Hemp Rivers Aquaponics Ltd Commits to Work with Aquaponics Industry Leader Green Oasis Foods

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / September 28, 2020 / Hemp Rivers Mission is to consistently provide CBD processors with a superior crop of medical grade high CBD – hemp on an environmentally sustainable basis.

Green Oasis Foods Ltd is a team of Canadian scientists, engineers, fish farm managers, marketers and technologists. Together, and with the help of business partners and experts worldwide, we are part of the movement that is reinventing agriculture. Our state-of-the-art closed environment farms synergistically combine hydroponics (plants grown in water) with aquaculture (fish farming). This innovative farming practice is called aquaponics and is 100% organic.

Partnership Between Hemp Rivers Aquaponics and Green Oasis Foods

Hemp Rivers Aquaponics Ltd commits to work with aquaponics industry leader Green Oasis Foods and they are working to develop two proprietary growing systems for high CBD strains to meet the growing medical demand and here is how it happened.

Preliminary Assessment

Green Oasis Foods (GOF) has successfully completed their preliminary assessment of Hemp Rivers Aquaponics (Hemp Rivers) requirements and signed a Letter of Intent to develop proprietary aquaponics systems to grow high CBD strains.

  • Hemp Rivers focus is on high CBD hemp, to meet the growing needs of the medicinal CBD market.
  • Hemp Rivers intends to grow high yield, high quality pure CBD aquaponically to ensure steady and reliable crops that are not affected by the Canadian climate.
  • GOF, will design and deliver two systems, firstly a craft cannabis facility suitable for Hemp Rivers first location, and a commercial system for its second location.

Proprietary Aquaponic Systems

Hemp Rivers has signed a Letter of Intent with Green Oasis Foods (GOF), to develop proprietary aquaponic systems specifically for high CBD hemp and cannabis. GOF’s team of engineers and advisors has demonstrated experience in optimized aquaponic systems which increases the yield in per square metre. Aquaponic systems can create a highly controlled environment, to deliver pure, organic CBD.

Sage Ellie, CEO of Hemp Rivers stated, “Having completed our due diligence with Green Oasis we have been able to develop terms to work collaboratively to develop the two systems we need for our growth plans. We have some aggressive expansion plans, and timelines and Green Oasis has the experience, and team that can meet our requirements and we are happy to proceed.

Hemp Rivers first aquaponics farm will be developed and operated from a Greenz AgriTech Innovation Parks. Greenz Parks are affiliated with GOF and Greenz Markets.

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