FLUUX Smartphone Case Provides a Sizable Solution for JUUL Users

Vape users have been frequently facing two problems: regularly losing their vape, and always being low on battery at the most inconvenient time. FLUUX is bringing a solution to help users overcome these.

San Francisco, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 12, 2019 / A quick search on the internet will tell how common these problems are for vape users – especially those who use the JUUL vaporizer. But fortunately, a solution to both of these problems is on the horizon. The FLUUX smartphone case lets users store their JUUL, charge their JUUL, charge their phone, and protect their phone–all at the same time. This solution goes beyond solving the two problems JUUL users frequently face – losing their JUUL and running out of battery – because, in addition, the FLUUX mobile app tackles an even larger problem that many vape users have – controlling their usage.

The FLUUX comes with an innovative app that is designed to put its users in control of their vaping habits through data, insights, and convenience. For example, over time, the FLUUX learns a user’s usage habits and can predict when a user is about to run out of pods. Users can even enroll in an in-app, automated pod re-ordering system that takes several factors into account to ensure that they never run out of cartridges.

Soon, the FLUUX app will have a doctor-approved Vaping Cessation feature that will include a coach with weekly meetings, off the cuff check-ins, doctor’s visits, prescribed medications, restrictions on pod-reordering, and connect users that are trying to quit in a forum like setting to get the support they need. The purpose of this innovative feature is to help users wean off nicotine and quit vaping altogether.

“If we’re doing our jobs right, we won’t have any more vaping customers at the end of it.” Said Chadwick Manning, the CEO of FLUUX, when explaining the feature and what he hoped to accomplish with the FLUUX app.

The FLUUX solution came about when Chadwick Manning, the Co-founder, and CEO of FLUUX, as well as an entrepreneur who has appeared on the Forbes 30 under 30 energy list, was affected by these two problems himself.

“These problems caused unnecessary frustration and began to take a toll on my bank account,” Manning said. “I was making frequent trips to the nearest convenience store to buy another vaporizer. And when I was out in public, I would carry a separate power pack in case my vape ran out of battery. These solutions were neither convenient nor practical.”

This led Manning to create the FLUUX, an all-in-one solution to the many problems JUUL users frequently face. The Fluux weighs in at only 4.5 ounces and roughly doubles the depth of the phone. That being said, users will hardly notice a change to their phone’s form-factor.

Soon, vape users will have a solution to the problems they are all too familiar with–that solution is FLUUX. No matter what problems you face with your vaporize – whether it be that you frequently lose it, that it regularly runs out of battery, or even that you are trying to stop using it altogether – FLUUX is the solution for you.

Look out for the FLUUX pre-order in the next few weeks. FLUUX is expected to start shipping and hit shelves in December 2019.

For more information on FLUUX and to sign up for (e)mail updates, please visit the FLUUX website.

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