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Midmorning With Aundrea - May 30, 2018

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Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self! Today, Aundrea looks at upcoming 5G wireless technology that is expected to be 100 times faster but is not without controversy. Also, Aundrea takes a look at the history of women in the military. And finally, WCBI meteorologist Jacob Dickey is cooking up a storm once again in the kitchen! Today's recipe: a scrumptious dip that is bound to be a hit at your next party! Video: Midmorning With Aundrea - May 30, 2018
Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self! Today, Aundrea looks at upcoming 5G wireless technology that is expected to be 100 times faster but is not without controversy. Also, Aundrea takes a look at the history of women in the military. And finally, WCBI meteorologist Jacob Dickey is cooking up a storm once again in the kitchen! Today's recipe: a scrumptious dip that is bound to be a hit at your next party! Wed, 30 May 2018 14:00:14 +0000 Midmorning With Aundrea - May 30, 2018 Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self! Today, Aundrea looks at upcoming 5G wireless technology that is expected to be 100 times faster but is not without controversy. Also, Aundrea takes a look at the history of women in the military. And finally, WCBI meteorologist Jacob Dickey is cooking up a storm once again in the kitchen! Today's recipe: a scrumptious dip that is bound to be a hit at your next party! WCBI tonight.2 2 cancer. she was one of several people who raised health concerns at a government hearing last month. lisa cline: this stuff is untested on kids. anita prince: their safety is not certain. donna freshwater: these untested technologies are at this time not ready to be unleashed into our lives. cell phone equipment emits radiation ... but research on its health effects has been inconsistent. according to the national cancer institute ... " limited number of studies have shown some evidence of statistical association of cell phone use and brain tumor risks, but most studies have found no association." either way ... barron says she fears property values could plummet when 5- g equipment pops up. td: if a tower goes up right there, what's going to happen to the value of that home? db: if could drop twenty percent. arnoldi insists her workers are focused on safety ... pointing out ?they? live and work near this equipment, too. you're very comfortable with it rolling out in your neck of the woods? ma: absolutely. ab-- absolutely. wireless carriers have announced plans to roll out 5-g service to a handful of cities later this year. but to really take advantage, you'll need a 5-g enabled device, which reportedly won't be available until next year. tony dokoupil, cbs news, new york. authorities are warning that russian hackers have infected a device that brings the internet to our homes and offices. but john schiumo tells us there's an easy way to protect yourself from this cyber threat. "we're in your guest roo where you have your router." like millions of americans elissa domnitz has a router.. the unit that brings internet service to the devices in her home. routers come in all shapes and sizes but the government says hundreds of thousands have been infected with malware. "now i'm kind o freaking out a little bit, you're making me really worried." the fbi recently put out a public service announcement sayisaying 'the malware is able to perform multiple functions, including possible information collection, device exploitation, and blocking network traffic.' "they can spy o you" ed stroz is the former head of new york city's fbi computer crime squad. he says the infection could give hackers access to personal information or even allow them to disable the router. "they can eve wipe it out or cause it not to work any longer." the f-b-i has already identified how the hackers got into the routers.. now the agency is asking everyone to do a reboot. "by turning it of and on it resets in a way that allows the fbi to identify the devices that were infected" elissa rebooted hers by unplugging it for five seconds. "hopefully tha will do the job." the reboot should also destroy part of the malware. experts say you also need to create a new strong password for your router. john schiumo, cbs news, new york. you should also make sure your router has the latest software or firmware installed. starbucks is shutting down thousands of its stores this afternoon so employees can undergo anti- bias training. the move follows an incident last month at a philadelphia store where two black men were arrested after asking to use the bathroom without buying anything. hena doba reports from a starbucks location in new york . :39-:44 howard schultz/starbucks executive chairman :45-:52 hena doba/cbs news, new york 1:03-1:06 matt birken/starbucks customer 1:07-1:11 nadia mclean/starbucks customer most starbucks customers will have to get their coffee fix somewhere else tuesday afternoon. 8- thousand company-owned stores will close for four hours while employees get anti-bias training. starbucks released a preview video of the training. get your notepad out and turn to what makes me me and you, you. together, partners will explore inspiration, partner stories and problem solve the training is in response to an incident last month at a philadelphia starbucks& nats of incident a manager called the police after two black men arrived and waited for a friend without buying anything. pipe 8 8:09:07 "thi is probably one of the most important transformationa l moments in the history of our company and we take it very seriously." leaders of several civil rights groups, including the n- double-a-c-p helped put together the diversity training curriculum. 9:37 it's all about trying to provide a level of empathy, and compassion and a new level of sensitivity. the closures are expected to cost the coffee-giant about 12 million dollars in revenue. pipe 7 10:00:23 its a good stance they need to get some traing in there obviously i don't think this is something you can throw 4 hours at and then say everything is gonna be ok starbucks says tuesday's training is just the first step and will be a part of every new employee's training. hena doba cbs news, new york. about 7- thousand licensed stores in hotels, airports and colleges will remain open. those stores will receive training materials so they can work with their employees another time. two children die each day in the u.s. from drowning, but thankfully there are ways parents and loved ones can protect children around water. holly firfer has more. --reporter pkg-as follows-- temperatures are climbing around the country and many families are taking to the water for a little relief. but as you cool off it's important to take precautions to reduce the risk of drowning - whether you're at the pool, lake, or the ocean. the top priority is making sure children are properly supervised by an alert adultmost drownings occur quickly and quietly with little or no yelling or splashing. the cdc suggests people learn cpr to help out in case of an emergency. and though it may seem obvious, adults and children should know how to swim. but even if you're child is a strong swimmer, it's a good idea to use the buddy system. experts recommend that weak swimmers use lifejackets as well as all boaters - adults and children. if you have a backyard pool, it's important to install fencing and locks, and consider a pool alarm or cover. if you have small children, remove toys after swimming to prevent them from jumping in to retrieve them when unsupervised. swimming is great exercise and being safe can make for a great day of fun in the sun. for today's health minute i'm holly firfer. they served with courage and honor. a look at the contributions of women to the u.s. military when midmorning morehan more than three million women have served our country in the military, including 168 women who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. an often overlooked memorial in arlington, virginia - the women in military service for america memorial - honors the contributions women have made to the armed forces. jan crawford has more on its meaning to female veterans. ctm script: testing tanks is just daily routine for this all girl crew their work is the stuff of legend. their service to the nation unmistakeable. the women in the service were really there to help win the war. but the contributions-- and stories--of women veterans like 90-year-old ki shappell often are overlooked. we were navy but we knew the word charge and that's what this unique memorial... at the gateway to arlington national designed to help change. it tells the stories of veterans like shappell-- who recently visited for the first time. i had been doing war work, rosy the riveter and things like that, and i felt that i wanted to do something more directly connected with winning the war. shappell joined the navy as an airplane repair technician during world war two despite being underage. she lied about her age because she knew serving in the military could change her life. the navy gave me a marvelous opportunity to do things i would have never been able to do she went on to earn a masters degree in engineering through the gi bill, eventually building airplanes at lockheed martin. she credits joing the military. the foundation was from my navy service. it was the smartest decision i ever made. but for shappell and other women serving in the 1940s, it wasn't always easy. the women came back from world war ii and they were told thank you for your service, go home. major general dee ann mcwilliams oversees the memorial and says its mission is to preserve the stories of women like shappell...their struggles and their sacrifices. because of what she did and the nurses of world war one did // was like building blocks that would tell our nation, these women can do it all of these stories are gathered here in this register? yes they are. and each one is unique and personal mcwilliams says it's her goal to have ?all? women who have served or are serving included in the register. every story is unique and they are important not just to them, their family, but to our nation. for shappell, the world war two displays brought back memories of a time that changed her life. this uniform here appeared the last couple months of the war, and all of a sudden we had something different to wear. all of this a way to rember their service -- and preserve their life stories -- for future generations. i see a great deal of progress now, women of high achievement in the military and i'm proud of them for cbs this morning, jan crawford, washington. the cbs this morning series " more perfect union" aims t show that what unites us as americans is far greater than what divides us. broadway has always been a place that celebrates people overcoming differences and adversity. those stories are usually told ?on? the stage. but behind the scenes, jamie wax discovered a case where one director's art has become a true reflection of his life. 1. once on this island/circle in the square time: 00:00 - 00:14 notes: upper left 2: michael arden/director, once on this island time: 01:01 - 01:05 notes: 3. footage courtesy of stephen scott scarpulla time: 01:23 - 01:27 notes: upper left 3. spring awakening/ the nederlander organization time: 01:28 - 01:40 notes: upper left 4. courtesy deaf west theatre time: 01:45 - 01:48 notes: upper left 6. hailey lost, until an older couple adopts her. nats once on this island it's not just the story behind the hit broadway musical, "once o this island." nats for michael arden, the show's director, it's the story of his life. michael arden, director, was taken in at an early age by his grandparents, listen as he reads from his playbill bio. they loved him as their own, accepted him, despite not always understanding him. this production is dedicated to their memory and to all those who give shelter and love to those they find in trees. - they found him stuck as a toddler -- after family tragedy left arden with no one to raise him. 10:19:35;11 my grandparents-- jim and pat moore were an incredible couple. they drove me to the community theatre, where i did plays as a kid. the moores -- a traditional couple from midland, texas, did their best to understand their grandson. michael arden: i'm also a gay man and that wasn't something their southern baptist upbringing had really prepared them for. // but-- those differences never got in the way of never- ending love and support. he's taken that love and support, and spun it into an acclaimed career -- grabbing two tony nominations as a director. and he pays it forward -- taking risks on people ?he? finds in trees. nats arden addressing cast of spring awakening one of those risks was casting a group of deaf actors in a broadway musical for the revival of "sprin awakening." nats spring awakening to be able to give these young people, these deaf performers, and opportunity to be rock stars and to share their culture with people who might never get to see it otherwise. treshelle edmonds was in that cast, and is now on boradway again in children of a lesser god. she says arden changed her life particularly a black, deaf actress? twice on broadway? and michael started it by giving me that opportunity. and in his current show, two major roles are broadway debuts. nats tony nominee hailey kilgore whom arden plucked out of college nats and alex newell, a male actor in the traditionally female role of mother earth nats alex newell singing how many men in their life get to say they get to play a strong female? nats once on this island to know that every day there's a little girl that comes in and watches the show and goes, "oh, i coul do that," is-- i a so lucky. nats once on this island lea solanga is the seasoned veteran jamie wax: 13:39:04;28 what is it in him that-- that makes him take these risks? lea salonga: 13:39:10;19 maybe there's a pioneering-- groundbreaking spirit about him. arden recognizes that none of the opportunities he's given others would have been possible without the opportunity his grandparents first gave him. jamie wax: what would you say if you could talk to your grandparents? michael arden: 10:54:01;20 i'd say thank you. we don't ever realize how precious life is while we're living it. and i will try in everything i do to honor the love that you gave me. merolost meterologist jacob dickey is back - cooking up a storm. he's making a tasty dip when we chs andi chips and dip. it's a standard starter for dinner parties or other gatherings. jacob dickey is here cooking a storm and making a dip that sure to be a crowd pleaser. ingredients: 8 oz cream c c recc rebecca hall >> john you and i make deals on his elemental controversy newsroom out into disuse and is a lasagna the immediate site is so should i do we need it for different kinds teases avocado cheese parmesan cheese so it doesn't really green fees element of mozzarella cheese and this is not a low-fat to y and you and marinara seasoning has been the card i restart is warm and something that she is part of john monson well i am cutting a copy. it is a very simple not to happen 3 cups the marinara sauce are nearsighted light is a generic 100 generic one you don't dial up and not by early will recognize my nose and eyes only to the mound and gives a better time getting and getting licensed or bad in the garden sooner is the only real work we've done so far shabbos oregano and is an option for you? regina in the saddle together and i didn't put in there and and are lasagna and policy and it is great go cheese is melted to houses contact and we can do presence and actors chaps and patients everything is at the office and that is on and so wheyou when you present this world that now states that again didn't take a long time and i'm wondering if that and make itherre is there really well in the said stuff say we can mix as little confidence as is cheese and bread sticks to be distinct in their scime specimen will be community the top up the storm in the shipping and auperue a superglue alumina with rock by a

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