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Table Talk - Katie's Bucket List 1-3-18

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Table Talk - Katie's Bucket List 1-3-18 Video: Table Talk - Katie's Bucket List 1-3-18
Table Talk - Katie's Bucket List 1-3-18 Wed, 03 Jan 2018 17:01:13 +0000 Table Talk - Katie's Bucket List 1-3-18 Table Talk - Katie's Bucket List 1-3-18 WTVQ Lexington, KY midday kentucky good afternoon... and thanks for joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 c1 3 hoping that her mother, yoga teacher doria ragland, will walk her c1 3 wtvq >> is someone walking on the island where they feel closest to you will along the row the extended will ... family doing academic that has been done in the as well especially technically was but the second i do believe you had goldman at will could be like wikipedia their choice i tell mother look i just it's upset if it's made the bones a little chilly at her wedding know why he missed out on one tear down the i'll the one making you is that i will meet the company there is nothing to aim to because his the additional and she's that she's doing everything that's been like to she must curtsied to the queen first a lot of rules right into the being a part of the royal family i'm very surprised that they would allow her to walk down the aisle with a very surprised the story was just that she has a hazard now they've allowed it not as i i would be very surprised and was allowed because i think the queen has opened up behind you know she's allowed a ... biracial divorced woman to enter into the rope and i know it sounds crazy, thing is a my rule this is just what people talk about immediately because the such george royalists you and it's really interesting to see the jenny that is going on with this and she also had christmas as she wasn't in the she was engaged to prince harry it's very rare that having to be so close to the rope family so quickly especially campoli traditional right from the get- go with harry anyway so i do mean i feel like it is is the way to go okay it's just update people ages 11 and found all right and i will touch this wha everyone this is the field the world's first and doorstop holding her had been branded weed and creepy by this morning's view was that the to be shouting everyone off to the unusual act pedal the show know hazel roberts 24 and the dead dave is 50 minute from england of course performed on the tv show and explain to presenters that they both had taken up the hobby independently without either white knowing that they said it was he's dance instructors idea that into team up and they now competing doubles tournaments dancing on single all that's my issue righ that the weather doing actually there's anything you let competition i think weather doing whatever is like millie millie he and his avenue is like more than using it like a thing you like outrage you will you take everything to the i agree i'm not outrage because of that we can will is in the view was ongoing we did this with your dad while in general but i thousand eli enjoyed wideout then yes it is not the outer banks i don't like that the bed would do that with your five i know i'm you will ignited at you you you you you with acrobatic i would do this with the you is actually said she said she is is is actually been uncomfortable what you dead whole dancing with the is one of your is whole dancing with you dead definitely all quick all right they 20 is i'm really disturbed by his father and daughter pole dancing i adjusted get it in the minutes was a sorry this is just we recognize this is fianci the confrontation that w have ... mckay all pulled dancing i know i had i'm little my stop in the strata they will go together and start a pole dancing and isys agent will want to give up smoking so i joined the gym whatever the they will jointly data the bill i was happy to pay but the work that goes into that ... but i still want to into one of the people but to close away to you and i went to wind at my life and i work at indianapolis it was like a station outing all of the women wanted to work out close i live nearby airline the work out that todd said sorry is unknown with a girl i will he's a ... would you do with an unwanted b on in front of other people know if other guys you mail coolies ... you you you will is for clothes that wanted to learn like the you and ... him sold in license ... you are the first the said you will is tailored so to little bit about the bucket and quickly your bucket yes i came up with these while trying challenged us to come up with hilltop for the show separately i need to working more salad i went to read my kentucky but is you wer going to what i went out which ones maybe would want to me personally i never been to uk and i know you been to i will attend one of those see the moo though cumberland falls there's a rainbow over cumberland balls in the winter apparently south of the ... rainbow evening only here or forgetting a better fall in africa kaylee got go will is the you'll be asleep alarmingly in the that's your bucket list for the filming you you really try to techie hot around at the brown hotel in louisville invented apparently what openface and way really famous man versus buddhism wanted to write out have like tomato and she's she is tired all over it? for taken in louisville that reasonably a bucket of take man cave boat tour me mckay looks s gorgeous everything is underground like have earned that alternating going to do anything i wanted to bottle of maker's mark to yeah you really in the bourbon trail you want to make not make is my but they deuces similar okay so i i am nurses status but trying to had to reply to avenue and that is a it's very thing you i'm trying to think of the confine chocolate yeah i derby pie kentucky derby bafflingly video derby the filing will go and ge i will be ready to go spend the night at castle and purcell i know you have been a velcro demand evening you want me a there you have selected some it's on its beautiful i mean obvious way the castle everything but the time that we went i mean the rooms are gorgeous it's just i think it was the need of a little the renovation at the time you and think that they were actually selling. you new renovation just open it back up about angela really want to go out would be fantastic out of the area now produces a cursing i think we should do is show absolutely beside the sale process i want to go there toward the maritime linkage our maritime lincoln a ramekins wife i lexington i haven't i really go there of bowling green i will go to work that museum that the looks like i have any and call you think will happen i think is there yo go you think will come on the friend in my life hundred 20 team bucket list walk across the natural bridge red river board i still have not done that have you lascivious you i'm a semi got the most i leave the 20 team contacted bucket with the got come along will the like you you try to kick out a few these are so was, derby pie you you you you metho to on immediately facebook tell us what you think you wanted to that came up in with you all right prize me that okay this was something i can across the new laws for 2000 the that that could running the trend for the entire country so that neither loss from across the entire country the first one marijuana in california is now legal you isaac and recreationally so you have to be 20 over the age of 21 and a hav very strict rules on this to on it have to be in sealed child resistant packages the shop hav to be close by 10 o'clock thing like that on it's much more strict than what was be more when they had it just for medical reasons so they are very kentucky just yesterday in frankfurt the legislative actions and there was a ... help prefiled to have medical marijuana legalized in kentucky's meeting out will com up in the legislative session will be on exhume you the right i think of the two usual syllabus date yeah i think i legalized at least for medical reasons i think that can start following suit okay and one on or c or got is banning cigarette sales to anyone under the age o 21 that includes the grasses while the that was a really good laws well this a month expect to hear good you and online the studies are showing that the babes are leading your kids to go to regular cigarette on in tennessee at now legal to drive through at now illegal to drive through a school zone while holding a cell i that is really good new york past a law that does lawyers must allow hate family medical leave to their employees is you on 12 up to 12 weeks they can get in vermont botha can no longer require social media passwords to access ploidy and i know that that was even legal snow yeah in california last one this is a really for me this i know this controversial but it's good gun owners can no longer order thei ammo through the mail in this is in california you have to go in person to a licensed gun dealer in order to buy ammunition and made my yes and i would have been conducted to you the available facebook you good job a everyone outbreaks how bluegrass medical ascetics and help you lose weight katie sedona jumper the legality around us learn more about the date the coin decided the backup to

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