Can You Become A Successful Lawyer without Attending a Law School – Yes!

TORRANCE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2019 / Some states such as California, Washington, Vermont, and Virginia allow you to legally hold the degree of Lawyer without attending a law school or holding a college degree. You can do this by fulfilling the legal studies in a judge’s chamber or a law office. This program is known as the Law Office Study Program.

Popularly known as “Doing it like Lincoln” or going the “Abe Lincoln route,” here what the students do is learn the law by the mode of doing a legal apprenticeship. This method would allow you to learn first-hand from those who have already studied law. While the US Legal Apprentice community is yet to grow in numbers, it is slowly getting the recognition it deserves. The community is changing how the legal education system in the US was viewed at.

Various platforms have been launched online that helps aspiring lawyers to choose for Legal Office Study Program. These platforms are an ideal place to meet like-minded professionals and students socially.

For instance, is a place for those who are aspiring to be a lawyer with or without attending a law school. The website is exclusively built to teach, inspire, and motivate those students who wish to take the Abe Lincoln route and it has a vast database on tips. And to let you know that Los Angeles, located in Southern California, has the highest number of students opting for the Law Office Study Program.

Over a period, the website has built a database that holds all the essential and relevant information, plus the study tools as to how one can become a successful lawyer both conventionally and unconventional. It was built to encourage people to share their experiences, get assisted in bar preparation, and get study outlines.

Why Should You Consider Choosing Legal Apprenticeship?

There are several reasons and factors which make some professionals choose a legal apprenticeship over attending a law school.

These factors are:

  • A cheaper affair

Choosing Legal Apprenticeship over opting to attend a law school would be a lot cheaper. Attorneys in Los Angeles and several other places pay the apprentices small fees. This payout also includes the fees to take their First-Year Law Student Exam which is also popularly known as “baby bar”.

So, when the fees to attend a public university or a private law school is compared to opting to do an apprenticeship, the later proves to be a profitable affair. It can be said that the apprentices are being paid to get a degree.

  • No Standardized teaching Method

Here, in the Law Office Study Program, there are very few educational guidelines or materials. The major part of mentoring comes from the experience that the mentor has. Thus, in this program, what the mentor really would be doing, is passing on their learnings from their experience to the apprentice.

  • Legal Gladiators on Successful Completion of Program

While the Law Office Study Program sounds attractive and fun as compared to attending the school, the program is quite demanding and brutal. The apprentices might have to work full time for the legal firm and would be getting trained in conducting investigations, assisting attorneys for their hearings, participating in hearings and such.

Apart from this, they would also be studying bar topics. Thus, those who successfully complete this program would be nothing less than a legal gladiator.

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