Top Houston Realtor Bobby Speer Becomes First-Time Author with New Success Book

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2020 / Top Houston Realtor and Real Estate Agent Bobby Speer has become a first-time published author with a new book detailing his past struggles, and how he utilized four key pillars of success to overcome set-backs and adversity in his pursuit of ultimately achieving great success. Timely information due to all those who have been facing career, personal, business, and financial challenges recently with COVID.

Bobby Speer, MBA. Houston Realtor representing buyers and sellers of residential real estate in the Greater Houston, Texas metropolitan area. Image Source: Armando Martinez Photography.

Available on and, Speer’s newly penned book titled “Suck Your Way to the Top: The 4 Pillars of Success” details his own past personal and business struggles, and how he created a simple system to work through these challenges, and crush them with results-driven success.

“Let’s face it. We have all performed poorly at something throughout our lives. I know I have. There are times that I absolutely hated, and there is no other way to put it or say it, but they just sucked. What allowed me to work through these challenging times was creating a strategic plan, a direction to go in, then I implemented like hell to get there,” said Bobby Speer, MBA, Top Houston Realtor and Principal of Speer Property Group (SPG) in Houston, Texas.

The four key pillars of success Speer talks about in his book are an acronym for the word S.U.C.K. It was designed to be easily remembered.

The 4 Pillars of Success and What S.U.C.K. Really Means?

1. “S” is for Strategy.

2. “U” is for Utility.

3. “C” is for Challenge.

4. “K” is for Kill the Noise.

Front and back book cover of Suck Your Way to the Top: The 4 Pillars of Success” by Bobby Speer, MBA. Image Source:

Success Pillar #1 – “S” is for Strategy

“Hope is not a strategy,” said the late great football coach Vince Lombardi.

Most people never take a single step in the direction of achieving it. It is the equivalent of saying that you hope to win the lottery. Remember, if you do nothing, then nothing will happen. If you do something, then something will happen.

It is imperative that we have a direction, and with that direction we must implement a sound strategy to achieve our objective. Keep in mind, your end goal should be clear, and each step needed to reach this goal should be attainable as well as chronological. What do you want? Why do you want it? How do you get it?

This sounds simple enough, but when there are a million things flying at you it will become almost impossible to be effective without a clear strategy and logical steps for implementation.

Success Pillar #2 – “U” is for Utility

“Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the face,” said former boxing champion Mike Tyson.

Have you ever spent time formulating a strategy, mapping out the actionable steps needed to accomplish the goal? We all have this beautiful idea of how wonderful things will work out. Then, bam! We are hit with the unexpected, and things seem to get instantly chaotic and the mission falls apart.

Your utility is critical in these situations. Do you focus on the negative? Do you shut down? Do you quit? Or, do you stay focused, utilize resources, create new resources, find unique ways to solve the issue and prevail? One must be aware of each situation and understand what needs to be done and what is useful at that given time.

Remember, this is not about taking the path of least resistance. Your resistance needs to be relevant. It is about deciding what your success looks like, mapping out a plan of action, and being relentless until you achieve your goal.

Success Pillar #3 – “C” is for Challenge

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right,” said the late inventor and creator of the mass-scale automobile assembly line, Henry Ford.

Failure, or the perceived potential for failure, is something that we all inherently avoid. Failure is viewed by many as a sign of weakness, or inferiority. This could not be any further from the truth. Doing absolutely nothing and remaining comfortable will not advance you towards your goals. It will net you exactly what you put into it. Failure is the process of elimination that occurs while trying to succeed.

How do you challenge yourself? That answer lies within all of us. Each of us knows in our hearts what things scare us, challenge us, and make us want to run away.

Everyone has an inherent desire to achieve. We all enjoy the feeling of accomplishing a goal, graduating from school, being told we did a good job, getting a promotion, reflecting, and realizing we crushed a difficult task and survived. Yet, that feeling is lost many times because we settle. It is best to reflect and remember what it feels like to take a risk, to challenge ourselves, and to continually strive for personal growth.

Success Pillar #4 – “K” is for Kill the Noise

“Focus like a laser, not a flashlight,” said former six-time NBA basketball champion Michael Jordan.

The ‘noise’ or items that are undesired, unwanted, disturbing, irrelevant, meaningless, or interfere with your path to success, have no place in your life. Noise is present in our daily lives and shows itself in many ways, with the big three places where noise exists for most are: Workplace Noise, Social Circle Noise, and Noise in Your Head.

We must be able to identify who or what brings the noise into our lives, and then avoid or eliminate it.

Daily Implementation of the 4 Success Pillars

“These simple tools can be your daily road-map of how to break through when you’re lost, or help you stay on track and continue to create opportunities for yourself. Although many examples were business or work related, these pillars are just as powerful in your personal life as well. I hope that you are ready to roll up your sleeves and create a breakthrough for yourself,” said Speer.

Simplicity is often the best. Making things as simple as possible is key because who has the time, or the energy to be engulfed with a thousand step program of complicated models or tasks. The Four Pillars were designed to provide a clear and concrete method for keeping you focused and move the needle towards the things that will propel you to your next success.

“I enjoy nothing more than helping people succeed. This is something that I am deeply passionate about because as we all move forward in life, it is sometimes difficult to stay focused on what we set out to do,” concluded Speer.

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