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Table Talk - Free Range Kids 3-28-18

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Table Talk - Free Range Kids 3-28-18 Video: Table Talk - Free Range Kids 3-28-18
Table Talk - Free Range Kids 3-28-18 Wed, 28 Mar 2018 16:01:05 +0000 Table Talk - Free Range Kids 3-28-18 Table Talk - Free Range Kids 3-28-18 WTVQ Lexington, KY afternoon... and thanks for joining us on mid day c1 3 kentucky. c1 3 c1 3 you is what is think day take a picture of the exodus is not feel a bead of sweat coming to 700 to is that they don't i just is not the most anticipated show to come back to use creekside giving 10 out of 10 a a true classic critic says that lofted a sitcom like that in a long time by being positive reviews is a little of the review say that lofted is comin the like this a long time to give this you know up the attempted to correct a really and was on for one hour you like having a cigarette after the first one is existed to vacate i need you if you this lady's trying to do too much in the first half hour after the merger agreement to all the had a grandson that like to dress as go. they had dolly moving becky and i had both jackie's back on the show one having ideas program the you you have brazilians a good she's the trump you can see who they said that she for meditation to try to find somebody couldn't five was so much going on tonight. she was able to say that is is is really just said that to you do you feel that's a whole lot to put in you issue is like right now you need them through a series simental and willie basis #looking forward to that first day straight into trump you is like you did that type o conversation in your previous episodes will all be rich. l- series is this is the time okay so is the controversy but to separate into tv shows. i just i want to be at the table is whic all the siding is just too much where is show i watch my evenin programming the next all the movies that i was reading online renters hilarious really glides back the like. the politics and at this is just too much for me at i enjoying 19 shows because like to watch news and stay informed on politics for is the tv show shows other things like that. i just don't like the overload of politics icon was w just me. maybe your time to the news are overwhelmed for our and our comity to come in the night guys. i wish they would contact the department produces address of the was the use that is is will little psycho in the families get back to that might be you biracial children the you know they could be lgbt to people in the i do that i did little but that was just too much first luck the end of the second episode is like will was back to him up she is and episodes over the last week jus to familiarize was if you is blocking funny people in the day they were doing bring back the golden girls is funny now one of them said life is such a resume will night and it is time funny you is like you try to shove into much in the you know they're doing the read retake on and and i just i feel like it's too much. i feel like it's overall i think that just want to entertain i agree with both of you politics that i things reasonably for the five with i is a quick show that which we didn't do as it is that we doing the on to be shark swing people is really exciting. we want everyone to be involved we can for patient once a a person excited to be believe in now of course as it is today. the reason for me to you receive up to 50% of the surgeons paid okay and sometimes a facelift can cost up to $20,000 i notes riseau with the video utb gmail .com course, we need to do a consultation with dr. then signs up for the you will be the righ person so me some images of your days and angles. that's what it's going to be you will i read exciting to me magazines before we get to this what magazines did you use to read for teenage up like 16 i into magazine 17 was my is probably the i is now i was at a you know a beauty shop is is is is amazing things you might to check out line magazine uses do the icons to target younger readers regularly use sexual productivity in the content now i realize you is a really that racy in the 14 the certainly interesting is always topic of family there addition you one you stay on on tv that have to do with sexual you the best blank things like that doing this because it's regulation. you say you can partially nude women really like businesses self-regulating cannot find cosmo is light in the chapter will is is is bethelridge with the comments on this is maybe old you is say of actual budget as magazines, we have a copy of the goes across the front of cosmo sports illustrated swimsuit issue. personally they say they don't like seeing dead animals on the magazine okay will always be something people died offensive and completely removing it is censoring for those who have arrived to buy this mainstream magazine is and that i mean and i agree with yo that i mean you know it is a racy magazine at the same time i feel like at the really you are as healthy as you is you jovial line with his left people consider you if you make like you to buy the delete what in the is you and is you is page you to your comments. you think it should be removed from the i from the checkout and put into the aisles you you bring up something about you time the headlines as the first state to make this sort of relaxed parenting laws, free range parenting so-called it was the definition of child neglect parents to their children be on their own work. for example, walking to school alone alone in a car and is areas there is been headlines recently were limiting was arrested i will you shut your child at home and they sai he was old enough to be at home and restaurant in some states and you saw this first state to have these free range parenting laws is that the patient is how to write and think like parenting of the 70s to school for all the support is. this allows your children to learn independent and parents not to feel will be criticized by you is you i should kids be allowed to do that is the only book that is directly creating to a government that is the governor of utah in may. this is going forward, and there is no age was fiction as of yet they haven't decided webpage. now i' thinking is maybe teenagers but i think dale should need to be trained doing what the was a is a special thing that you say, is as you if something happened stranger danger is the australian out with okay so i think need to be something like that. i think they need to be educated maybe with a whistle or something along those lines because i can with a renewed some of the states. i will say the amount children you and you child because of the date i is for three years i still child trafficking issues in utah must be clear on that. like i don't think it should be going to the park alone. i didn't think should be left in the top because there is no age, handicap be bonded something at the right i you know's parents there is possible not to like an hour in the middle of the day and come home only really shows will be my choice, not the government is family soul is yo on need to hide if my child is mature enough and you know mayb is so funny that was makes me nervous talking about because i worry you don't to the summit some unfortunately so many good people there's something bad people out there that in the day when we could walk to the park parasols and i could my mom to drop me off the whole house five years old and nobody is close t school junkie like you know the this is that the well but then there was the night that i you the right age that missions would be happy we should be hundred introduced into the kentucky laura's well i can say i jump across something that you found the web and in regards you as well. you tell us what you think is being accused of the chapter. after feeding her young child was sunday and so what they're doing. they know they posted this video the chil eating the hobby and i think we have the video clip for as well you can take a look at ... c1 3 feeding the particular axes of the psychology message vegemite weight of the is clear the story is a little bit deceiving everyone whole was solid that was just a little to take that why you and how she will is about me. i want to try know she's report on the okay mom to get that you want to you know your child explore different tastes in this world and all th different foods and spices and whatnot but this is something i just don't like it when too far will i seek with really are you thinking uses i have six grandchildren and two of the eating sushi and she me the stopped for the battle i used to it was obvious is is the demise of the it's a great that is so healthy i may eat meeting said is that the i do think it's child abuse he might think it's okay to little tastes like my remind lisa put things on the you know little finger and went you down the honest mom squirrel missing these videos online that counties to do it. i wonder if he will try to go viral you wil feeding her baby

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