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Table Talk - NFL Sexuality 3-8-18

By Clip Syndicate
Table Talk - NFL Sexuality 3-8-18

http://eplayer.clipsyndicate.com/view/12463/7284403 Video: Table Talk - NFL Sexuality 3-8-18
Table Talk - NFL Sexuality 3-8-18
http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12463/7284403?cpt=8&wpid=2637 Thu, 08 Mar 2018 17:01:09 +0000 Table Talk - NFL Sexuality 3-8-18 Table Talk - NFL Sexuality 3-8-18 http://chic.clipsyndicate.com/video/playlist/12463/7284403?cpt=8&wpid=2637 WTVQ Lexington, KY this is midday kentucky good afternoon... and thanks for joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 everybody! today is national womens day! the world economic forum's 2017 global gender gap report c1 3 forum's 2017 global gender gap report shows us that gender parity is sadly over 200 years forum's 2017 global gender gap report shows us that gender parity is sadly over 200 years away. movements like #me too and # times up show that there is stong momentum for gener parity. therefore...there has never been a more important time to remain motivated and #press for progress. so be sure to appreciate the women in your life! often kids who have a tendency to grind their teeth or clench their jaw are c1 3 and i will and everyone is is is the money that song because of the sends up the women for full over the last use as well and also making a strong is is really strong for me today you michelle about social because and tell you what is suspect the pentagon everyone alterations to use the teacher you on 30 the morning will do it quickly so up for me that we also give it to people for all issues have a tendency to climb into the location of july likely to have problems with braces or retainers is the to retain the this is just ridiculous michael binger to the should a backpack that is you is you and schedule she's like a retainer you its place but is to break you would try to retain up she must be a think the is doing around that the jordan was going to be paid for the picture retainer reduce insurance and the so i think it was a little bit of gossip was very for is the is to break a retainer death is you watching the movie all you is will you do to their own and but monday you do that knock on the will the movie back in the emptiness be you can actually affect your health megan is so is that it actually can cause serious illness or disabilities off to do so you kids to say that 2530 i will suddenly break up with the pot the i might were listed over the movie but you right yo say of course open arms every time i like about your my letter back home with my mother after so many years of being away and she was acting was he was you as well he had two youn teenage girls and and in the back in the house and i can definitely say that that negatively up acted my mother it really dead and i can understand with this is you know this little talk to field you said i do you situation or i know more the norm between the 20th very jason stands back at home to save money or in between career and college loan this negatively affecting is older kid like the help you about a 340 icily sitting in on 28 might have is is moving homes is a lot of what they not happy but i said you looking for new job and starting a new job as way to save money in the placer patien is off like i think they would actually think that is responsible decision to be while i'm at like working towards you know to and from work, but because it becoming more common later made many 30 i think that it pushing on what like you had mentioned, a lot of stress for the parent to be more stress if i did have a plan to leave the religious you do any thing you you i my grandma of course is is will do anything to do with i do anything yeah you know anything is and is a grown man it's just that i loved that company coming home knives and just lines that she felt the bulletin monday just knocked on the door to just leeched my head feels the first your practice had was a and she said the community ridiculous is only to the just do you is you is that you is is much i think but before she maybe going on a the thing is also so many people nowadays have that little, pop up baseband toll attached to that think you can so to get away with be different it happens everybody anything can happen at any time allies and you might need help your parent whatnot i would like that especially junior 40s and you have children is make make it a priority to get out of the house as soon as you can get your life together get a job get on your feet and move on and without the house and give your parents that help to that they need and is you something about the nfl is my attempt in the morning there is is is guys he claims that during the will combine is us which it for my understanding is loosely some sort of like tryout for teams t check you out nfl teams as their building your team claimed that while he was there he was asked by his team about his sexuality and you know that it's still very controversial in the and now there's very players that come out being openly gay and so a lot of people just saying that if this was any other place you know where the movement for these day adult players because he says there asking what is true cannell want to get player on their team are you at pr liability right what is happening here so do you think that kind of a doubles their wa think you and i think it's appropriate at all totaling out of whitbread that i mean if it's still a business and it's a profession think that needs to be treated you know in a business atmosphere corporation that is absolutely unacceptable to asked what you know what the property with her sexual preference is are interviews the. away and and it's just unacceptable you know and think that i think that it the nfl is slowly changing you think it is getting attention now and i think that they will have to go in that direction as far as being more public more pr savvy i guess and more politically correct and that ... you say this because i think it's important i think america is a whole stanback too far from asking questions if someone asked me if i was a gay man you are him openly gay man on tv i did see the issue with me sayin to you taking because it doesn't job it doesn't make me judge you as if i was to interview you and you were coming in here to work right now i feel it's okay for me to say you married are you moving in with your family and if you say i married a safe if he can having childre since that's conversation but i america you will is say that so i could understand why if he's gay is okay no one knows it was in the article you you can stand up as a man and say no on the old you say are i don't see why that's at issue and i also don't think it's a pi issue nowadays anymore i doing think you having to deny who you are is a is should be at pr issue for the company will of the employer like the football will so many business should question with you are you not it's okay to us it's okay to ask a friend not because that's because you allow that to be that right is a thing in australia, and you it's okay to ask those questions in interviews is that the also people assure that most male headdresses a day not like to sleep mentoring headers and that is the is sumption that they day a taser who would've ever thought that my a really know off the other night if i would like to a team member was the coach was a by think back in 2014 is a bit of an issue about another team coach asking someone if they would die what about i just think america we are living here and love living you we need to know why we so much about stuff because then we have this issue i because that society is the like that in america that's why these protections are still in place there are you there is they talking a lot of help with not what you on their team they are talking about is you is that because i only here no one here cares about your sexuality in an interview it truly doesn't matter but he is arguing that the people on social media that in the in the greek it really matters and it's a still stigmatized in and that about and that you should build asked that because he does the judge and his talent of these controversial issues is only you that you will is business you you he is being paid and hired the play football not to talk about his sexuality is nobody's business everyone you will asking everyone else is you have something in is stories like that like bob is a tickets stand up and go just will not you if you are an amazing olaf is your credentials and do not good enough then you need to be better you should be awarded on you'll performance i you you yo will in the right there but i think it's time to move on from will about the just is it's time it's

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