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Table Talk - Derek Warburton 4-18-18

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Table Talk - Derek Warburton 4-18-18 Video: Table Talk - Derek Warburton 4-18-18
Table Talk - Derek Warburton 4-18-18 Wed, 18 Apr 2018 16:00:58 +0000 Table Talk - Derek Warburton 4-18-18 Table Talk - Derek Warburton 4-18-18 WTVQ Lexington, KY good afternoon... and thanks for joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 want to experience cirque du now's your chance to see c1 3 thank you you are cooking this morning is so good health and o course is a guys we had really good meals. you you you you all you do is is a is is you just close to see the production "you doing all you have to do is go to w-2 meet, and click on the contest tab you will see the link what you need to put your address and i busily these also the swing out when cirque du soleil is he acting like to you we all the because of the 380 is nobody you can going to buy c1 3 options to introduce you to review do you go to the some of resellers and beauty expect is the creative director amazing cold of on and the style and best of the city of los angeles ambassador for just a drop and is the man for 1 to 2 pieces tells that just a drop because of is is in your website i thought this is something i would like to thank you know i'm thrilled to talk about actually so two years ago i was approached by just a drop to be in a better for them sin basically so with the british reese organization and they literally traveled the world helping people in remote countries have water in ohio last year i went to nicaragua and it was probably the most humbling unbelievable experience of my life we when we did littl spelman and i visited multiple site and you'd be shocked at the conditions you'd be shocked the way they live. you know women i this is the thing you know it's so funny with the women's movement of is going on now you know when you're in a place lik nicaragua then they do the walk because men are in the fields all day working with the women walking 5 miles a day multiple times with buckets of water on their head. it is not a-year-ol and five-year-old would allow on believable conditions in is 950 and humid as is up at four in the morning getting the water and we visited the school as you can imagine the health conditions way of the children have multiple issues we went to the school and there were two crippled children of way to go brother and sister in there and the school was so sweet because they all have their uniforms al- male go to will every day but they're sharing a bucket of water in the back there's no sanitation. the dogs are drinking at the children go to the bathroom there washing thei hands in the water there drinking all what i tell you i left about trip holding it for you i is you you just we live in america and being homeless. american i was homeless. growin up so i can speak on this is is a real subject here at home. you have no idea this is another level here you can go to burger king and you you can go use the bathroom is clearly you should shelters do not have when you will another country like that or even in africa which is actually going in october is hundred and 50 mile as well is a disease and you know it's very tough was very tough but it is such a blessing and an honor to work with them able to raise money. my last trip ways enough money for two villages to running electric water to every home in the village so it seeme like play ball was on the adult will be all be gone for a while you are you are so blessed and lucky you know you so funny to hear the news everyone should pooh-poohing america the people who everything in their lives and for you have a life you can drink clean water you have a family that loves you for your situation is. this is so difficult and people for that and they're so concerned and i am to about our homes right we are citizens of the world. we need to reese's back to you you you never know where people come from. you just don't and so which is is very heartbreaking but i'm thrilled to be part of the material to be able to lend my voice because of a platform want to use it for good poems. you will 70 megan the palm is, the about so five years ago by my business partner, paul you with his last name and then two years ago i was on the cover how we met to choose what it was a deal done whatever and we dissuade the cover and then we premiered in europe discuss fashion awards in london was so much fun unbelievable and i brought it back to america and then we did the deal was just a was and that this is working fo both of us magazine whole life and social media and i just wanted to have a booth and get something really special and to reflect my life. my friends lives and left about half binger you know and so i joined with him was group director and you all creative and it's been an amazing partnership, two years ago against barnes & nobl nationwide, where you celebrate every issue were double-sided, so half of it man, half of its women's and you flip it over to pay for all prize from the is the will is baby media is is is this is a good idea i were able to do this ... with you because is used, crazy is you made a career way here i you i unbelievable with about promoting and recognizing peopl that have done extraordinary things with their lives and liv their dreams is that so much what i'm about and always you and you is is you is to is you will receive an is married you in 19 you may claim i met to of a body adjudicative chucky cheese everyone you requested to use decided to is younger than one of them elders grown children is what everyone is happy is he just broke marriage with that was around the same age. i ask you notice would be a and will just be quick about it is is page is creepy. i will to live in that but this is okay for me i as i know i am one of those it was that was on the she is 30 to hundred and the thing is that the grammy you you is you will say to you is will go to the was interested in older women those he knows that the populace is titled to is first of all you hurting anyone. we live in america you can do that here is fine though is that is c1 3 , this is the total is very quickly college and is getting mom shade on social media about 20 (two month baby baby lotion safe to go to coachella now some to make spotted completely appropriate to college and went to coachella socially up to giving birth all visible kylie is a cost people so mad, we went to coachella because she had a baby is in the deal time to the teachings of having to write to you as soon as i think a lot of opinions on kylie to leave the house unless there's a check is you don't do i door saying without getting a check she got paid to be there the promoting the makeup they had events in is so you don't she is contracted to this that the thing things that was parting of the time allotted time. you see celebrities out like that allowing themselves to be visible you are getting paid so i know for fact i can almost guarantee you there was a paycheck and all that's why she went because she only went with me and i know they have because i was invited right they is i think if she's out for the night to do even to do the same. you get paid two months mom i know it's a baby is so time- consuming and you kind you get some time to kind of break out and and doing every half hour. i is the right time to mess and you get to is comes a research from great britain shows is that the 50 that the 55 years of age do that millennial's lease a majority of the and not meant to is that i thought was interesting to read an analog clock say something is what's analog is, you are doing a very closer to millennial the new i think is a is to do the will i do it you is a stylus for so many years and so am it took c1 3 myself at the bottom of you you to you is is is is is actually i was with you on my is the lady in utah that every time i had about and come up on my jacket will shut i just give it to her right to you as i can you know it's a industry room and saw like you you will is ready you is you can amends i can do i don't do i

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