here that teach you how to cope. it is how to cope with the changes you never would have expected and how to understand something is beyond your control. like, honey you have to get over yourself. >> this is basically what you wish you had when you started out. >> this is a too long i -- a tool i wish i had. i have 8,000 other women in the group who were able to survey and ask questions and i am doing a docu series right now to get in people's heads. i have step mom and mom og's that are saying honey, tell these young ladies to do this. i have newbies. this is your go to resource. >> where can we find this? >> you can find it on the website and on amazon. it is a website called blended and black. if you click on "girl bye" it is a work book. what do you do with the work book? you work. i crow 80ed daily individual -- i created a daily video. i have daily video that coincides with each day of the book, each chapter. you can get access to each and every video. there is no excuse not to have peace in the household. >> i appreciate you bringing that to our studios today. thank you sopa. thankthank you, so much. "girl bye" and you can find that at blended and coming up in today's show, a new year and a new furry friend. we are live at cardinal animal services to pick the perfect pet. and get hooked on science. how you can get into a few experiments and get a taste at alma jean. we learn more about their most favorite dishes. she is standing by in the green room. we will introduce you to our team after the break.

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