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Wild Thyme - Breakfast Banana Split 4-25-18

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Wild Thyme - Breakfast Banana Split 4-25-18 Video: Wild Thyme - Breakfast Banana Split 4-25-18
Wild Thyme - Breakfast Banana Split 4-25-18 Wed, 25 Apr 2018 16:40:19 +0000 Wild Thyme - Breakfast Banana Split 4-25-18 Wild Thyme - Breakfast Banana Split 4-25-18 WTVQ Lexington, KY c1 3 bath, where you will always cook in style. speaker 2: welcome back to midday kentucky. we are in the kitchen right here at creative kitchen & bath with miss alison davis, chef extraordinaire. allison davis: she's got to quit with that. speaker 2: no, i can't. i can't quite quit. allison davis: okay. so i haven't told her what we're making. speaker 2: she won't tell me. allison davis: i'm trying to let her guess and see what she thinks we're doing. but it's a lot of your favorite foods. speaker 2: it is. chocolate, yogurt. i'm seeing bananas. i want to say, it's like a parfait. it's got to be some sort of a parfait. allison davis: similar to a parfait. speaker 2: okay. allison davis: but, we're calling this a breakfast banana split. speaker 2: nice. allison davis: right? speaker 2: yeah. allison davis: so, basically, this is a way to kind of get the kids having fun. this would be to me, maybe a saturday morning breakfast. speaker 2: okay. allison davis: because, i definitely have brought some more sugar and sweets into the picture. but you can definitely make it a little bit healthier. so we're going to just start to assemble our banana splits. speaker 2: okay. allison davis: and i'm going to have you kind of work on one, as well. speaker 2: all right. allison davis: and then i'm going to talk about the different toppings that i have. definitely have some greek yogurt. speaker 2: okay. allison davis: that we're going to put on top. this is just a vanilla greek yogurt. you could also go with a ricotta cheese, or maybe even like mascarpone cheese, or something like that. speaker 2: yeah. allison davis: one of those really nice decadent cheeses. not something that's super salty. speaker 2: okay. allison davis: so we can kind of go and top our banana split, if you want to add that. i've got a couple of other toppings. you could go with say some nutella, if we wanted a little of that chocolate hazelnut spray. speaker 2: yeah. why not? allison davis: right? okay. so a little chocolate action for me. speaker 2: oh, yum. allison davis: then i also had, if some people ... i'm a big fan. this is like my dad's favorite sandwich ever, but peanut butter and banana. speaker 2: yes. allison davis: so, you may want to add a little peanut butter, a little protein in there. speaker 2: i'll do it. allison davis: a couple of dressings or sauces, instead of like the traditional caramel or chocolate sauce. speaker 2: yeah. allison davis: we could go with honey or maple syrup. for me, i'm probably going to go with maple syrup. speaker 2: i like maple syrup too. allison davis: yeah. and we always talk about this, but we always try to go with that 100% grade a. speaker 2: yes. allison davis: i picked this one up and it even says, "robust maple flavor." speaker 2: very nice. allison davis: but always try to get 100%. speaker 2: yeah. allison davis: there's no added high fructose corn syrup. speaker 2: yeah. allison davis: so it's plant-based as well. speaker 2: nothing aunt jemima's or anything like that, right? allison davis: so, already we're starting to look good there, right? speaker 2: ah, it looks delicious. allison davis: so a little maple syrup on yours. and then, our toppings, right? we've got some fruit. i'm going to go with a little bit of blueberries. and, let's see, there's some strawberries, if you wanted to cut those up. speaker 2: oh, yeah. let's do the strawberries. allison davis: and we also have some fun little cherries. these are the maraschino cherries. but certain times of the year, you can get the nice fresh cherries. i also have dates. dates are a good source of carbs and a natural sweetener. so, if you didn't want to go with the honey or maple syrup, but maybe you wanted to chop some dates up, that would bring a sweetness to it. speaker 2: nice. allison davis: some chopped nuts, or granola would be great. definitely, for the kids in the morning, if you wanted to throw that granola in there and bring a nice little bit of a crunch. speaker 2: you know, you keep saying the kids, but really, i'm thinking all about me. yeah. allison davis: and then i've got a couple of toppings that might be a little ... like in more saturday morning friendly, heath toffee bits, or some chocolate chips. speaker 2: oh, i love it. love it in ice cream. allison davis: i'm probably going to ... yeah. like it gives the perfect crunch, right? speaker 2: yes. like, i can't eat a whole heath bar. it's like too much. it's too ... allison davis: so, i'm going to go with a little bit of that heath toffee action. speaker 2: this is like perfect. allison davis: i even picked up some dried cranberries. so really, this is like ... get in your pantry, see what would be fun. get the kids going. speaker 2: chocolate chips? allison davis: yeah. and then you can just have like a fun sunday bar for breakfast. speaker 2: uh-huh. allison davis: right? speaker 2: yes. i love it. allison davis: the other one that you could do instead of the yogurt, you can sometimes get the frozen yogurt. speaker 2: yeah. allison davis: and so, that would even be like adding like a scoop of ice cream onto the banana. speaker 2: is this really breakfast? i mean, really. allison davis: hey, i mean, i would put all of that in a smoothie for sure. speaker 2: absolutely. absolutely. allison davis: i just think this is kind of fun and, hopefully, something that everybody will enjoy at home. speaker 2: absolutely. well, for this recipe and many other recipes, head over to our website at cky. you'll find it under the recipes tab. or, you can head over to miss allison's website at .... allison davis: .... you can find me on instagram at chef allison davis. and i guess, we'll be right back. speaker 2: yes, we will, after this short break. speaker 1: today's cooking segment was brought to you by creative kitchen

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