Entrepreneur and Former Elite Triathlete Daniel Stevens Has Found a Way to Thrive During the Pandemic

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 14, 2021 / 2020 will be remembered as the year of lockdowns. These harsh measures imposed on non-essential businesses like gyms have wreaked havoc on many parts of the economy. Many businesses, both small and large, have had to close their doors, either temporarily or for good. Thankfully, Premier Fitness, under the direction of young entrepreneur Daniel Stevens, was not one of them.

Daniel is not just an athlete and fitness entrepreneur. He is also someone who holds a degree in Economics, which gives him a leg up on understanding market forces and adapting to a changing economic landscape. Seeing what was in store for the fitness industry due to not being allowed to keep its physical doors open, Daniel pivoted.

What this 33-year-old fitness entrepreneur did was shift from providing in-person personal training and services to offering online training services. It turned out that his focus on high-end clients looking to still receive personal training from the comfort of their own homes was a big hit. This helped Premier Fitness, located in Rockford, IL, and founded in 2001, do so well that Daniel was able to find a buyer for his gym.

Selling a gym during a pandemic where nearly all gyms are closed is a remarkable feat that Daniel managed to pull off. This demonstrates how well he has developed his entrepreneurial skills. For investors, turning a profit during these times in the fitness industry is quite impressive.

Today, Daniel resides in Las Vegas, NV, where he has shifted gears a little bit from his days of running a gym in Illinois. After selling Premier Fitness in July 2020 to new owners, Daniel has been solely focused on his investments, projects, and OnlyFans page. On OnlyFans, Daniel offers fitness tips and advice, as well as fitness-related content to aspiring bodybuilders and others interested in becoming the best versions of themselves. He is also sponsored by Blackstone Labs, a bodybuilding supplement company that helps others get the kind of body Daniel has.

This competitive bodybuilder, who is a former elite-level cyclist and triathlete, has both the brains and the brawn necessary to get ahead in the highly-competitive fitness industry. It has become more challenging than ever to not only survive but also thrive in this landscape. Yet, Daniel seems to always know what moves to make. Not even quarantines and lockdowns could stop him from achieving success, just as he always has.

At just 33 years old, we are bound to see a great deal more come from Daniel in the coming months and years. For now, you can still receive helpful fitness-related tips and advice from him by subscribing to his OnlyFans page.

You can follow Daniel on Instagram @dmoneystevens and also head over to his website for more information about what he’s up to. You can also receive fitness-related content from Daniel by subscribing to his OnlyFans page.

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