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Table Talk - Chores 3-20-18

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Table Talk - Chores 3-20-18 Video: Table Talk - Chores 3-20-18
Table Talk - Chores 3-20-18 Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:01:05 +0000 Table Talk - Chores 3-20-18 Table Talk - Chores 3-20-18 WTVQ Lexington, KY and thanks for joining us on mid day c1 3 kentucky. experts debate on weather or not parent's should give their kids chores. c1 3 is getting close recertification is that most of them is coupling lien on madras your getting the you you like flowers okay let's a couple things on the food item but it's gametime people is flowers from a hobby lobby dollars for he hasn't is the point that fun with charges for you you you you i going to facebook people talking about whether you should charge your kids kids for doing chores. i the i think that should you is you job and money management home you know becaus sometimes it's kind of example of women set up their boundaries. you see but some been a messy mission help you consult with other areas but it's nice to be like listen you do your job you did your chore so you can pay young and just expected you shall not be paid that being part of the family household your weight and do th chore for older may be like high school and you are wanting mone to you guys. reds are moving the do work to get the than just handing out that little kids ar you are you teaching them that it's not just expected that you is the money you you you we really do allow it really don't we do ask them to do things. periodically we have really busted there's is birthday know eight i and jackson is 13 i know i should be probably but at thi point we just you know when we asked them do things clean the room or do things like that do it and on you know it is are doing that you know they know that mom and dad are to take care of him. as far as you know there's something that they really really want you know a gift or anything like that you know toy whatever might be you know they know that we have the back so maybe you you will and will with i especially with jack being age. he is now you know i only want to teach and money to management mom and i think that in order to do that. i think having a chore. having hoping that he can work toward young he's he likes vinyl trains. for instance, an expensive hobby. you know, i'm thinking that you know without we probably will start installing some sort of chores that will have to do throughout the week to earn the money you can keep it like you will count can keep track of all the i think you just good money management for him. i think because here is that we don't deal with harrison and i will be like will like it. i do that i will make money. you is if you're paying to do the chores need to think only do chores a is you have to clean your room you is here i do think is is but since would like but something that was maybe out of that comfort zone you would like i was really big. my dad is my guess for the lawnmower to locator base graph and the topic for my first the golf clubs is versus you you that like $10 book or something to extent, but up to the my feelings super big on what you're saying you for this family you eat dinner you please sleep there is an expectation that the trash out and you is like the traditional to you me on teaching them to work for an you will be at the controversy with the of with i came across this i thought it was interesting on her of a 15- year-old way his name is logan blythe is suing the boy scouts of america from locking sign from becoming an eagle scout an read poking his merit badges logan who had found syndrome was a scout through the national parks counsel in utah. his father, chad said logan had advanced because the counsel made accommodations when necessary now account will and the voice out national organization has voided every merit badge that he is heard is think about this. i know for me listening to this i mean i have a special needs child and i know how much he looks forward to like trophies and things lik that how much it truly means to help them imagine an organization coming back and sa yeah, you didn't really earn that the proper way or the will of the her path of the proper procedures in order to earn that i you know cimino is just outrageous and i mean that the family is suing them for outrageous and reckless conduct you so you know what i think about that was's reasoning is that he get to do what is in the way reasoning was for the boys stuff to do that but evidently the eagle badges like the i you are there is so is you you scope from eagle scout did the whole like you is a my life and the is your you know because as you hoped it would be more thought put into this because really accomplishing this at this point. like you said it's a great you could spirit the is badges but were taking away from okay if he was help the interview was assisted yeah you know if it's just for him what that would've been really taking them i think and got a lot farther than what the by so it's it's a that's really sad and that is a total the family unit and if the answer these questions is by like like why are they taking about yeah so i think it's a mood by the family you because it's a great program and it's unfortunate that that did happen you know and i think that you know it is going to make the boy scout figure out a way to accommodate all children to that you know whether you have special needs or not him. you know, i know that my son was in boy scouts for year and quite honestly it was difficult. it just didn't you know accommodations were bright for for him and for us. we just don't know it just week a lot interesting because the voice of an love what they do. i love it love it. i just felt like that there might need to be like a separate branch of the boy scout the maybe you know where children with special needs can really be a part of the moorish within that organization to so i don't unit and then maybe you know unite all of them together during certain programs and things like that. i certainly don't ask special accommodations be made my child and at the at the expense of the other children i would never want that but i think there's i think there could be a good balance where you know children with special needs can have their own kind of branch of it and then come together with the mainstream children as well and you will route you is popping up on more revisions will go toward you inclusiveness behind a separate avenues you want to like that idea you is for to you about th yes i knew lisa about the rough and tough okay so is people throughout the workouts of the school the american college of sports medicine italy surveys and finds out what's going to b hot this year chances of having gotten into one of these you're probably going to during 2008 so. first 18 am sorry supposed to start off with picturing that was huge high-intensity training units. we got like setting. first of basically workouts of you ever done those with like maybe you do the sprint you doing something really intense for 30 seconds my normal workout though 32nd is is you will is really less about you think you get the endurance it's quick next is this is this was in 2000 was even talk 20 no training is the toxic i like retreating a boot camp. i have not, do so shot th prices training is likely so much less than also trading in when you look into these different organizations allocate towards to others also. are the is sending the will you know if you're going all the time but i just is the is to do the whole group doing it you was a group of friends running for just the class you would there' one trainer workstation. sometimes i can get those legs up patient doing something different than the is okay got like okay to do that on saturdays at $10 know you or jim regarding patch suits great jim ross incredible to for long- term you 25 be will are that of the is is the jesus is huge for people you know between that watches the it's all these things measuring heart rates. what's nice about this is you can really get yourself a targe goldman your heart read a certain area that's you you object is bodyweight training love this okay so with bodyweight training is because of and you do this wherever you are, maybe you're staying somewhere the hotel is push-ups, squats on things like that. the last one i'm good to get into his is more than deftly check that out on the website but it's a strength training is because it really helps prevent age-related decline in your muscles cimino it's again with you ladies. you guys are tough your pup i gotta watch out for you all can get stroke audience. you know of those exercises you should mix it up and cut through your body your and those are that's what happened in 2018 so far you hav to do is people that are active in training does that help prevent injury to cairo to just moment off the is you. for this reason is so true because like when somebody's in shape, they get better so much quicker somebody i is doing with obesit and unfortunately in the us that superhard to is like if you can't do that if you can be proactive as opposed to reactive some of these little things it's can be a game changer in the somebody that has had success reinvent the wheel he is trying to the details oriented do a good on the she's number one trading group as well and also classes recycling class are hug but is a which is the sum you trading

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