Melissa Bryant Tells Her Story to Give Hope and Inspiration to Readers

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 17, 2020 / “A little talent is a good thing to have if you want to be a writer. But the only real requirement is the ability to remember every scar.” These wise words were written by Stephen King, the famous writer of horror and science fiction novels. Indeed, experience fuels people’s desire to string ideas together and write books. Melissa Bryant is a living testament to Stephen King’s quote as she decided to share her story with other people through her books.

Melissa Bryant had it rough in her early life. At a young age, she encountered many trials and tribulations, but she is a firm believer that the Almighty is with her every step of the way.

She is a survivor of multiple rape attacks, a reliable indicator that Melissa Bryant is a fighter because these horrible experiences did not hinder her from continuing to live her life. She got pregnant from one of the rapes, a harrowing life situation, but she managed to live on through sheer will and unwavering faith. Establishing a stable relationship with God helped her heal from her painful encounters.

Aside from her molestation and rape experience, she was also a victim of domestic violence, which caused her to spiral and break down, leading to depression. With all of the trauma that Melissa Bryant went through, it took a toll on her mental health. Trying to overcome depression was not an easy task for Melissa Bryant as the battle with mental health is a personal struggle. It is a great challenge to get the better of her inner demons and issues. As the battle of Melissa Bryant goes on, she keeps her faith and has decided to channel her agonizing experiences in her written works.

Her grandmother once said that it is always important to teach others that God is the source of inner peace, and this life philosophy made her think that sharing her story is something that can motivate other people. With all of the bad things and hardships that she endured, she felt that it was only right to write about her experiences to inspire others, especially those suffering from depression and other mental health problems.

The first book that she wrote and released in 2009 was entitled How She Fought talks about her traumatic experiences and how she conquered every difficulty. It is meant to inspire others and help them in their journey toward becoming better people who are ready to face challenges head-on.

Meanwhile, her second book, which was launched last 2019, bears the title Living Behind the Mask. This book is more about shifting one’s negative thoughts and beliefs about themselves to something more positive that will help the reader be the person they need to be. She also talks about her realizations along her journey and how important it is to establish one’s faith to create an extraordinary life.

Through these books, Melissa Bryant prays that the reader will find healing, deliverance, courage, hope, and love that can lead to emotional strength and the person’s overall wellness. Check out her books, Living Behind the Mask and How She Fought, on Amazon.

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