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Table Talk - Hairdresser Lies 3-7-18

By Clip Syndicate
Table Talk - Hairdresser Lies 3-7-18

http://eplayer.clipsyndicate.com/view/12463/7283548 Video: Table Talk - Hairdresser Lies 3-7-18
Table Talk - Hairdresser Lies 3-7-18
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12463/7283548?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Wed, 07 Mar 2018 17:01:09 +0000 Table Talk - Hairdresser Lies 3-7-18 Table Talk - Hairdresser Lies 3-7-18 http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12463/7283548?cpt=8&wpid=2637 WTVQ Lexington, KY and thanks for joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 the world's oldest message in a bottle has been discovered on a beach in western c1 3 australia, almost 132 years after it was thrown into the ocean. the previous record for oldest message in a bottle was an artifact that washed up in germany in 2015, some 108 years, four months and 18 days after it was thrown into the north sea as part of a british research project. the mysterious bottle in australia was half-buried in sand when it was c1 3 di efficient train route in 1880 6 this is pre-world war i prewar world war ii show up for is you and you know that they know that the only day washup is actually that i was thrown in the indian ocean remind you that right is natives of the the i like that you but they researched it because of the fact that the odd maritime organization in germany they were actually able to research and findings back message that was in the on the journals from that time is disputed title i i had an opportunity to to question his personality holding you back products expect this will is that trades the the same amount of money as the male colleague the trades are skewed to you is agenda paid is what do you feel his personality that stop you are running the same as a man is gender bias that you don't have the same type skills the question i asked is not overcome sometimes because of personality traits because a ma made us get what they deserve to be paid the have that aggressive personality that goes in and argues and writes for more so women maybe you don't have a personality trait might not get started with gender bias is some of these can be traits that stop you from overcoming the bias that exists it doesn't create opaque you and i agree with her i think it is the gender bias and on i think that you know women do have to push harder to get a higher wage at their jobs to get raises and things like that i think that women have to push harder that you know i'm not one that likes confrontation i don't like to do that i feel like in my professional career before a that on tv think that that was something that was a week is for me and held me back from getting into raises and and getting bonus on in my is the pages that we have used which i really interesting willing to accept is so as to two weeks to most ostroff beaks that to wordless while i think that's and devise if women posted expects that the will the overloading money you so the soap to bring the back down to negotiate you i feel we do that in our industry because we sort of know is equal the amount of negotiating the have to do that a man would have to do you the same thing that is company take advantage of that i expect what i found evening but i i do thin there is is group effort know i don't think that women ask what you are expected to make sense but they don't expect is that i estimating is is is a valuable contribution is is constantly produce a this is is is live doing the same job this is women paying themselves let not man as well she's is a survey that she's on the out i know i think most of you and i know pretty strong you is you free the same really to basically do extra hours for free they say that and i will you you to do internships will we have a couple of myelin to patient right to remain in terms of nonpaid work for so the amount of hours the provided credits are university what i think till you know women sometimes women are married and so they kind of lien on the their spouse on their income while they're trying to change their career maybe and though x port for fre or a lot less in order to get the experience and then move up and that career second the have a expert is exactly the kind helping out at home and you is is negotiating you on the is the will of my love for but it's often the help you to like negotiating skills i with any o those i think are characteristics that can hold you back from getting paid more but i think that those characteristics are equal women to men that we struggle with those things out there is no trying ask for more when should you accept that and i like you want to have confrontation starting a new job that is you mentioned experience that as well i think this is just stems from the gender bias from the get go that is uneven and then playing field by the women and men struggle some of the same things know it you accept extra work without getting paid you know how much to fight for yourself i think that's people for men and women those issues the i is you should always doing when you are negotiating korea type job hunt but it been working in and the mother could be korea is you can become so but is things like that is certain pay rate for that you in this type of business to resist the i rate is 12 bob renegotiate upfront amends that contract done the business negotiating right but is like you you find a you is what it is so is what you the story up on facebook but did you you girls about okay now all is said this for friday for david but this was increased to is because is is is statements etc. trends that we wish to personalize the coach she's accessories to 80 repetitive tabletop is and daigle motives is is like is that music is what is proceeds from oceans and dark. how is this is like you trying to that's what it's all about okay is is is out decided level florida had will end up to you to do as well i like you you positive the above is what okay because i was the bride or the to choose what to do can't the show and huge private parties. i think you should be about as many done broad is will i think my fax everyone uses a storage i'm not saying that the really addressing the whole rules when it comes to weddings is go i quite like this look to the things in the pilot you calligraphy icon food calligraphy means is reprinted on the for you is like that i that should other be and with in calligraphy little i'll really you you i so much to do and the me people are saying will be obsession to you teenage girl every time you is now i don't care about is you say you is you and you do so as we reviewe the so the disease will be quite as well today can take facebook page katie now it seems you are telling you the only to be telling your is. this to see if you guys are is is is because is nothing but the truth is that a lot of people will lie about their hair color his three much they've i had and what they died is never a good idea but he will is the reason the is you is you this was of everything to be made of is for the while you is katie people to the so and really good but want to do that you they put on here than with distributive the house is is is top-tier hairdresser about your budget if you're talking about hairstyles moving forward, it will cost to maintain a color that you're putting and how and you have to get it done so the open with your hairdresser is a lot of people are not shy away from talking about you're thinking of doing a dramatic change your color talk to your budget and you that's realistic i admitted the secret that i was the most expensive solace in the strata if you and as such someone's and requested an appointment for me on and off the pricing you would be poss to the solace is because we did i was my assistant didn't want to have that conversation to be ba was the is the to you if you cold and also meet you you will be in the pocket the is you jus said katie come in that segment be that say all what i have tro do my head to toe in the will will simental i just let them know the price mccall is you exactly it on the head the on i ask at the time on the third do you make you want to have that service abc and then write a paper to be old a conversation they were using the conversation that is is you celebrities thousand celebrities they said he was committed that i like to grandsons hair anything at the time what is it they like about it and then the of the braggarts on the bottom of the oldest hairstyle that is drastically different than is is no way to achieve that right what you think and we describe celebrities are now the visuals are always you pinterest an interesting point check the of health file that i want to try and you is you try give me a hard time about it like this is like you is you is you. feel looking is will you look at wil i know i certainly like to try and i like to try you straight to to think is you 80 should they said yes or no and he vacations your on that may act your growth and maybe should have certain died your hair doe not to be afraid to tell your hairstyle is any medical histor and the is that you're using to resize to their give you advice of you know what to do if you'r using the cheapest all the time that you wanted aggressor is them to sometimes they may have it or you don't you this but tried to could be equally as cheap you guys are them about your budget your products because we assume the will only give you something really expensive but they may have the a drugstore to you is really honest with file okay and hairdresser you about nine the next. my hair with about the deposit we can molex i will little to do if you tomorrow someone's hair in this if you would meiser was a safe katie said you advised: katie old email your music is is a double and safe who do you go to that is to advise you could ever get a take because if you just welcome to the salon the onyx act you were going to be getting the right person who can take care of your at okay is you and you that's why i is you you is is

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