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Table Talk - Bullying Teachers 1-2-18

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Table Talk - Bullying Teachers 1-2-18 Video: Table Talk - Bullying Teachers 1-2-18
Table Talk - Bullying Teachers 1-2-18 Tue, 02 Jan 2018 17:01:02 +0000 Table Talk - Bullying Teachers 1-2-18 Table Talk - Bullying Teachers 1-2-18 WTVQ Lexington, KY for c1 3 joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 is is me back ... we do you we do everyone do you like a cauliflower we had, shaking the table you know also was it was is the for all measurements state with the they like holy our is off to hide troy the might cut you off i should listen getting better by the day these will get higher by the end july the be up to you is on the lighter so that you and have because deep the weevils to a new use resolution i you resolution to lose weight now i i told you i wanted to try to run god suggested that i should run with you katie and you shuffle katie actually runs the your old that that we know is that she likes a little shuffle for ourselves show said portugal's online from ohio and they will is just a message to be sent katie shuffle along like i am everyone will can katie back is will so is roll the pictures you talk about your holiday my family we would determine tree i in this alternative reagan's burg in germany mark at now is part of that in the market they are probably hundred all like that of the drinkable wine just hotline wanted to you know all i had to christmas you to brother the man in the lead with wife at we know the i with unit and that we went to you will is beautiful but now is just gorgeous know is great at singing of troy the old time because there is amazing and then i moved over to austria i went to the spanish riding school you we were there they will i you like the way it was like talked up to be you and they just went like you will be out of our window everyday mobile you you you you and i love will area it is just like very help you is you eventually is you going is the into the typical person in england littl the is you but austria this is absolutely submerges the whole stat austria's this is gorgeous is just outside of paulsboro we went there and then all the some parts and other germany close t sulzberger was interesting with the eagles on hitler's hideout all i to see the underground bunkers and i was really is really and then i'm is nearing indiana now is night we went to apple can't this with the ball these season you cannot live in their the opera singer i never seen not live it was a gorgeous really fun time with family and and such expert of the went into the mountain to go faultlines they make you wear the outfit because you go sliding down the old salt been about is is brother and his right now is great amended ways with the mobile susu friendly because you would about would and i you will katie we love you little jewel you little to the way i did to you and for the years in are you will artie raise plan my holiday uses all would like to was on the weekend about where i would like to go to the you dominated skinnier and you know i love skiing but i decided to go to the you choose it is is condition i'm not like you i talked to ... somebody had an on it doesn't have to be business, something you can do was a way to how unaware here why not top all ... david even tackle overnight lightly and midnight last night 330 all you it was crazy but likely about the you about type of course friday so case that spanish was writing it is actually what they mutually rea them to be like that know they don't do acrobatic tricks like the uk to will have i never really been around to be on the they should be able to do the do extended fraud to and side tattoos and the should be able to train them to actually jump up off the ground with back to okay i'm sort of video into the mix. fabio the will is five done you to succeed all the time i really been any worse eventually moved to kentucky and i was so been by the ford advantage the other things i like what i see them just way and any discomfort c1 3 in the kentucky is what you will go be wrong you will is also the you you are were gorgeous will behind the take them into the know the really is quite a not of his wonderful documentary about the actual date and how they breed the training the goes into the so that you ever do that to training or is it different is that we do dressage and show jumping was a pleasure those uppity him up to that level please tonight baselevel i you you holiday like to know how you mediate the will go the at the could be in your zodiac chinese sign know unborn the you the pig everyone the pig could find themselves feeling lonely or resentful and angry this you with some of you make sure that they don't stuff a lot in the form of financial of course me up the wrong people in business is you could be the she was well all area for the i katie the that your you will is make the stages a little under pressure this you but does quite a few good protective saws looking up to the you could feel a little drained by the double of energy you the so you should take time to rest and relax as often as you can is the extra botox you botox the he tell you but you you will meet your you could them so suddenly a lot already i to test should be taken as your press by the two sicknesses sickness stop this year will be to take your help and will be okay interesting will you travel you might get the flu okay but is gary and if you're wondering if this will b the year when you find love she's already you there to will you everyone this is the year o the dog so the whole you you have used something years the dog if you are boarding 3547 5970 wanted to do does the you the dosing signaling of fortune 12 4 to 12 months ahead for mos of those use of the was just display the hot i think the be good you for on what you cold the i am in the year of in the said everything that i do this you will be the ending of some does that make sense wallplate not on mid-day kentucky i don't know you somebody what that means in chinese first because from one tonight you want is th you the new beginnings if you ... follow the chinese horoscope look it up everyone. to go back in nine the lots you actually see what they say has happened interesting form of that not it's a terra-cotta reading right to year depending a you you beginning year of so-and-so years old daughter me making money interchanging out life the does what i long i lisa you want to talk more about teacher leaving about how much time you enough time to you okay will talk about this request imagine being a parent august that is in will lead by not only is their peers but there teachers holding and mom is suing her daughters will district after a voicemail recorded the teachers making fine of her daughter so that is what the story is they called t talk to what the family about her academic challenges that she was having in class right and instead of hanging up they left the line is right and it recorded down saying disparaging things about the daughter on some of the things were does she have any strength isaac and another teacher said she could call my she could be a good coalminer which was evidently a derogative statement on they said she didn't talk on one teachers that was you don't hav a pretty smile and another teacher immediately jumped in and set her teeth across school so it the school of pennsylvani so here's the in in the daughter suffers from depression and turner syndrome which is a disorder that affects asked chromosome in girls on so she has challenges in and within itself but bullying obviously you guys know that i'm totally against bullying i hated had to deal with it with my own son but she is the mother is can be suing the school district over this do you think that the support a school district doing so that was my question on about and i think the i think today can the school district considering dismissing this to you you're saying you comment i didn't think were as bad as the teacher that that will hurt making fun of her parents or tw darker you like you have no place in a school thing that i will but school districts model but that the teacher is should be fired yeah now i'll to get really warranted is a loss that when i am really against bullying i you know you appreciate higher and i think you pretty good fiction to what you think the date kentucky page mid-day kentucky facebook page until is what you think of the three with you think the schools should be screwed sued the problem is i find sometimes also be a foreign a human this wonderful country is that is available to just country and waste a lot of money on cases the joint really need to go when the teachers could just violences will assert that they want firefighters to cousins whatever is you message is off to

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