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BAKERSFIELD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2019 / For most women, motherhood is the ultimate experience of a lifetime, but it is also one that exacts a physical toll, especially during pregnancy and the first year or two after birth. While moms embrace their new responsibilities with joy and devotion, the fact remains that many of these women lose their confidence and vitality because of the changes their bodies have undergone. Frequently, shedding the excess weight gained during pregnancy does not resolve the issue because there remains the matter of sagging breasts, loose stomach skin, and stubborn fat accumulation in certain parts of the body, the hips being an especially problematic area. Many women opt for a so-called “mommy makeover,” explaining that it is not a question of vanity but a reflection of their desire to regain confidence and look as good as they feel. Recognizing the need and growing demand for this package of procedures, California-based cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetics center Beautologie has made mommy makeovers a key offer in its portfolio and has gained a strong reputation for delivering excellent results in combination with expert advice and uncompromising patient care standards.

For the highly trained and experienced doctors at Beautologie, safety is an overriding consideration, starting with the choice of products and extending all the way to support during the recovery period. Since mommy makeovers typically include breast augmentation, the quality and safety of implants are paramount. As recently reported, the US Food and Drug Administration has recalled the BIOCELL textured breast implants produced by Allergan. Commenting on the news, Beautologie medical director Darshan Shah, MD attested that the center does not use these particular implants but recommended that patients should always contact their doctors and get checked in case they have any concerns. A mommy makeover usually combines breast reconstruction, a tummy tuck, and liposuction, with women receiving extensive consultations to customize each procedure for maximum results.

The plastic surgery experts at Beautologie will provide detailed answers to any question patients may have and guide them through the process, making the experience as comfortable as possible. The recommendations and gratitude of the women who have enhanced their appearance at the center are testament to the skills and consideration of the professional team. The doctors also appreciate the importance of their work, taking pride in the fact that their efforts transform more than physical attributes. Dr. Darshan Shah shares, “Some of my happiest patients are the ones that have had a mommy makeover done. It is amazing to see how reversing the effects of having children on a woman’s body can really make them more self-confident and feel like their life has truly changed.”

Beautologie has become the destination of choice for Californians wishing to improve their physical appearance through cosmetic surgery or medical aesthetics procedures. Unrelentingly focused on patient comfort, quality work, and safety, the company has won multiple awards, among them Best Bakersfield Plastic Surgeon for Dr. Darshan Shah, who has held this title for 15 consecutive years. In addition to its team of highly trained doctors, Beautologie boasts fully AAAHC-accredited facilities and an unrivaled 100% safety record. Utilizing a collaborative approach, the company’s specialists deliver the best possible care while ensuring that patients receive exemplary personalized treatment and experience the utmost satisfaction with the results.

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