Americans Waking Up Completely Debt-Free Thanks to New, Innovative Debt Relief Program with a Twist

An Idaho man is the driving force behind a movement to help Americans wake up to a shocking surprise: their debt being 100% forgiven. His company Trade Nicely has developed an unusual way to incentivize companies to ‘do what’s right’ – and he’s just getting started.

BOISE, ID / ACCESSWIRE / September 28, 2020 / It’s a stark reality facing millions of Americans everyday: being hounded endlessly by debt collectors looking to get paid on debts that are sometimes many years old. Their tactics range from unpleasant to downright illegal, violating both State and Federal law, in addition to driving people nuts.

Jeffery Hartman, a Boise Idaho-based family man decided enough is enough and created a solution that’s revolutionizing the way lenders, debt collection agencies and everyday Americans interact.

“I was tired of seeing how poorly people were being treated. 2020 has already been bad enough for many folks… why not give people a break?” says Hartman.

Hartman, a financial strategist with 10 years of experience, realized something shocking: the companies who are owed these debts have no real incentive to forgive the debts which leads them to either attempt to collect them internally, forget about them, or work with a debt collection agency. This system is broken and the government is so busy dealing with a plethora of other pressing issues that this often gets disregarded, leaving Americans to fend for themselves against harassment, abuse and unlawful tactics.

After reaching out to various lawmakers, Senators and other political leaders, and getting nowhere, Hartman took matters into his own hands. His first action: he forgave 12 disabled veterans of their debt, instantly freeing them from a combined total of $53,466 of debt.

“It just seems like the right thing to do,” says Hartman from his front porch in Boise, “they fought for our freedoms, ended up with medical problems, many are not able to get back to work and really have no way of paying back their debts… and they are American heroes. They deserve better.”

Hartman was inspired by the late night TV host John Oliver, whose segment went viral after he did “the largest giveaway in television history” by forgiving $15,000,000 of medical debt live on air, effectively freeing a total of 9,000 people from their debts.

With millions of Americans facing unemployment, and their financial lives in dire straits, Hartman realized that he was in a unique position to help. He called up a few of his friends and formed Trade Nicely, a social enterprise that’s on a mission to forgive $50,000,000,000 of debt by 2025.

The big innovation is that Hartman’s company is providing “mouth watering” incentives to lenders to pass their portfolios to him where he is then in a position to forgive debts with the stroke of a pen.

Typically lenders are reluctant to let go of their debt portfolios because they are scared of the repercussions such as potential lawsuits, data breaches, and other blowback, which is simply not worth the risk, especially since they are only receiving “pennies on the dollar” for these portfolios of delinquent accounts.

Hartman’s offer is simple: he acquires these debt portfolios by trading for things lenders really want such as positive PR, exclusive access to Financial Partners, client acquisition, and other services. He works with companies to identify a group of people whose debts they’d like forgiven, and then he gets to work.

Hartman has a soft spot for disabled veterans so that’s whose debt he forgives.

Companies using Trade Nicely’s Debt Relief Program are forgiving the debt of “single moms”, “the elderly”, “the terminally ill” and other cohorts of the population.

In a quest to help as many people as possible, Hartman has even opened the program to allow charities, groups and individuals to get in on the action. They are able to make a donation, select the people whose debt they want forgiven, and Hartman takes care of the rest, from acquiring a portfolio, locating the people they want to help, and the paperwork necessary to formally forgive the debts.

It’s an unusual angle, but Hartman is clearly on to something.

“If I was a billionaire, I would just give these people the money myself, but I’ve got a family to feed, so I thought there had to be another way to make a real impact, and that’s when it hit me to do a Debt Relief Program that’s simple enough for anyone to get involved,” says Hartman.

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