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JamesC Boutique - Winter Looks!

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JamesC Boutique - Winter Looks! Video: JamesC Boutique - Winter Looks!
JamesC Boutique - Winter Looks! Thu, 08 Mar 2018 17:48:33 +0000 JamesC Boutique - Winter Looks! JamesC Boutique - Winter Looks! WTVQ Lexington, KY th c1 3 back. thanks for staying with us on midday kentucky. it is time to take a look at some trendy styles from jamesc boutique. we wanted to bring in owner carrie burkett with us today. thank you for coming on the show. carrie burkett: yeah, thanks for having me katie. katie solove: so i'm known on the show for being a fiend for a good deal and that's why i love your options so much. they're trendy, they're comfy and all affordable, right? carrie burkett: yes. very affordable, very trendy, yes. and we're very into having things that you can dress down and dress up at the same time. katie solove: how would you describe the style that people can find with jamesc boutique? carrie burkett: i would say that's exactly it. something that you can dress down and relax, be comfy, cozy with your cup of coffee but then at the same time, leave for work and have it totally dressed up, look like a totally different look. katie solove: i can't get over how soft these are, all of your options. what is the story behind your boutique before we get into the clothing here? carrie burkett: so the story behind the boutique is actually i sat down with my dad and after managing boutiques in the past and working at them throughout ... actually, since i've been 15. he sat with me and i said, "i really would love to open up my own boutique. what do you think?" and he saw the passion in my eyes and he said, "if you have enough guts, that's what it takes to start a boutique." and he worked with me and from start to finish, we wrote a business plan together and it was suitable to name the boutique right after him because he helped so much. katie solove: oh. i love that. a real family start to the business. well, let's get over and look at some of the options you have here. i love this sweatshirt. can you even call this sweatshirt? what would you say? carrie burkett: definitely. i would say sweatshirt, sweater, yeah. cowl neck. you can call it whatever you want, it's just amazing. katie solove: is this something you would dress up your jeans, black pants? what would you recommend? carrie burkett: yeah. i've seen it dressed up with leggings, jeans, black skinny jeans to make it look really, really dressy. yeah. katie solove: that is just so cute. and i love that you're kind of doing a new twist on the different items. that sweatshirt and then even these sweaters. i love the detailing here. what are some of the options? you have different colors as well, right? carrie burkett: yes, i do. that sweater is so big right now. when i first saw it, it actually reminded me of a hockey jersey with the ties on the front. i love it and it's super trendy right now. and yeah, you can really ... you can dress it up or just as easily dress it down. katie solove: now, you're online only but you're based here in lexington, right? carrie burkett: mm-hmm . katie solove: why online? carrie burkett: for several reasons. one reason being i have seen online boutiques go from very little to something huge because you can reach such a big target market and so that was initially my thought process doing that. and then the second reason is i have so many friends and family from all over the united states and everybody wanted to be a part of jamesc, so that was really the- katie solove: i love it. carrie burkett: ... only way. katie solove: let's talk about this top. i like the bead detail. that's pretty trendy now. carrie burkett: yes. pearls are so big right now including ... katie solove: yeah. carrie burkett: yes. my pearl jeans. katie solove: let's take a look at your jeans because these are for sale on the website as well. carrie burkett: yes. they are so popular and with that sweater, i just ... everybody is wanting pearls and it's amazing. it's so fun. katie solove: and something that everyone is also wanting as well, the jumpsuits. we're talking about that being really trendy this year. you have a model with us, right? carrie burkett: yes. katie solove: what is she wearing? carrie burkett: yes. olivia is wearing our jocelyn jumpsuit and with the plain black. you can do so much with black especially in a jumpsuit. i think jumpsuits are so big because it's literally the top and the bottom put together. there's no guesswork behind it. you know that it's going to look great when you put it on. katie solove: it's very slimming as well- carrie burkett: yes. katie solove: ... i like the waist in the middle. carrie burkett: so flattering and then the ruffle on the top is just enough to give you that wow factor. katie solove: and i think that this is a great option because like you said, you can dress it up or dress it down. you can have that cute top at the top of the outfit but you can also wear the jacket. carrie burkett: yes. katie solove: tell us about the options here. carrie burkett: so i actually had a customer of mine email me and she said, "i bought the jumpsuit and put your leighton leather jacket over it and i actually wore it to work." and her logic behind it was the material of it is like a pantsuit and then when you add the top, it looks so professional and you can really do anything with it. and she said, "i don't just put my leather jacket over it, i put my blazer over it and then i can easily wear it to a restaurant opening or out to dinner." katie solove: i was going to say, i love that. that's straight office to happy hour . that's great. carrie burkett: yes, exactly. katie solove: and i really just want to highlight this for our viewers. what is the range? kind of a price range people can find at the boutique- carrie burkett: oh my gosh. katie solove: ... something for everyone. carrie burkett: yes. our prices start at $12 and the most expensive thing is actually this jumpsuit which is $56 so, yes. katie solove: and even how much are these jeans? carrie burkett: these are $52. katie solove: wow. they're adorable. and you have something you're offering for our viewers. a little discount, right? carrie burkett: yes. i'm doing 20% off for all of our viewers. katie solove: okay. well, let's put up all the information on the screen. 20% off of your order. just put in that code, midday20. we'll also post this over on our facebook page for you to find the link. carrie, thank you for coming in today. carrie burkett: thank you so much katie. katie solove: and you look fabulous, thanks for modeling the jumpsuit. and we'll see you after the break with more midday kentucky. welcome back... next

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