Celebrity Media Buyer Jordan Menard Launches New Digital Learning Platform Named Traffic Pilot

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 29, 2020 / Jordan Menard is the founder of Traffic Pilot, an e-learning platform that teaches people how to become highly-proficient digital marketers who can charge high-ticket prices for their services.

Most people haven’t heard of Jordan Menard, but it’s likely they’ve seen his work. Jordan is a media buyer, a job still relatively unknown by the general public. He’s worked with people like Jordan Belfort, Consulting.com, Robert Kiyosaki, Mastering.com, The Morrison Brothers, & more. Media buyers are digital marketers who work as intermediaries between brands & networks. When big brands have products they want to sell online, they hire an agency that offers media buying services to create advertisements and pay the platforms to show them to their users. Essentially, media buying solves the problem every business has:

How do we get leads?

For obvious reasons, this industry is booming, and in an economy where millions have suddenly lost a job for no reason of their own, media buying is thriving; people are on their phones and computers more than ever. If you were to ask him, Jordan would tell you that a media buyer exchanges attention for Currency. Attention is more valuable than currency, Jordan argues, and the profit made from the clicks his agency buys is evidence of that.

Traffic Pilot, the world’s preeminent digital marketing e-learning platform, was created with the vision to teach people the same skills Jordan uses everyday in the agency he runs out of Encinitas, CA.

The idea is simple:

Anyone can do this. In an industry stained with a superficial reputation, Traffic Pilot is founded on a belief that digital marketing is a skill that has the greatest ability to facilitate the exchange of wealth in the Modern Economy. Anyone can buy ads from the platform, and algorithms do not discriminate on any superficial factors like humans do. Simultaneously, everyone from big brands to mom-and-pop small businesses can benefit from having an effective media buyer send traffic to their store and drive Sales.

To learn more, go to https://trafficpilot.com/. For every course sold, Traffic Pilot gives one away to someone who is economically Disenfranchised. Jordan Menard says the vision behind this is centered around the fact that algorithms do not discriminate based on superficial factors like race or gender like humans do; algorithms only care about 1 thing: performance. You can find a free training where Jordan explains Traffic Pilot and the process of how anyone can start their own digital agency by clicking here: bit.ly/learn-digital-marketing1.

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