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Today on Table Talk, is it YANNY or LAUREL??? What?? We are putting it out there for you to decide!

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Today on Table Talk, is it YANNY or LAUREL??? What?? We are putting it out there for you to decide! Video: Today on Table Talk, is it YANNY or LAUREL??? What?? We are putting it out there for you to decide!
Today on Table Talk, is it YANNY or LAUREL??? What?? We are putting it out there for you to decide! Wed, 16 May 2018 16:01:05 +0000 Today on Table Talk, is it YANNY or LAUREL??? What?? We are putting it out there for you to decide! Today on Table Talk, is it YANNY or LAUREL??? What?? We are putting it out there for you to decide! WTVQ Lexington, KY for joining us on mid day kentucky. c1 3 we are 3 days away from the royal wedding! sources are now saying that meghan's father will miss the wedding due to a heart operation... so that means that meghan's mother... doria... may walk her down the aisle... however... this isn't c1 3 th this isn't the first time i'm a princess was she's a princess you people down queen victoria to the does actual princesses is a satellite and prince is waitress accompanied by the lien down the is down is that you because her husband died 25 you is a was but now told that down that she is wearing is the custody time and of the day tradition and have to wear a flat she is many years that is a while you and dad for the rest of the lot really which she remarried. the show so she never got that we you what she had gotten married, then this is set to that's the is an attempt to live the bodily twice as muc the group that teddy to you is you is you you can easily do do the series is the closet think it's called on queen victoria to little series is about queen victoria and and prince albert so that the to to she is famous for as many the back to god victoria laid out use you and day on the head for the rest of her life. all i killed him is will say something like pneumonia and is the married you know the working died. i think it was like maybe 28 use of the i out to is crazy i like you liquid was with now is the second is you so that was interesting. it right is perfect for you everyone. thank you is you you is is about the people across the pond in england differently than in the us like drive on the left side of the road you we drive on the right side promoting celebrations aisles of the different five things that the might be of interest to overview lots of is bachelor parties the cold hands parties members into i said to david the snow you you you you you is that you got a friend of you and body told yeah you you is named the bride instead of i front of interest to be out by to quickly meet them on the big medical preside days take kate assistant ted middleton okay middleton you and sorry to behind her, holding her down the field and okay now wedding breakfast served in some of those do not which is quite common as well okay you do a do not in america summits were expensive to tell me that the yeah i take our christmas cakes christmas puddings and waiting i and 21st and 18th birthday parties in europe and australia meeting with illustrated scotland have a fruitcake is what do we do is sponge cake with you that you is is is it remember last like 20 or 30 you is that you said yesterday for the royal wedding in the limitation that you up to where know it's not so much like that in australia who some of the now unfortunately pete all you over the just quickly get back to that princess beatrice and princess eugene which is the duchess of york's doors are that is duchess of york we choose prince andrew and 30 until had the most dreadful heads a lot the essence of is the hope that was something some of of something that i this type deadlocked at all over the worl programs and benefits will is i the is you think about movie th waiting is the i you to dislike derby and all at is to see is adequate said it's just that th kentucky derby didn't because had to let the you is like that here is you everyone or no one can you drawing attention away from the bride we decided to like that like you and one doin it. you can yourself you everyone know that is and i wen to is him up as you went to room discharge should be interesting to see was the parade the way the seven women would come in o christmas and the address you sometimes on i love you is fantastic. that's what you think the you do not swear at the wedding will not is is taking over social media, but explaine that is ... on the play something first and then ... allow asking the question ... listen ... okay so this is doing crazy about right now i you gave me the will i your question i was watching roses and other things on my phone. there's a a, depend on the base of your device hundred on other tv shows. it's unlike any the guzman the on the inside like yesterday cost. it sounded like metal to metal you is you do type interphone the that what is the record is is is is a social media guy that grew out of the web and say is is also a 80 is confused is something i you can do dictation phone in the will rea as you posted as this is about the and said why this happens. what hasn't happened basically saying it's the base you'll device device and you you in on our facebook page bed people said they heard you will i phone unique, clear as day with the producer with hand our producer and she on plated off of her computer and then she adjusted the base took the base down i'm not sure what she did with it. but then it was it was clearly laurel it was the strangest thing i've ever is a sleep sleep is a service and this is very interesting a high school. you know the jungle. the c1 3 a jumble a private catholic school. christopher columbus high that in's and on social media i was utada the was is notice would have been adjudicated lemur we found that is a monkey is knox and the students to take pictures with objects aside, this was high school and the part of the team was like out of africa, but something was and you are out of the jungle something to the jungle welcome to the group tel me to file i think sal i think it's appropriate to animals and in an environment like that where there's live music playing with fire weathers people standing around my everything out you can clearly see just how agitated that tiger was now you is is 11 so that we have always it was you i believe you is you like to distress they have the animals they be outside at a not like the others are quiet were people in the xers by okay maybe an organization that is to say to you and know you consuming the studio. it's a dog will be that therefore line out to dance beautiful pam do i to stop is have a nice what you need and want to switch schools need to outdo each other is that the big you i fundraiser throughout you tickets to go to the funds it private schools know where placeholder tickets for you to score on you and buy tickets to the the got eight right now is money for somethin like that for animals in the cage to make the photo look that up. i you the ticket tell him i think it's excessive aplomb that is upsets me is the use of animals in distress for your pleasure necessary that tiger a small cajun i agree because of you you and mid-day kentucky facebook page quick question do is you select a you love this a brazilian butt lift me up you on my new tv sho can be you looking someone to is that snow surgery botanist of course is liposuction the main checked that that extracting to the trouble you cheeks lamentably takes in the back five i need to send me pictures and details the [email protected] the library had some people email m at dave is through the i write good that she is the much is so you can live on monday the fifth monday coming everyone on the 20 is the by 5947 the by 594- 7230 would like to see you that from the is snack about you you do

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